Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Karan is sleeping in the room, he turns over in the bed recalling how he said to Preeta that if she even demands his life for him then he would give it gladly, she said he must think before speaking as she might even ask him for it to which he agreed, he keeps on dreaming about the last days when he was in the Luthra house, as he found out that Preeta was cheating on him with Rishab. He suddenly wakes up taking her name.

Rishab requests Preeta to stop crying, Shristhi while cryi8ng questions what is happening to her sister as she is fine but should not act like this and must take her to the hospital, she even suggests of informing her mother, Karina exclaims she feels that this all happened after the time when the Pandit came to their house and she feels they should not have called him,

Dadi replies that he did not do anything wrong, so sits with Preeta requesting her to not even think about that Arjun. Rishab mentions that she cannot forget him since he is in her mind, Preeta agrees with him saying that she cannot even forget him when she tries to and so she suggests they must end all the relations and connections with him,

Rishab requests her to calm down first as she can express it to them as they are her own family.

Preeta keeps explaining how she feels something is really strange about Arjun, Rakhi informs it might be because of how he danced with her but Preeta replies that she thought about it but this is not the case and she feels his way of looking and even touching is really strange, she cannot explain anything about him but feels they must end it all with Arjun.

Arjun walks over to the window wondering what is happening to him since he wished of hurting Preeta but he himself gets hurt even more while in fact he should be happy, Karan wonders who would make him feel relieved,

Anjali walks over when she sees him standing in the window so thinks that she feels like of ending all the problems that he is facing because he might seem to be a really furious person who can destroy anything at the slightest mistake but then she feels he is really broken emotionally and this is also hurting, he feels as if someone is watching but Anjali manages to hide.

Preeta stands up explaining herself, Rishab stops her saying she knows he always thinks about the situations from a third point of view and now she is saying he was just dancing with her,

Preeta questions if they all thought whatever happened in the party was fine, how he made a mistake of their Karan’s life and who does it as this is not normal, did he not know how they would feel when the entire life of Karan was played in front of them so why did he do it then,

Rishab replies she also knows the reason as the fans of Karan wanted to know the truth, Preeta replies this is what fans always demand but he was not the celebrity so did Arjun not know what they will feel, she is sure that Arjun is playing something with them and if he came to their life then wants to hurt and ruin them, but they are not going to allow him do anything wrong with them.

Preeta explains she has not asked for anything big as he must make sure that Arjun should not have any relations with them as he is not the right person, Rishab promises that he is going to end all the relations with Arjun and make sure he stays away from their family, this is his promise to her so Arjun cannot harm them at all.

Rishab also asks them all to go and rest, Mahesh questions if he is not going to rest when Rishab replies he needs to do what Preeta asked him to do since Arjun can no longer ruin his family.

In the morning Arjun sleeping exclaims they must not kill him, Anjali calls him when he wakes up taking the name of Preeta so she says that Preeta is not with them and she is the only one in this house, he explains that he was not able to sleep last night but then saw a nightmare. She informs he is no longer Karan but Arjun who is really strong and so must come downstairs, he asks her to leave.

Preeta is sitting on her bed when Rishab enters the room with the tea and she questions why did he have to do it by himself when Ganesh can do it all, Rishab replies that Ganesh cannot ask her how is she feeling and if there is anything wrong with her,

Preeta replies that she is fine when Rishab explains he was not able to sleep ever since she got the nightmare and he was also not able to sleep but got a thought that he is an odd personality just like their Karan because anyone who meets them the first time doesnot like them at all,

he has the same feeling with Arjun because they might have reacted a lot about him, Preeta replies he made a wrong comparison and she feels he is still a very strange person who doesnot mean any good with regards to their family, Rishab says the tea has gotten cold so he can once again warm it but Preeta assures of drinking it.

Arjun walks down the stairs when Dadi asks him to come and sit with them at the table but he replies he is not hungry however she says that he just has to come and sit with them Anjali tries to serve him water but she instructs Snedha to bring some black coffee for him, he replies he doesnot drink it but she mentions he must have it to end the influence.

Arjun smiles when Snedha asks he also knows it but then he points to the ring, Anjali going to her explains she told her that he is a one women man so she must stay away from him, Snedha says that she cannot resist her heart so she feels like leaving, Dadi explains she is the elder so has every right to show it, she leaves when Anjali asks if he is fine so he turns away.

Anjali exclaims this means he is not fine so must take his revenge as soon as possible because they would try to find out about him and will real soon get to know his reality, she insists that he must take his revenge but he replies he doesnot feel it can happen now since he felt bad last night, he got really angry after seeing Rishab with Preeta and over did it all which caused a lot of problems,

Anjali assures he did not do anything wrong so must use the same technique which Preeta and Rishab used, he must try to act as if he wants to befriend them and use it to get into their lives so he is able to destroy them all.

Karan replies he doesnot feel he can do it which shocks Anjali who inquires the reason, he replies because he should have felt delighted after what happened at the party but instead, he was just tensed, he doesnot know the reason behind it, Anjali questions if his heart still beats for Preeta, Karan gets shocked hearing it and starts thinking.

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