Kundali Bhagya 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Preeta is walking on the street she is in her own thoughts wondering how it felt when Karan saved her from falling, she cannot overcome the feelings which she has when karan is around her, she is not able to comprehend it, Sherlin and Maira are waiting for her in the car, Sherlin sees her then explains that she told Maira that Preeta would take the same route so she can see that she is coming, Maira is about to turn but Sherlin explains that she should see from the side view mirror, Maira says that she knows why Preeta is so happy and it must be because of Karan, Sherlin calls her hired goon explaining that he should hit her when she walks Infront of his truck, he assures her that everything will be according to plan, when Preeta walks Infront he explains that he has started the truck and will now kill her, when he Is about to hit her just then a kid comes in with her ball, so she moves aside from the road, the truck driver explains that he will come back after taking a u turn.

Preeta explains to the kid that she should play in the ground, then she asks about her mother, the kid demands that she wants a candy floss so Preeta agrees to buy her a fresh one, the driver explains that he cannot kill her until she is on the side path however if someone pushes her on the road then he can kill her, Sherlin says to Maira that she must be the one to do this as she wanted to take revenge from Preeta which is why Sherlin agreed to help her, Maira walks towards Preeta, Sherlin thinks of taking her on a conference call, then wonders that it would be better if she makes a video as it would mean that if and when Maira tries to double cross her then she would show her the video and it would mean that Maira would always work as if she is her slave.

Karan is pressurizing Risahb to not go to Canada and arrange the concert in India, Rishab explains that it is not possible as it is scheduled in another country so he would be back in three days, Karina says that Karan is only doing this so that he can assure that Risahb does not go to Canada, Risahb takes everyone’s praise and sets off.Sherlin explains that the truck driver hit Maira and ran away, Shrishti tries to catch him, Preeta checks the pulse then explains that she is only unconscious and so they should call an ambulance, Sherlin disagrees saying that it would take a lot of time so they should place her in Sherlin car.

Janki asks Bi jee why Sarla is so angry, Bi jee explains that she is worried because Preeta has gone to the Luthra house, janki explains that she is always worried and takes tension, Sarla comes saying that it is not a small matter as the Luthra’s have always insulted her even when she was just trying to help them all, Janki assures her that it would not be the case anymore as Preeta now has the capabilities to handle them all, Sarla gets angry asking if she means that Preeta is a frustrated kind of a person, Bi jee responds to the allegation explaining that this is not what Janki meant, Janki then explains that she meant that Preeta has gone to the Luthra house as doctor Preeta and she was the one who saved them in the hall and also took care of Dadi so they will no longer disrespect her, Sarla however feels worried explaining that the particular family always disrespects her even she always takes care of them, Sarla mentions that she tried to explain to Maira that Karan is not a good person so she should back out from the marriage but Maira did not take her words seriously even when they both are saying that she is an intelligent person.
Sarla asks if they have anything more to say because she knows that Maira does not like her and before it was just Karina who hated her so she is praying that nothing happens to Preeta.

Preeta brings Maira to the hospital she calls for the doctor, Sherlin is thinking that her plan backfired and now if Maira says anything which is against her then it would ruin her house, the doctor comes to whom Preeta requests that he must provide the best possible treatment to the injured person as she knows her personally, Sherlin wonders what she must do to prevent Preeta from coming. Shrishti sees how Sherlin is looking at Preeta, she pleads with her to not see Preeta like this at which Sherlin gets angry and leaves.
Shrishti wonders that if she had not reached the road on time then Preeta would be the one who would have been injured.

Dadi asks why did she not come, Karina explains that they have gone for shopping so it would take some time, Rakhi explains that she is talking off Preeta, Karina mentions that she would not come, there is a ring on the doorbell, Rakhi thinks that it is Preeta but when she opens the door Ramona enters with a lot of handbags, she explains that she bought something for everyone as the shop had a very beautiful collection. They all are really worried, Ramona asks the reason, Karina explains that the physiotherapist has not arrived, Ramona realizes that they are talking of Preeta, she requests Rakhi to not let her in the house ever again.


Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Shrishti asks who called the police, Sherlin explains that she is the one as she has seen the Preeta was the one to push Maira in front of the truck which she can say as she is the sole eye witness to the incident, both Preeta and Shrishti are left shocked.


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