Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2021 Shristhi requests Sarla to open the door, Sarla prays to Mata Rani asking why did she do this to Preeta as she is also a maa and never complained about the troubles in her life, she always accepted every problem with a smile, she snatched her children away from her but she never complained, she did not get the right to be responsible for the upbringings of Shristhi and Preeta, she never complained about anything but she cannot bear anything now, the storm that has come into the life of Preeta must end, she cannot bear anything, this cannot happen with Preeta because she has proved to pass in every test, the one relation which she believes in should not be snatched from her, that relation should be given back to her as she also has the right to stay happy, Sarla continuous to cry.

Preeta in her room is lying down, she picks up the mobile to see something. Karan entering his room thinks how he tried to stop Preeta, but she did not listen to him and went inside the room, Preeta sits up in the bed, Karan in anger hits the stand so injuring his hand however he doesnot care for the pain but is only worrying for his wife, Preeta is also not able to sleep in her room and so sits on the bed.

Karan covers his eyes when he thinks that Preeta has come to him and placed her hand over his face, he is holding her hand starts crying but opening his eyes realizes it was just a dream and so gets worried, Preeta once again lies down when she hears the call of Karan so answers it, she is sitting up starts weeping. Karan once again comes to her room and is about to knock when she opens the door, she gets stunned and turns back, he asks what is she doing as she should at least talk about what has happened, Preeta mentions she is in pain, Karan replies he is the one in pain because is not talking to him, Karan explains he thought she was angry with him, he assures he did not know anything otherwise if he had any clue then would have come to her, Preeta explains that had it happened when they were together she would have been really angry with him and would even be justified. , Preeta explains that she is still angry knowing that it happened before they were even together but even now she is not able to understand the feelings which is why she came to this room, Preeta explains that now when he knows the truth about his relation with Sonakshi so might have some feelings for her, Karan assures that she is the only women in his life, he can never even think of anyone else. Preeta replies he also means the most to him because he is her entire life, she explains everyone thinks that she is a great women but she is really a normal girl but Karan mentions he feels she is special because she made him into a husband from the flirt Karan, he hugs her, she explains that when he talks like this she feels she is really lucky to have a husband like him, karan mentions he is lucky to have her as his wife and would always remain her husband, he requests her to forget everything that happened today.

Karan and Preeta are sleeping together in the morning, she places her hand over his chest and waking up, she smiles seeing him beside her in the bed so even hold him tightly smiling that she has her husband beside her, Karan also wakes up, they both look into each other’s eyes Karan then kisses her in the fore head so she once again gets comfortable then sitting up exclaims they have slept in the guest room, she explains they should leave now otherwise everyone would get worried, Karan asks why is she worried about everyone, Preeta replies it is because she loves them all, they both get each other and walk out of the room.

Dadi asks Rakhi what has happened, she replies it is because she feels there is something wrong because after what happened at the wedding of Sonakshi, she feared that the relation of Karan and Preeta might end, Dadi replies she was worried in the night but when it did not happen she is not calm, Karina and Rakhi ask what does she mean, Dadi replies she was worried that if Sarla came to know about what happened, she would come and they would not be able to say anything to her because she would be right, Sherlin is standing at the corner when Rakhi explains that she feared a lot of Preeta, she worried if Preeta would leave the house, it is because she loves the entire family a lot and considers them her own which is why did not leave the house and even if someone from their family makes a mistake, she doesnot tell her own family, Karina assures nothing of the sort would happen as Preeta is a knowledgeable girl so would not do anything wrong, Rakhi must take care of her health.

Sherlin standing in the corner thinks that when Sarla used to come she would get mad but now is desperately waiting for her and wondering when she would come to scold the Luthra’s, Prithvi coming asks why she is smiling, Sherlin replies she told the entire incident to Sarla and is now waiting for her, prithvi smiles then greets the entire family.

Dadi asks Sherlin if she is well, she asks Dadi why she is asking such a question, Dadi replies because every day Preeta is the first one to come downstairs but today Sherlin came before her, Sherlin however takes it as a joke.

Preeta comes to them all serving them the tea, prithvi thinks she is looking really sad and might be even planning a divorce, Dadi and Rakhi take the tea when Shelrin thinks she thought that Preeta would not come out of the room or would go to her own house but there is nothing to worry about because Sarla is going to come and take her back, Sherlin thinks why has Sarla not come, asking if Sarla is not worried about her daughter. Sherlin asks Preeta if she is alright, Preeta explains she is fine.

Karan also comes down from the stairs, Preeta hands him the tea and they both smile, Prithvi thinks he is not able to understand what is happening as he thought they both would be fighting, the doorbell rings when Sherlin smiles, Ganesh opens the door, and it is Sarla standing there.

Preeta is delighted to see her mother and takes her blessings, Karan also takes her blessings, Rakhi invites her to have tea with them, Sarla replies that she first wants to talk with Preeta because she knows what happened between them both but would first like to talk with Preeta after which she will talk with Karan.

Janki asks Shristhi does she not think they both should go to the Luthra house, Shristhi however replies she would not do anything against her will for the next three or four days, Janki replies that she felt Sarla might say something which would cause a lot of problems. Shristhi explains that Maa is like a lioness but is really clever so would not do anything wrong.

Sarla asks why she not told the truth because she should not have hidden the truth, Preeta assures her she wanted to reveal the truth but Sarla replies even then she hid it, and also asked Shristhi to not say anything, she asked her what happened but Shristhi did not say anything, this is how much she loves her, Preeta explains she wanted to tell her but was not able to decide what to decide of her relation, Sarla explains she would always say Preeta should take the decisions by herself but now she has taken the decision on her behalf and now Preeta would pack her belongings to come back with her.


Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarla orders Preeta to go and pack her belongings and come back with her, Karan is shocked to hear Sarla, Sherlin explains they all love her because she is about to become a mother, she vows to do all she can to prove that Preeta is not going to be a mother, they would all then hate her.


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