Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya Written update

Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2019 Episode Start With Prithvi is standing drunk saying that Karan and Preeta are both on his hit list, she refused to believe anything in the Mandap even when he said that their wedding was not according to the traditions, she did not say that she loves Prithvi , she says that she will not leave Karan’s side and he will not leave her.

Preeta is with Karan she is thinking that she is feeling very strange as before she used to fight with him but now even when she wants to she cannot look at him, he is thinking that he will tell her what he feels for her.

Janki is saying that she was telling the truth and Prithvi locked her in the wardrobe she even tried to call someone but was not able to because her mouth was tied, Bi jee asks her to remain clam as Prithvi knew that If he did not lock her then she would not let him marry Preeta but in the end they got what they wanted and Preeta married the one she liked.

They are talking when Sarla’s brother comes asking her to help him, then Sarla walks in after which she gets emotional thinking that Preeta has left the house and is crying, Bio jee explains that she knows that the way the marriage happened was not right but they know that Karan loves Preeta a lot, they are talking of how good the Luthra family is and how much they love Preeta, Sarla says that every mother has a lot of time since childhood but she did not even got the chance to do it, Bi jee says that they will not let Preeta leave their house after she comes to visit them.

Sarala says that she has some things to take care of in the marriage hall and will come after they are complete, her brother asks her to send Samer but he comes before them all carrying all the boxes.
Shrishti says that he is just trying to show off and cannot really pick the boxes, they all ask her to remain quiet. Sarla is seeing how they both are fighting.

Karan stops the car in a ground, he asks Preeta to get out of the car as he wants to share the feelings he has for her, she does not listen and he gets angry then he pulls her out of the house saying that he has to tell her what he feels for her.

She explains that she now knows what he feels for her that he loves her, he says that he doesn’t feel her but he hates her then he explains that he doesn’t forget anything that she says and she said that the middle class family feel that marriage is the best thing in their life. He says that he knows what she did to his brother which ruined his life and because of her his father got in an accident and went to jail.

She gets tensed saying that he is joking and cannot mean what he said, he exclaims that he is telling the truth and he hates her, he did everything to destroy the happiness that existed in her life so that he can end everything in her life, he constantly says that he doesn’t love her and did this just to take revenge, she tries to take his hand so that she can calm him down but he yells at her asking that she stay away, explaining that she will now have no happiness in her life.

Karan says that he told her the truth but she didn’t listen to him, and when he told he lie she believed in what he said, he exclaims that he told a lie that he loved her so he cannot love a girl who has destroyed her family and their marriage is just on paper as he has given her a shocked which will make her feel really uncomfortable.

Everyone is sitting in the house, Kappu asks them how they can differentiate which one is Prithvi so that he can delete his photos, Shrishti explains that she can do it and knows who is Prithvi, she points that the one who has a ring is Prithvi as Karan does not wear any such ring, she asks why they are talking of Prithvi and he cannot come back, just as they are talking Prithvi enters the room saying Preeta’s name.

Prithvi is shouting Preeta’s name, Bi jee says that she went to the Luthra house, Prithvi answers that he will marry Preeta and take her to his home, he warns that they all are his enemies and Samer was the one who helped Karan, he turns his attention to Janki saying that she is his enemy and also helped Karan, he also says that Shrishti wanted Karan to marry Preeta.
Kappu says that he is not in his senses and should go back, Prithvi exclaims that he is not in his senses and will do the same to him.


Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan says that he is not of both the houses and can live her life, he stays that she can now live her life, he gets in the car and leaves without listening to Preeta’s call for taking her with him.



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