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Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Arjun walks over to the side, Anjali suggests they should also leave for the house when Rakhi coming request her to wait a little while as what is the need for such a hurry, Arjun explains this is not his mobile and he feels it has been exchanged with someone else, Rakhi mentions that it is off Rishab, she leaves with Anjali explaining that she has to give her something.

Dadi calls Arjun from behind explaining that he has gotten involved with Kavya so much that she played with him because she doesnot befriend strangers so easily, they ask if there are any children in their house,

Arjun starts thinking of when Rishab asked kavya to not open the door under any circumstance. He explains that each household has children, Mahesh then inquires about his siblings but he leaves explaining that he would first take back his mobile from Rishab.

Sameer follows Shristhi questioning why did she not tell him anything about his injuries, she replies that it is nothing to worry about as this is just a scratch. The police constable is walking past them when Shristhi stops asking if they found the goons, he looking at Sameer asks him about his identity,

Shristhi replies they should not suspect him as he is Sameer Luthra, the constable apologizes explaining since they all were wearing the disguise of waiters so it is their duty to check everyone, they then seek permission to check their room, Shristhi and Sameer both agree,

the constable after that request if they both can show them the entire house when the other one comes mentioning all the other rooms are clear. Shristhi suggests how she feels they might have hidden on the terrace since that is the only place which they have not checked, the constable while following sees a wallet which he picks up.

Shristhi and Sameer reach the terrace when they both plan to search it, she however comes running back which scares Sameer, she informs there is a mouse so Sameer questions why is she getting scared at such a time.

Mohan arrives so Sameer asks why is he scratching his head, Mohan mentions ow he thought there was someone whom he has seen before, but cannot remember it at all. Shristhi says he might have gotten confused so must take some dry fruits.

The constable comes when they both explains how they did not find anything, the constable requests Sameer and Shristhi to go and spend some time with their family, they stop Mohan asking if he has seen the person but Mohan says he doesnot know anything about it.

Rishab asks Preeta to sit down on the bed but she doesnot want to listen, he assures everything is fine but she seriously needs to sit down, he explains that she said the pain would go away after she applied the bandage, Preeta says he must realize that she is a physio and doesnot have that much knowledge in medicine,

but Rishab replies he did not meant that but wants to know where is she hurting so he can apply the bandage, she assures everything is fine and doesnot tell him about it. There is a knock on the door, Arjun informs that Rishab has his phone which he doesnot understand, Arjun shows the wall paper so realizes that he took Arjun’s phone. The inspector urges Rishab to come out as they have something to talk with him about, Arjun offers some help when Rishab says he must help Preeta in applying the bandage.

Preeta seeing Arjun immediately refuses saying she doesnot need his help, he threatens to inform her family if she doesnot tell him where she has suffered the injury hearing this Preeta requests him to not tell anyone because it would give them a lot of tension, he is adamant to apply the ointment but she insists on doing it herself,

he informs that the cut is on the back of her arm. He starts applying it, they both are constantly thinking about the memories which they both had with each other and the moments spend together. She turns to look at him only to see that he is also emotional.

The inspector asks Rishab if he suspects anyone who would ty to take his life, Rishab replies he doesnot know of anyone and even those people who entered the house, he feels had the motive to just rob them of their precious belongings. Rishab asks why does he think someone wants to kill him,

the inspector tries to refuse but Rishab insists that he tell him right now since he resides with his family and there are also children. The inspector shows the wallet which has the photo of Vishnu, Rishab mentions that he came here today when the inspector explains he is not just a thief but a serial killer and they work with a boss named Raja. He advises Rishab to come and file an FIR.

Rishab enters the room when both Arjun and Preeta stand up, he apologizes for going with the inspector and asks where did she get hurt, Preeta replies there is nothing to worry about since she is not hurt, Arjun informs that he applied the ointment but the injury is on the back side of her arm, Preeta replies she told him to not apply it but then why did he do it, Rishab asks if anything happened between them both.

Rakhi is constantly searching for something in the kitchen when Anjali asks what has happened, Rakhi mentions that she is searching for the laddo which she prepared as otherwise Mahesh jee would eat them all and so she hid them, Anjali asks if Arjun knows about them so Rakhi replies that she gave him something to eat, Anjali replies then she knows where they are,

she opens the lid of the oven explaining that he would have come here and seeing the laddo thought what might happen if Mahesh uncle eats them so he hid them in the microwave. Rakhi explains that she feels Arjun is like her son Karan and so would Anjali tell her something about him, Anjali recalls when he woke up in the hospital explaining he is The Karan Luthra, she starts coughing. Rakhi rushes to bring water for her, Anjali explains they have an important meeting tomorrow so she needs to leave, Rakhi requests her to tell her more about Arjun whenever she has the spare time.

Rishab asks if anything happened after he left, Preeta replies there is nothing to tell when Arjun mentions that she has a cut on the back side of her arm and there was even blood coming out of it, Preeta replies how she asked him to not portray it like this since it would worry her family, Rishab with a smile says he understood because she would have said that if her family finds out they would take her to the hospital, Arjun replies he knows Preeta jee really well,

Rishab replies because of the relation that he has with her. Preeta questions what happened with the inspector, Rishab explains the inspector wants him to file an FIR for which he has to go to the police station. Preeta replies everyone would get worried if he leaves like this, she suggests that Arjun should go instead as he was also here at the time of the incident. Rishab asks Arjun to go and he agrees leaving them both in the room.

Prithvi and Sherlin both are hiding behind the car when he asks how did the constable come here, she replies she doesnot have any idea of what they are going to do, he with a joy asks if she forgot the back door of the Luthra Mansion, he suggests that she must make a run for the back door while he would remain here as they both cannot run together. The constable starts searching the cars which worries Prithvi but he sees the trunk of a car is open seeing which he is relieved.

Arjun walking in the hall sees the inspector so asks him to come as he would go to file the FIR, the inspector however says that Rishab Luthra was to accompany him. Arjun replies today is his wedding anniversary so his wife needs him more, and he would give all the details to the inspector, the inspector explains then he must inform Arjun they feel someone is trying to take the life of Rishab Luthra because they found the wallet of Vishnu who is a serial killer.

Arjun getting shocked asks him to then perform the search as there would be a reason that this killer has come after Rishab and it is possible they might find the reason in this same house, Anjali asks how does he know so much about these people, Arjun in anger replies because he was the one who wished to kill Rishab, he looking back at the Inspector is stunned to see his reaction.

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