Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2022 Dadi informs everyone thinks he is karan and she also feels the same so he must tell the truth that he is karan, Karina explains her family members always said he is karan but she refused to believe it and today he put the password in the safe which only Karan knew so how is it possible,

Karina demands the truth but then suddenly Kritika also comes to the hall, she informs that she knows the truth. They all are stunned looking at her as she comes to Arjun, Kritika explains this is the truth he knew the password of the safe but it is because he knows a lot about their family and how they live,

he even knows who is Sherlin and Prithvi and what have they done to them, Arjun wonders how does she know about it because he feels she might know the truth, Kritika explains he knows it all since he is her brother, Kritika explains they never thought that someone would come in her life,

she will once again call as her brother, she explains that he came to protect her in the market at the time they were strangers but then she made a relation with him, he even saved Kavya and also protected Rishab who is alive because of his help.

Kritika explains he knows how Prithvi and Sherlin have caused a lot of problems for their family and the maid informed her that Arjun was suffocating prithvi so she is sure he would have forced the password from prithvi. Arjun agrees with Kritika explaining he took the password from prithvi.

Rishab apologizes to Arjun informing they all loved Karan so much and even the little similarities make them feel he has returned but today Arjun saved Kavya, she is loved by everyone in the family. Rishab not being able to control himself offers to hug Arjun, he replies that fate tends to bring them to the place where they are meant to be so he feels he should be here, Arjun tries to leave but suddenly stops hearing Preeta calling him, witnessing this even they all are shocked.

Arjun once again starts to walk away when Preeta calls him Mr Sooryvanshi, Arjun turns back to look at her when she thanks him, he replies he wants to thank them for giving him such a nice family, he got their love but Rakhi replies he doesnot have to thank him, as he has done a lot for this family which they cannot forget, the respect that he is receiving today is because of his own efforts. Rakhi crying mentions this relation is of love so she thanks him. Arjun with a smile once again turns back to leave.

Mahesh going to Rakhi consoles her as she is crying, Rishab is also saddened.

Prithvi walks into the room with water bottle when he starts staring at Sherlin who is sleeping, He praises her saying she is looking really beautiful in her sleep, his heart just desires her but why does he want her, there is one thing that had he met Preeta before her then he would have never agreed to be in a relationship with her, Preeta is different and he met her to make sure she stays away from Sherlin but this stupid heart also started loving her, he rushes back as Sherlin turns wondering how can she scare him even in the sleep, and that girl ruins his sleep.

Prithvi recalls when Preeta questioned why did he want to marry her even after being with Sherlin as she was also un married. He exclaims even his name is Prithvi so he likes to play with danger, he looks at Sherlin thinking there is one thing so if because of Preeta he doesnot get divorce with Sherlin, she waking up calls him when he informs he went to get the water as he was really restless but she once again lies down in the bed to sleep.

Shristhi is taking of her jeweler when Sameer comes out of the bathroom thinking she seems really nice when she is quiet, Shristhi explains she really likes Arjun, Sameer coming to her questions what does she mean by it, Shristhi questions she means he is really good looking and has a a great personality so he should know how Arjun got the password from prithvi, she thinks f she was single then would have proposed to him,

Sameer replies he says she would not have liked Arjun as greatly as him, Shristhi explains she cannot compare hem both and she is sure he would not understand it, Sameer gets irritated so Shristhi start smiling. Shristhi explains he is special and great to the extent anyone would fall in love with him at once.

Shristhi seeing him starts smiling explaining the joke has ended, she says she is not that idiot as he is her husband and she feels they both would always stay together as husband and wife, Sameer pushing her away goes to sit on the bed but then starts hitting her , she also starts the pillow fight but then they both fall on the bed, Shristhi tickles him on the face when he also starts smiling,

they both are rejoicing their romantic moment.
Rishab is standing in the room when Preeta enters so he offers if he can help, she refuses saying she can do it, he turns back to say something when she asks if he has anything which he wants to talk about, Rishab explains he wishes to apologize for his behavior in the afternoon as he never wants to be rude with her,

because he feels there is a boundary which should be maintained but he thinks he might have forgot it, Preeta replies even she did wrong as she never thought he would think about so she is also sorry as he does a lot for Kavya and them all, Rishab replies that he is glad they both have sorted the situation amongst themselves, he apologizes for not being able to accompany her to the parents teacher meeting. Rishab explains they have a meeting with Arjun and then an international meeting.

Preeta suggests he should stay asleep in the morning as she will bring tea for him, Rishab suggests a schedule which they could follow and then they go to sleep.

Arjun reaches the room when he recalls how Preeta was arguing with him regarding the combination of the safe, he is taking out the watch rushes to sit on the bed, Arjun thinks when Rakhi mentioned he is karan and returned but Anjali refused saying he is not karan, he sees her walking so calls Anjali into the room. She acts as if she is angry but he makes her sit beside him, she stares angrily at him. She replies what does it matter as he would do whatever he wishes like,

Arjun offers to make coffee when she replies if this his way to apologize so he says that he wants to thank her since she has always supported her, she informs she doesnot want him to go to the Luthra mansion because they have started to get suspicious that he is Karan,

he replies because that is his true identity and he assures her that he will never deceive her sister but has only come to take his revenge after which he would return back to London. Arjun offers to prepare coffee but she replies she doesnot want to drink it as he is not good at it, Arjun explains he was just saying to make her forgive him but she would herself make the coffee. Anjali walking to the door thinks what he has in him that everyone tends to forgive him even when he makes such a mistake.

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