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Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Arjun explains one might not be able to remember if they have hurt anyone but the opponent remembers it and they try to take revenge so the person might still be in the house,

Anjali asks how does he know so much about these people so Arjun explains because he himself wanted to take revenge, the inspector smiles exclaiming he feels that Arjun is speaking the truth since Rishab might have surely caused some problems in his business that made his enemies,

Arjun agrees to go with him but then sees Bi jee, he calls her Girlfriend when she replies she told him that she had a single boyfriend but can make him his boyfriend, Anjali is also eager to meet her very soon. Bi jee tries to take him away but the inspector stops,

Bi jee mentions they have something important to talk about, she says to Arjun that she wants him to be her boyfriend, Arjun assures she is his only girlfriend, Bi jee replies but she doesnot feel the intentions of Anjali are true, he assures there is nothing to be worried about so then he leaves with the inspector.

Rishab comes to stand beside Preeta, he asks if she has anything to say but she refuses, he says that she only asked him to go since she never wanted him by her side. Preeta agrees mentioning this was the only reason, Preeta explains that when he asked Arjun to take care of her, she felt really awkward and tensed,

Rishab immediately apologizes saying that he did not think it through at the situation since the inspector wanted to talk with him, and Arjun offered his help but if a doctor would have been by her side, she would not have felt so uncomfortable. Preeta thinks she cannot explain what she is feeling so leaves when Rishab also starts to wonder what happens to him as he made such a big mistake.

Anjali offers to come on her car but Arjun replies he would only drive his own car, the constable mentions even they will come in their jeep so they would meet at the police station. Arjun stop-s the car in the signal, Prithvi wonders why did the car stop thinking he might have reached his location,

Prithvi turns on the lights ut then sneezes which makes Arjun suspicious. Prithvi opens the trunk thinking he would get off right here since the Chawl is also nearby from here, he looks at Arjun so recalls how he beat him in the Luthra Mansion, prithvi thinks there is something really strange about this person.

Arjun sits back in the car wondering from where did the sound came. Prithvi is once again about to get off the car but then sees the police car arriving so immediately hides back, thinking it is better to remain here. Anjali stops the car beside that off Arjun, he asks why does she ask the driver to drive so slow.

She replies that it is safe driving. Prithvi agrees mentioning that he drives like a plane. The constable goes to inform Arjun that all of the goons who were in the Luthra Mansion have been caught, hearing this Arjun gets stunned and is lost when suddenly the cars start beeping their honors so he notices that the signal has turned green.

Mahesh is waiting when he calls them all so they question what is the matter, he explains that even Rishab has not arrived, Rishab questions what happened when Mahesh mentions there is good news since the police have informed how they caught all the goons and are taking them to the police station.

Rishab thinking what the inspector warned him about, he decides to leave but Mahesh stops him without listening to anything, he explains that Arjun assured he would handle everything and they must ask Rishab there is nothing to worry about it.

The entire Luthra family praises Arjun for supporting them even when he is not a family member, Karina also mentions she really likes him and even Rakhi considers him as her own son, she feels as if Rishab has gotten a brother after Karan died as he has always taken care of the problems that they are about to face.

Preeta questions how can they compare him to karan since she feels he is not even a nice guy so there is no need to give him the importance, Shristhi tries to explains it is not the case but Preeta stops her saying she never thought her own sister would stand in front of her. Preeta leaves mentioning she doesnot feel Arjun should come into this house.

Rakhi explains that it is not true how people say that injuries heal over time as Preeta and Karan were not only a couple but also best friends, she has not gotten over his demise. Sameer also explains that Preeta Bhabhi still needs a little bit more time to get over it all. Karina explains she understands the sorrow but Preeta should not forget that Karan was the son of this house.

The police jeep stop at the police station and even Arjun gets out of his car but Anjali stops him asking if he did not hear what the constable said they have caught the culprits. Arjun getting worried thinks what if they all spoke the truth and his family finds out about his past, Arjun asks Anjali to wait while he goes inside to find out the truth.

Prithvi gets out of the car, he is scared thinking he came to the police station and so must run away. He hides seeing Anjali talking to someone and hears her talking that Arjun is worried what might happen if his past comes out as it would only create problems, he tries to understand what is happening between the Luthra’s and Arjun, he thinks if he leaves then would not get to know the truth but he must stay here as he has never backed off from any challenge.

Preeta rushing to the kitchen starts crying thinking about what the family said about Arjun as they are thinking of him as their own, Dadi comes asking why does Preeta feel so tensed when they talk about Arjun,

and she is aware that she has thought of him as her own Grandson and even Kritika wishes to call him brother but this doesnot mean they are forgetting karan since he was a part of their life but meeting with Arjun made her feel connected since he also calls her as Girlfriend like karan so Preeta can do whatever she feels like but must not stop her from meeting him since she cannot do it, Preeta immediately wipes off her tears before hugging Dadi, she thinks even if no one else wants to meet Arjun but she cannot listen to anyone.

Arjun files the FIR then exclaims his work is complete but the constable mentions his work has not even started till now because they have surely caught the serial killers Raja and his men but they have tried to rob the Luthra’s. Arjun seeks permission to meet them but the inspector refuses, Arjun explains they all tried to kill him however he needs to meet them to find out the truth, the inspector allows him ten minutes.

Raja is in the cell when arjun stands behind him, Raja demands that Arjun free them from this jail but Arjun questions why did they go to the Luthra house and even got arrested, Raja replies he did not give them their due money so they wanted to be rich and that too very fast, Raja threatens to tell everyone how Arjun paid them to kill Rishab,

Arjun in frustration replies that he just wanted to harm Rishab a little bit, Raja replies that the truth cannot hide and he gave them money Arjun still refuses, Bunty agrees with raja however Vishnu asks them to let Arjun speak, he explains he knows Arjun can do it all not like them and he requests if Arjun has some work for people like him. Arjun assures he has an offer for their benefits,

Raja questions what does he mean so Arjun says they must forget he hired them to harm Rishab. His men would surely attain his bail. Raja asks what would they have to do in return so Arjun says they would surely have to hide. Raja questions why should they do it since they attacked the Luthra’s because of him, bunty explains even Vishnu asked Raja to tell them all the truth.

Arjun turns saying they can stay here but turning back mentions no one would believe anything which they say since the FIR that he filed proves otherwise, so everyone would think they are jus trying to ruin his name.

Raja calls Arjun assuring they would do anything he asks and they donot know him or his family, Arjun smiles but feels as if someone is hearing their conversation, he slowly walks over to Prithvi who is hiding behind the cell.

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