Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Preeta standing in the kitchen is thinking about how Arjun rushed to put off the fire and even helped her, he then argued with her when she did not thank him. Preeta is not able to understand it all and drops the tray, Shristhi rushing inside asks if Preeta is fine, she replies she just lost control over the tray and it is not a big deal so can they go home now, Shristhi agrees to come with him.

Arjun is sitting in the room when Anjali turning on the lights asks him if the deal was completed, Arjun replies it was good, she then questions if the deal would be finalized so he assures surely it would be completed, she then asks if the Juneja’s were glad, he replies they are eager to also impress in their current business,

Arjun inquires why is she asking so many questions so Anjali replies it is because she always accompanies him but today he went alone, Arjun says there is no need to ask so many questions, Anjali however angrily mentions it is enough.

Preeta is sorting the clothes in the room, Rishab coming out sees that she is tensed so tries to ask if someone said anything to her, Preeta however refuses to say anything when Rishab informs that he knows when she is bothered so asks what has happened, Preeta mentions she doesnot want to give him any sort of tension but feels he should know it,

she informs that something very strange happened today since Prithvi was also in the school of kavya today and he put his phone in the ladies bathroom while it was on recording, she gets tensed explaining Prithvi is really evil but why would he do anything so stupid, Preeta informs that even Arjun was there at the school, she knew he had a meeting him but when she questioned Arjun,

he replied that it got cancelled, Preeta questions why did Rishab jee not accompany her when the meeting got cancelled, Rishab standing asks her if Arjun was actually present at the school, he requests for a moment so takes out his phone.

Anjali turns to walk out of the room because Arjun doesnot want to tell her the truth, he asks her to come back when she asks what the point is in talking when he doesnot want to tell the truth, she is not interested in talking with him. Arjun apologizes to Anjali, but she replies she did not hear what he just said, Arjun after calming his nerves apologizes to Anjali once again, she inquires if he is apologizing from his heart, she asks why he is not telling her the truth.

Arjun mentions she is taking advantage of his friendship, Anjali replies that he is the one taking the advantage so Arjun replies he lied because otherwise she would get angry with him. Arjun questions if she really wants to know the truth as he did not do anything that would earn him a medal, she insists so he informs that he while going for the meeting saw Prithvi, he got so frustrated that he called him which is when he heard Kavya so knew he was at her school. Anjali asks how he knew Kavya went to school.

Arjun replies he met her at the signal with Preeta, so knew she was going to drop her at school. Anjali says then he would have wanted to meet them both, Arjun replies it is not like that because Anjali doesnot want to listen to everything as only after that would she realize what he has done.

Arjun gets a call from Rishab, Anjali suggests he should talk with Rishab since he is really angry, Rishab questions Arjun when did their meeting got cancelled, Arjun replies he cancelled it from his own point of view but Rishab did not cancel it, Rishab mentions Arjun made him remember Karan so mentions Arjun went to the school of Kavya.

Arjun explains that he came to know Prithvi went to the school of Kavya, he knows Prithvi is not a well wisher of the Luthra’s so after reaching the school he realized that Prithvi was in the library and even Preeta was there, so he threw him out of the library and then put his mobile in the washroom,

Rishab is amazed when he explains that Arjun might have made a risk, Rishab thanks him for always being there for his family, Arjun replies it is nothing to worry about as he is also a part of the family, he clarifies he meant the Luthra’s are like his family, Rishab ends the call.

Preeta questions why he was being so nice to Arjun, Rishab explains because he came to the school just to protect her and she must rest assured as there are a lot of people who would stand beside her, Preeta agrees but explains she doesnot need the help of Arjun.

Arjun ends the call questioning why did she say Rishab was angry as he was so polite on the phone, he turns to leave when she replies she is still angry with him, he twisting her cheeks exclaims she doesnot seem angry but is rather smiling, Anjali mentions he always get away because of his cuteness.

In the morning Shristhi while working hurts her elbow, kavya requests her to be careful as she is instructing them to bring almonds hearing which Kavya mentions she also needs apples. Sameer coming explains Shristhi is talking with someone of her own age, Shristhi threatens to teach him a lesson when they are alone. Rishab walking down the stairs greets Kavya and everyone else,

Rakhi questions where Preeta is, she comes down the stairs with the bag and I card of Kavya. Shristhi mentions Kavya also gave her advice that there should be a reporter for every guest, they all start smiling when Kavya replies that people tend to laugh at smart people. Rishab notices that Preeta is tensed, she hesitantly is not able to explain but Rishab notices that so asks Kavya if she wants to go to school with him, he leaves explaining they would come back in the afternoon.

Rishab reaches the school with Kavya; he asks if she doesnot want to go to school but Kavya explains he should get himself registered in the school and take the classes, Rishab questions if he takes the classes then what is she going to do, Kavya replies she would be the boss to which he says she already is

, he helps her get out of the car before sending Kavya with the teacher, Rishab thinks she is not just his daughter but his entire world. Kavya comes running back to him explaining he forgot to give her the kiss, Rishab with a smile kisses her after which she finally heads back to school with a smile on her face.

Rishab while driving stops the car realizing he has to make an important call, he notices that his phone is dead so requests a stranger, but he cannot recall the number, the stranger mentions he can get the charger to the phone in a nearby house.

Rishab reaches the house with the men who knocks on the door, Rishab is stunned to see Sherlin opening the door, he turns to leave but she stops assuring she can provide the charger, Rishab explains he forgot the charger so came here and was not aware she lives here. He turns to leave when she requests him to come inside, Rishab slowly enters the house.

Sherlin thinks Rishab is a true gentleman as he doesnot even look at a girl, she was foolish to come with Prithvi. Rishab asks if he can get a charger when she questions if he misses her, Rishab constantly demands a charger when she explains she wants to be with him but Preeta came between them, Rishab warns her to not bring Preeta jee between them because she can never comprehend the relation he has with Preeta,

Sherlin requests him to accept her when Rishab replies he is now married and has a daughter, she tortured him and he was in jail because of her, she even tortured his family a lot, Rishab mentions the only reason he came into this house was after thinking she might have changed but she is still the same women, Rishab leaves in anger when Sherlin curses him saying just as he took away everything from her, someone would also come into his life who will take away his Preeta jee.

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