Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2022 Rishab request them both to stop since he is getting tensed, he reveals his daughter is trapped in the locker and he only had one key which broke since he was not able to open it, only Karan knew the digital lock to it,

which is why he came here, Arjun picks the hand brake explaining Rishab is a safe zone driver so he would drive fast from now on, Arjun sits on the driving seat when Rishab asks if he would start driving.

Prithvi keeps asking Sherlin why is she pulling her to this room over and over again, Sherlin questions why is he roaming around in this room since he doesnot live here anymore and they all know his real identity, Prithvi replies that no one would be able to recognize him since he is acting like a Pandit,

Sherlin replies he should not be so over confident since they are in this house, Prithvi asks why did she come back as she went back, he advises her to at least support him when Sherlin replies she gets even more tensed when he becomes so over confident as he should show the strength in a ring,

Prithvi replies he accepts he is poor but would surely be rich when the time is right, Sherlin replies she is tired of hearing this dialogue since he never does anything, Prithvi explains he would become rich after making him poor, Sherlin asks who is he talking about, he replies he meant Arjun.

Kritika wakes up in the cupboard recalling how Sherlin hit her head against it, Prithvi explains he would become his business partner and would be in a suit very soon but not today and tomorrow, Prithvi explains today he is hitting him because he has not showed him the video proof that Arjun was the one who went to free Raja and his men from the jail and gave them money to kill Rishab Luthra,

after which his time would start. Sherlin says they would think about it tomorrow but must leave today, prithvi explains he feels rich after coming to this house, Sherlin starts pulling him out of the room.

Karina and Dadi are standing when Pandit jee seeks permission to leave, Sameer suddenly gets a call from them so rushes upstairs explaining kavya got locked in the safe, Preeta sitting outside explains that she is here and would never leave her side, Sameer offers to check when Preeta explains they all have tried their best and even Rishab broke the key while doing it.

Rakhi explains that she is really scared and not even able to breathe, Dadi suggests they can put the password when Preeta informs only Karan knew about it and it might not open if they put the wrong password, Preeta informs they all here so she must reply to her but Kavya is not able to breathe so falls down.

Arjun runs followed by Rishab and Shristhi, he is running with all his might followed by Rishab, Arjun goes straight to the safe when Preeta questions Rishab if he brought the key maker, Shristhi explains they were going to the key maker but Arjun brought them back to the house,

Preeta questions why did he do it because they were about to bring him and save her daughter, she asks if he wants to take her life. Arjun after thinking for a moment kneels in front of safe, he stars putting the password which they all are seeing, Arjun manages to turn the lock of the safe opening it, seeing which they all are stunned. The luthra’s are shocked to see that Kavya is unconscious, Arjun picks her up in his arms before rushing out of the room. Arjun explains she needs some air, Mahesh is stunned so stays back.

Kritika manages to come out of the cupboard and stand, she is trying to regain her breath.
Arjun places Kavya asking Preeta to sit beside her, he then goes to instruct Sameer to call the doctor as he lost his contact, Rakhi is stunned to see him, she stands in front of him as he is about to go and be with Kavya. Mahesh also stands beside her, she in a state of emotion keeps staring at arjun, he is also not able to control his emotions. Rakhi calls him as her karan which he accepts, she is delighted.

Kavya finally speaks to Preeta, seeing which Rakhi also turns to her and sitting beside her asks if she is fine. They all are relieved she is fine when Bi jee explains today is an auspicious day so everything is fine. Rakhi explains she is right as Ganpati gave her two lives as he saved Kavya while returned her son, hearing this they all are stunned.

Rakhi questions why they all are looking at her with such tension, they must trust her as Bappa returned her son, she stands looking at Arjun explaining he is her Karan. They all also turn to Arjun, when Rakhi explains he is her Karan while even Rishab is shocked, she informs she knew he would surely return. Rakhi hugs him tightly crying her heart out.

Sherlin entering the house asks what he wants to eat so she would order it, Prithvi takes the name of a lot of dishes when she replies she doesnot have that much money, Prithvi explains they donot have any money at all and so she should go in the kitchen to prepare a dish of all the vegetables.

Sherlin replies he has not done anything at all since she thought they would get the money and so she will eat in a very nice restaurant, but they did not get even a single penny. The friend enters the house explaining he did not know that they all are very rich people because they were saved because of his intelligence.

He even demands his share from the money they get, prithvi gets angry but stops when Sherlin pulls him back so he explains that he has come here to offer his help every time Prithvi gets in a problem but only if they give him his share, Prithvi shakes his hand.

Shambu enters the house sitting on the table asking what are they making a deal off, Prithvi offers him water after cleaning the glass, shambu in anger explains he is giving them six more days to return his money otherwise he would kill them both, Shambu takes out his mobile but Prithvi gets scared, he explains they still have six days left, he leaves after wishing Sherlin Take care, Prithvi in a state of tension asks what do they call being ruined in English.

Anjali explains he is not karan but Arjun, so what are they all talking about even he reveals he is Arjun and not karan. Mahesh explains he is the karan otherwise why would he ask the golden pen like karan would, Rishab also starts joining the dots when Mahesh asks how he knows that the golden pen means a golden future,

Rakhi also asks how he knew that she feels relieved from a headache after drinking tea, only Karan did it for her. Shristhi asks Preeta if Arjun did anything for her that made her think he is Karan and not Arjun, Preeta also starts thinking about their meeting and the time when Arjun threw her on the floor just like Karan, Preeta gets tears in her eyes while staring at Arjun.

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