Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Arjun is taking out the clothes for the party but is not able to find anything suitable, he taking out a dress recalls when he got in an argument with Preeta over what he should wear at the party,

Anjali coming from behind asks if he is thinking about Preeta, he agrees when she mentions he placed the watch on the table, Anjali mentions he could get back the watch but the time he has got to take his revenge from the Luthra’s will never come back,

Arjun turns back in anger when Anjali explains he must not forget the purpose he has because he might then go to live with them one day because he has a heart and which tends to forgive even its enemies, he must not forget they have killed the karan so now he is Arjun. He recalls the incident at the river.

Arjun turning exclaims she is his best friend as she always tends to show him the right path and has correctly said they should not trust their heart. He explains he has not forgotten everything but sometimes get sidetracked because of his love for them, Arjun explains he has planned something for his brother Rishab,

but he is just waiting for this launch party, after which the problems for Rishab would start. Anjali asks what he is planning, Arjun taking out the pen drive exclaims this contains all the information regarding the cases of Rishab during the past five years including the murder of Karan for which he also had to go to the court, he would after that see how Rishab manages to sleep peacefully.

Rishab is walking in the Luthra Mansion recalling what Sherlin said to him that they were separated because Preeta came between them, Rishab sees Preeta getting ready in the room so recalls when he assured, he is just going to marry her because of his brother and doesnot want anyone to raise any question on her, Preeta thinks when Karan used to help her get ready.

Rishab once again stats peeking at Preeta when he notices that she hurt her hand and so tries to go ahead to help her but stops, he walks away thinking how Sherlin cursed him saying someone would come who will snatch his Preeta jee from him.

Rishab is roaming when Sameer comes asking what has happened, Rishab getting shocked assures it is nothing, but Sameer seeks permission to ask what is going on since he knows Rishab gets tensed, but it is not like that, and this is also not related to the work. Rishab replies to Sameer has grown up,

Rishab reveals he met Sherlin today because the battery of his mobile ended so someone said to him that he will get the charger in that house, but it belonged to Sherlin, and she wished to come back into his life but while he was leaving, she cursed that someone is going to snatch Preeta away from him.

Sameer is tensed when Rishab explains that he is just scared what would happen to him if Preeta jee and Kavya leave his life since this is what life means for him, Sameer tries to say something when Mahesh coming from behind asks how he is looking. Dadi also comes explaining all the mothers want their children to look handsome,

Mahesh replies he is indeed looking handsome but Dadi instructs him to change his clothes, Mahesh replies she always has a problem with his clothes and why did he ever say she also need sto change clothes, Rishab replies because she always looks beautiful and if she is saying he must go and change, Mahesh leaves replying they all team up against him. Dadi says to Rishab how he always takes care of everyone but she prays he should also get all the happiness in life.

Preeta is walking down the stairs when she notices someone walking with the gifts, seeing it is Shristhi she tries to help her but then Shristhi calls for help and asks Preeta how is her work looking. Janki aunti and Dadi come explaining they have brought all the sweets which are in the auto, Ganesh coming questions why they made this sweets since the Parshad of Ganpati comes from their house but Shristhi reveals she asked them to make it. Shristhi then asks Preeta how she like her work did,

Preeta replies what is to ask as she always does such tremendous work and it is looking beautiful. Shristhi rushes to the stage explaining there would be a projector placed here on which the logo of both the companies would be showed, she thinks now she must go and get ready. Preeta questions she is already ready when Shristhi reveals that all her makeup has gotten ruined.

Kritika is getting ready in the room when she recalls how Prithvi threatened to cut her if they all try to stop him but then he got arrested and now after such a long time he wished to come back to her life, Kritika sits on the bed thinking that anyone she has loved in the past was not suitable for her, Karina comes to the room so she wipes of the tears, Karina reveals this necklace would look good on her.

Kritika asks if she can ask a question, Karina allows her when Kritika questions if she ahs a problem or incomplete. Karina assures she is the best daughter and human being there is since what is the point in living with someone who is not worthy of her, because prithvi was a liar and did not deserve her, if she thinks it is okay to stay with such a person then she is wrong. Karina assures she would very soon get a life partner who deserves her and as they say that the prayers of a mother are always listened.

Karina enters the party with Kritika, Dadi coming explains that she is looking beautiful but why is she not smiling. Karina reveals that she is a little depressed. Arjun hitting her from behind questions why she is so tensed, Karina reveals she is thinking about her ex-husband. Arjun mentions they are talking about Prithvi,

everyone is stunned thinking how does he know the truth when Arjun clarifies even he is like a family member. Arjun hugging Kritika explains she must not be worried as she deserves someone who is worthy of her and not a thug like Prithvi, if prithvi had not left then he would have thrown her out of the house. Kritika starts smiling when Dadi explains he was not smiling when they asked her to but did it because of Arjun.

Mahesh, seeing it starts crying so Sameer comes asking what happened, Mahesh wiping off his tears asks him to look at Kritika since she was really depressed from the morning but Arjun made sure she smiles and her attitude has changed altogether.

Sameer seeing Shristhi approaching goes to be with her, Shristhi asks him how she is looking when Sameer starts looking at her, she replies there is no need to take so much time. Arjun coming exclaims she is looking for gorgeous hearing which Shristhi leaves, Sameer questions why he complimented her when he himself was about to do it. Arjun clarifies there is a right time for everything so he must do it on time, Sameer thinks arjun is not wrong.

Rishab comes with Preeta, he greets Arjun mentioning that their task has completed. Rishab starts a conversation with the other guests in the party while Arjun is constantly staring at Preeta and wonders why he loses all senses as Preeta comes in front of him.

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