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Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2022 Karan is constantly calling Natasha on the call but she is not answering, he gets in the car after thinking she mentioned lane 55 meanwhile the person has placed Natasha in the car.

Shristhi explains Sherlin doesnot have any money but the person who has her hand over her is really wealthy so if they try to take her confession and she is able to then what will happen, Sameer mentions that their plan cannot go wrong hearing which Preeta explains it will go wrong as she has planned every step and she knows that Prithvi cannot also give her such a big amount and if he tries to take it out from the company’s account then they are going to contact her as now anyone cannot even take out a single penny from the account without her permission so she is sure that they would be able to execute their plan.

Karan reaches the location, lane fifty five when he wonders where is Natasha, she calls him from some other number explaining she managed to snatch his mobile so Natasha explains she is in some sort of a warehouse but doesnot know the exact location to which Karan replies they just talked give minutes ago so he is sure that she would be somewhere close,

she starts crying explaining she is really scared when he assures he would surely find her.
Shristhi questions when should they call Sherlin to which Preeta replies they would call her now s there is not enough time, she explains that she must first prepare some points as it would be wise decision so she doesnot get confused,

Preeta questions what would be the name, Shristhi replies Sherlin hearing which she gets annoyed asking about the name of the person whom she is going to act as, Shristhi suggests Rocky and Sameer also agrees to it,

Preeta explains she would act as if Rocky is some low level robber who threw the CD and knows about her intentions, Preeta turns to go out when Sameer stops her but she says they should be able to look at Sherlin as only then would they be able to know if she is actually taking their threats seriously, it can be judged from her body language.

Karan reaches the warehouse where he starts looking for Natasha, she comes running through a pile of boxes with her mouth tapped while her hands are also tied.

Karan starts to open the rope when Natasha pushes him away as the kidnapper tries to hit karan, they both start struggling so Karan after pushing him away once again tries to help Natasha but this time he hits karan in the back so Natasha during their struggle, hits him with a suitcase because of which he falls unconscious. Karan asks her to tie him so they can go to the police station.

Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer see Sherlin walking in the hall so they call her, She answers it wondering who is the person when Preeta asks if she doesnot get scared after doing such wrong doings, Sherlin tries to end the call saying it is a wrong number, Preeta hurriedly takes the name of Rishab Luthra,

mentioning she only acts of being his wife as he knows how she along with prithvi made sure he got locked up in the jail of Dubai when Sherlin replies she will not get scared so easily but Preeta replies she knows the truth and if Sherlin also wants to know it then must come to the hotel tomorrow when she will tell the entire truth, Sherlin leaves after which Preeta says that she got scared and so now her strength would end really soon after which she will get to know the truth,

Shristhi questions why did she not ask her for the money at the present moment as they would have to the hotel twice. Preeta asks fi Shristhi thinks she would be able to arrange the money tomorrow as when she finds out that they know the entire truth and she would surely agree to give the money after tomorrow.

The reporters are with the police inspector asking if there is any other news regarding the cricketer when the inspector asks why do they want to know about it as they only thing they care about is the news with which they can earn money just then Karan pushes the person into the police station when the inspector asks what is this, karan reveals the person tried to kidnap Natasha so they must arrest him,

the police then start slapping the person who reveals he was the boyfriend of Natasha and got angry when he found out that she is marrying karan, Natasha reveals that it was a long time ago and he would also beat her a lot which is why she left, if he indeed wanted to talk with her then should have at least called his sister but he kidnapped her when Karan apologizes as he did not know that they were a couple but the person tried to kidnap Natasha and they should arrest him, Karan pulls Natasha out of the police station.

Prithvi questions Sherlin what is she saying because this cannot happen as they all just need a chance to earn money but she should not be so tensed, Sherlin explains she is not that mad but prithvi also demands her to call the person asking for the proof when Sherlin replies they are going to go tomorrow at the hotel and he will also accompany her as she will never face anything alone.

Preeta is sitting when the reporter calls her asking if Karan is actually divorcing her to marry someone else, Preeta sees karan and putting the phone on loudspeaker explains that he must say it clearly because she will not comment on it, Preeta warns Karan to clarify because if he doesnot answer then she is going to answer to them.

Rakhi pulls karan away mentioning she wants to talk with him, she takes him to the hall asking about the truth, Rakhi says he is thinking wrong if he is deciding to marry Natasha as he is already married and she knows Preeta is the perfect match for him, karan asks if she is the one saying it when Rakhi questions what wrong has she done when karan replies she has always said that she came for money and even treated them like servants, she also tried to rule on him as she was the one to decide what he eats or drink, Rakhi questions what is wrong in it because Rishab used to do it all and at that time Karan never felt anything was wrong,

Rakhi explains Rishab would even take care of his income but now he is feeling bad as today Preeta is handling it, Rakhi exclaims she also feels bad when Preeta says she came for money but if she actually came for the money then would have first given the money to her own family, as their company’s turnover is in tens of millions but Preeta never bought a single piece of jewelry, she always thought good for their family.

They were servants when prithvi ruled on their family as they used to stand but now when she came everything has changed as they have all the meals at the same time, Mahesh jee came out of the basement and even the medicines along with the nurse have changed. And he also got released so they were assured she did not do anything wrong with him, karan exclaims Preeta had not done anything when Rakhi replies she tried her best but she is also not a diety,

Karan question why is she taking so much side of Preeta to which Rakhi replies she is his mother and has seen a lot of the world, asking that he saw the layers in the ocean as sometimes they are really strong and at other times calm, this is the life so they must try to take care of the relations, if she also made a mistake then he should forgive her but if he decides to marry Natasha then she would be really furious.

Karan starts smiling which angers Rakhi, Karan exclaims that she is angry while Preeta is also insecure even today that he doesnot marry anyone else, he explains she complained a lot but not once said that he must not think of Natasha, Rakhi questions what does he want to do when he explains he is trying to make sure she stops thinking of the money and turn towards him as he feels this is the only way he would be able to get the old Preeta.

Shristhi suggests that Preeta should tell the entire truth to karan as she feels then he would realize she is the same old Preeta so everything would get better, Preeta replies she told him at the police lockup that she just came for him but he did not believe her so what will change now.

Karan informs Rakhi that he is just doing this all because he wants to make her believe there is nothing more then their love, Rakhi starts smiling. Preeta questions what is the love in which they have to clarify. Karan exclaims they only get married once and he still loves Preeta a lot so doesnot want to lose her, Rakhi and karan hug each other while Sameer starts smiling standing in the corner.

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