Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2021 Prithvi is standing in shock and wonders what would happen if the mobile is unlocked as thew mobile also has his number, he thinks that he would have to do everything that he can to get the mobile otherwise his secret would be revealed.

Preeta asks Kritika why is she speaking it so loudly as everyone might hear it, Kritika reveals that the call is not ending, Preeta takes the mobile and is about to end it but the mobile starts ringing in their house, Kritika picking her mobile explains that it is her mobile, they conclude that she is Bakra no 1, Preeta reveals that the other two names of Bakra are the last which he has called so they must call them too, Preeta calls Bakra no 2 but it is switched off however when they dial the bakra no 3 it is ringing ion their house so they all decide to keep on calling until they are able to find the mobile, Prithvi gets shocked and thinks that it is the ringtone of his mobile so he must get to his mobile before they reach it, he bumps into Sherlin and Mahira who are following Preeta, they questions what is he up to, he is about to explain when Rakhi comes with Pammi asking if what she has heard is the truth which worries them both. Prithvi asks what she is talking about, she explains that she heard that they have found Akshay’s mobile, Prithvi and Sherlin leave in a hurry, Rakhi asks Mahira what is happening, she explains they have found Akshay’s mobile and she feels Rakhi must in form Mahesh about what is happening, Rakhi leaves but Pammi wonders why did Prithvi get so worried after hearing about Akshay’s mobile.

Preeta and is constantly dialing the number but they are not able to trace the mobile however the ringtone is still ringing, they are following it when it suddenly stops, Kritika says that the person might have switched it off however Preeta reveals it stopped after playing for so long, she once again dials it and they hear the ringtone, prithvi is following them, Sherlin pulls him into a room questioning what is happening, Prithvi explains he is in a lot of trouble and if he doesnot reach the room then might be thrown out of the house, Sherlin is not able to understand, he explains they have some how been able to unlock Akshay’s mobile, they have found three contacts whom he was blackmailing so now are calling them, he knows Bakra no 1 is Kritika but doesnot know who the other two are, and they are dialling them, it is his mobile which is ringing and they are searching for it, Sherlin reveals she cannot hear anything, Prithvi advises her to clear her ears with hot oil, he leaves after opening the door, Sherlin also starts hearing the ringtone so rushes after him.

Mahira stops Sherlin questioning what is happening, Sherlin feels irritated but then explains the entire situation of how Preeta has found Akshay’s mobile and is searching for the mobile, Mahira explains that she would even refuse to recognize Prithvi is he is caught and also asks her to do the same, Sherlin exclaims she is really selfish as if when a person is in trouble then they should be helped but she instead leaving him alone, Sherlin explains she would not leave him alone, Mahira thinks that she knows to help someone but cannot die for anyone so would not stand with him because she has only come for Karan.

Preeta and Kritika are walking while Prithvi is following them, he thinks that they must walk but not turn back, Kritika asks Preeta to also look into the room which they have missed, Preeta reveals it is Chachi’s room, they both head into the room, Prithvi walks up the stairs but accidentally drops the decoration, Pammi sees something so walks inside however doesnot find anyone, Sherlin is walking downstairs when Pammi stops her advising her to keep an open eye while walking because every corner of the house has expensive decoration, Pammi enters the room but is shocked to see both Preeta and Kritika so asks what are they searching for.
Prithvi hurriedly reaches his room taking out his mobile, however he is shocked to see that it was not his contact which Preeta was dialling, he starts to wonder who the person might be, Preeta is searching for him and he is also looking because if he finds the person before Preeta then would be able to expose him in front of Preeta forever being in her good books.

Pammi questions what Preeta and Kritika were doing, Sherlin also walks inside the room where Pammi is questioning both of them, Sherlin is about to leave however Pammi stops her asking why she is running as she has to stay in the room, Sherlin however insists on leaving, Pammi once again questions what are they searching for, Shristhi also comes explaining Mahira is not in her room, Pammi gets irritated saying this is what was left, they all are standing when Kritika makes a story explaining that she lost her ear rings and Preeta was helping her find them, Pammi sees her earning after removing the hair so asks why is she lying, they then change the story saying that Preeta lost the ear rings which she was wearing yesterday, Preeta reveals they are searching at all the places where she went and since she came into her room because of the treatment, she has come to check in his room, they then leave in a hurry, Sherlin also tries to leave, Pammi stops her explaining that she should have said sorry for causing the decoration to fall, Sherlin doesnot apologize however she is forced to apologize and leaves.

Prithvi is walking downstairs when he once again hears the ringtone so opening the door is shocked to see Sherlin trying to end the call, he is perplexed then exclaims that she is the last clue which they were searching for and is indeed the killer of Akshay, Sherlin get stunned and is not even able to say anything in her defense.


Kundali Bhagya 22nd May 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Prithvi asks if she knows what kind of a problem she has gotten into and then is demanding that he do not give any sort of lecture, Preeta walks into the room with Kritika and Sameer, Kritika questions what he is doing in her room, he only exclaims that he has lost.


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