Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2022 Prithvi explains he doesnot know in which condition karan would be as he is really tensed, Rakhi questions what do they have to do but he says they must trust him as he will take care of everything, he can handle it all as he considers they all to be his family so will not let anything happen to them,

he knows that Mahesh is not mentally stable and the elder son Rishab is also not present so they are helpless. Prithvi explains he has heard Preeta saying to the press that she doesnot care about them all while Karina says they have all heard and also saw it all in the news.

Prithvi seeing Preeta asks her to come and say whatever she feels like because she always says that she cares for the family and desires to protect them so must tell them all the truth because they all are ready to listen to her words, Preeta seeing Rakhi thinks she is feeling sorry as she would not be able to reveal what she is feeling as she needs to remain strong,

she says that she doesnot have to give any fake story but she is just tensed because karan has gotten arrested and she doesnot know how much money will be spent in getting him released, she feels it is not a profitable deal and she feels they should not have let him play, Preeta leaves while Sherlin is worried wondering if her plan might get ruined.

Sameer reaches the cell calling karan who is glad and so asks why did no one came to meet him asking if they think he is behind it all, Sameer thinks about the attack of Mahesh and explains that they all trust karan a lot, he asks if Mahesh is fine, Sameer lies that nothing happened to him.

Karan is worried about how he got here as he thought that he would play but ended up in jail, Sameer is suspicious that someone is trying to make sure that he doesnot play once again, karan mentions they do not want him to once again take control of the Luthra industries. Karan takes the name of Preeta hearing which Sameer is worried as he says she cannot do anything like this. Karan replies he also thought the same but she is doing this all for the sake of money and power.

Preeta walking in the hall thinks about the threat of Prithvi, how he said that he is going to ruin the entire Luthra family is she tries to protect karan. Preeta entering the room of Mahesh asks him to wake up as she needs his support since no one is standing beside her, she has lost all the strength even when she promised him that she is going to protect the family from all the evils but this time has lost as she doesnot even know the enemy this time and she needs to protect him,

Preeta asks him to come with her since she doesnot know what to do and they need to save karan. Preeta apologizes that she gets weak sometimes but she is sure that his blessings are always with her, she vows to make sure karan is released from this trap and the real culprit is revealed. Preeta exclaims she is his daughter and has promised to keep this house protected from the enemies, she will not accept defeat but will not let any harm come to this house and family.

Shristhi comes to Karan mentioning he is thinking wrong about Preeta, karan asks them both to tell them the name of the person who would benefit from his fall, Karan says they will think of Prithvi but Preeta has taken the power of Luthra industries from him a long time ago, Shristhi tries to explain however karan says that he will tell them both something for a fact as when he used to play for BCCL,

the contract stated that everything he earned from the games will be given to the Luthra Industries. While all the ads which he does and the guest appearances will belong to him so when he was sold this time for the team. Preeta got tensed as if he earned more then her then would take back the Luthra industries. She in order to protect her position sent him to this cell, Shristhi tries to explain that her sister is not money minded at all and he is mistaken.

Karan mentions he saw a clip in which she is saying that she has come here to protect karan not being his wife but as a business partner, he thought he knew her and she is a simple girl but in reality Preeta is really money minded. Shristhi still tries to plead for her sister however karan yells that he has had enough and if she has come to meet him as the sister of Preeta, she can leave as the meeting time is over. Sameer asks Karan to not worry, they have hired a lawyer who would make sure he is released really soon. The constable comes saying the meeting time is over, Karan doesnot even turn back to look at Sameer, both of them leave.

Prithvi sitting in the room is making a drink while Sherlin is really tensed asking him to listen to her, he asks what will she say as it is clearly that the last person of this family is burning in this fire and even now Preeta would not be able to save him, Sherlin explains he might have played all the correct cards but she is sure that Preeta would not stay quiet. Prithvi explains whatever Preeta does even then she would not be able to protect karan, he says that when he used to inflict pain to the Luthra’s they would get hurt,

he took money from them which they took back but this time has harmed the thing which takes a lot of time to build, he has harmed their honor and reputation. It is said that love cures all the injuries but this time even it will not help as Karan has also started suspecting Preeta. Sherlin gets tensed,

prithvi explains that their relation has gotten the seed of suspicion due to which they would have a breakup and they will not be together ever again. Prithvi mentions that when even one of them suffers then the love goes out the window. He explains that he has this time ruined the entire life of Karan, they all are going to lose Karan this time and when it happens then prithvi will enter this house s the Shenshah, since they would be forced to respect him, he will always smile while Preeta will cry.

Preeta is in the room when she thinks about what the lawyer said how they would have to hire a lot of Private detectives and so she calls the lawyer, when he explains that he knows her since a long time which is why he is going to share a personal experience, sometimes in life those who are honest are proven corrupt and it is not because of their nature but the situations that arise at that particular time.

Preeta says that she feels he doesnot trust karan, she replies she trusts him most in the world because she knows the teachings which he has because of which he cannot do anything wrong. Preeta requests the number of a Private investigator, he agrees to send it. Preeta sitting on the bed receives the contact of Madan Mohan.

Shristhi is running after Sameer trying to stop him requesting that he knows the real reason Preeta came back into this house so why is he acting this weird, Sameer replies that he is tensed because of Karan because he has never seen such a long downfall in his career and this all is happening becu7ase of Preeta, she gets tensed asking if he also believes that Preeta is doing this all.

Sameer replies he just wants to trust his brother who said that he must trust him for once and this is what he is going to do, as today was a big moment for karan who was about to play a match but instead got locked up in jail. Sameer starts crying when she hugs him however he asks her to do whatever she feels like but he is going to support his brother, Sameer sits in the car driving away while she is screaming at him to stop since she wants to talk with him, he leaves while Shristhi is weeping.

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