Kundali Bhagya 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya Written update

Kundali Bhagya 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Rishab asks Karan how she can marry Prithvi when he is still her husband, so he asks that karan call her and tell her to not marry anyone, Karan does not want to call her, Rishab says that he can see that karan is not feeling well and is tensed that Preeta is marrying someone else, Rishab says that he can hear anything that is in his heart. Karan refuses to accept the fact and then says that he only wants that she does not marry Prithvi however he does not have time for him otherwise he would have broken his legs, Rishab pleads that he stop lying, Karan leaves saying that he is going on a brunch with his friends, Rishab is amazed to hear that karan lied of going on a brunch when he is dieting, he therefor knows where he is going and wishes that he only goes there.

Shrishti prepares Preeta for the wedding, Shrishti explains that she has understood everything and will make sure that Preeta goes to talk with Prithvi when he comes to the hall as she wants to make sure that they do not get married, she is explaining when Sarla comes so Shrishti immediately changes the topic but Preeta says that she has only said that when Prithvi comes she should make sure that they both have a conversation so she can ask him why he agreed to marry her when Sarla asked her, Shrishti points out that Sarla is present in the same room. They both stop talking and Shrishti acts asking Preeta why she is crying and she should not get emotional after hearing Sarla’s name, she should not thank Prithvi as he always wanted to marry Preeta and is available to marry her always, Sarla leaves after listening that Preeta also wants to marry Prithvi.
Shristhi informs that Sarla has left, Preeta scolds her why she told such big lies because when Prithvi would back out it would create a lot of fuss. Shrishti thinks that if Karan comes then it would be really nice, but Preeta says that nothing like this would happen and karan would not come.

Sameer is busy in decoration when karina comes asking him where karan and Rishab are, he says that they both would be in their rooms, but she explains that she went but they were not there, Sameer explains that he saw them both in Rishab room, she ask him to go and call them.

Rakhi reaches with everyone in the Mandir, she requests the Pandit to arrange a Pooja for her soon to be daughter in law, Karina calls her asking if everything if alright then Rakhi explains that there is nothing of the sort but is wondering that her son and daughter in law are both marrying some other people.

Sameer reaches karan’s room, but he is not there and then he sees the card of Preeta and Prithvis wedding, he gets really mad with Shrishti for not telling him about anything.
Karan gets into the car with a hockey stick but Rishab is already sitting in his car, when karan asks why he is with him then Rishab explains that he is also going to the same hotel where he is having a brunch with his friends so they can share a car, Rishab teases Karan asking as to why does he have a hockey stick with him.

Sarla is standing and is really worried wondering as to why has Prithvi not arrived, Bi jee explains that they might have got ten stuck in traffic and then Janki also comes asking where they are because the Pandit is asking, Sarla scolds her for asking such questions, then Shrishti comes explaining that Prithvis phone is not connecting since yesterday and they had tried, She says that she thinks he would not come, but Sarla looks angrily at her then they hear the barrat coming and they welcome them. Sarla asks Shrishti to come and help her but she wonders how she will talk with Preeta, Janki asks that she never worry because she will make sure that Preeta talks with Prithvis and refuses him for the marriage.

Karan is driving his car, Rishab asks why he did not opt for the highway, karan gets frustrated saying that he should remain quiet because there will be traffic on the highway so they have used the secondary route, Rishab says that he is aware of the reason but karan disagrees saying that he is not going anywhere near the wedding venue, when they pass by Karan suddenly makes a left turn and stops infront of the wedding hall, when Rishab asks why he stopped karan exclaims that he needs to drink water, Rishab thinks that he knows why karan came here but wants to hear it from his own mouth.

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