Kundali Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 29th August 2022 Bi jee asks Shristhi to com back, Shristhi explains thy have renovate the entire house but all the things in her room is the same, she explains she is feeling really good even after she came after a long time, but she feels as if she just came yesterday.

Janki asks Bi jee to make her understand that the girls never leave the house of their parents and they always have a connection with them, Bi jee also explains that women have to take to the responsibility of both the house, Shristhi mentions how she wants to lie down with Bi jee and she should sing her a song,

Bi jee questions if this is the time to sing and says she would do it when Shristhi is sleeping in the night, Janki exclaims they are going to make Laddo for tomorrow but if they have to make something else, Shristhi replies that Rakhi maa has told her they have to only make laddo and nothing else,

Janki asks Shristhi to come and help her, Shristhi start making a scene exclaiming that even her in laws never ask her to do anything and she only does the work on her own terms, Bi jee forces her to sit down explaining that no one is going to ask her to do anything.

Mahesh sits down on the dinner table while trying to talk with Rakhi but she doesnot believe him, Preeta also comes asking where is Dadi, she sits on the table having her medicine,

Karina explains that she doesnot believe Mahesh bhai can do anything of the sort, Preeta also questions if there is something wrong, Rakhi scolds Mahesh explaining he should never speak anything until her son comes back and he can speak only in front of Rishab. There is a knock on the door Preeta goes to open the door.

Rishab asks Preeta what has happened since he came in such a hurry and even Karina bua called her, so in the panic he brought the car of a staff member, Rakhi comes to hug Rishab which worries him so he asks why is she crying,

Rakhi blames Mahesh for having an affair when he comes back assuring it is not the case as she is lying, Rakhi questions why is he saying this as the lady is the member of his club, Mahesh is not able to say anything so Rakhi exclaims that she is telling the truth, Dadi and Karina also blame him for hurting Rakhi.

Rishab questions why are they not even letting him speak a word, Preeta says that if he is actually having an affair then it is not right, Mahesh questions why is she saying this because the lady is his teacher from the fifth grade and so how can he have an affair with her,

Rakhi questions if they cannot have an affair with her, she informs Mahesh is going to pick her up tomorrow and take to the club, Rishab assures Mahesh would not leave the house tomorrow and will stay at the function.

Mahesh accepts of not leaving so even vows on her mothers life, he asks if they want him to cut his own throat, Rakhi says he has not done anything for her today, because if he had love her then would have surely brought a gift, Mahesh exclaims he will do it right now so explains he will call Mahesh and invite him to the function,

Rakhi starts smiling when he asks them all to see how her behavior has changed, Rakhi explains he has proven himself today as she was also planning to call Arjun but has decided to do it himself, Dadi exclaims she has a really big heart which is why she has been living with him, Rishab questions if they are not going to even ask him for some water, Preeta apologizes rushing inside and is followed by everyone else.

In the night Arjun stops his car, he getting out of it starts thinking about what happened today in the market and how Preeta helped the children eat the fruits, he warns himself to stop it. Anjali pats his back asking what is happening with him, she questions if he was thinking about his past but he denies it,

Anjali asks him to not lie with her since she knows him the best, he kneels by his car asking what is she going to say if he reveals he doesnot want to talk about it. Anjali replies then she would not mind as she knows him, Arjun thanks Preeta which stuns her, he leaves apologizing to Anjali.

Prithvi is really tensed and when Sherlin touches him, he is stunned taking the name of Shambu, Sherlin questions who is he when prithvi explains that he is the person whose money he stole last Diwali because she needed the money to buy rice and lipstick. She says he assured he won the money,

Prithvi replies that she trusts him a lot but the truth is that he lied about it. Prithvi explains Shambu has come in between them both, there is someone at the door, prithvi starts worrying thinking Shambu might have come but Sherlin informs it would be the milk man since he comes at this time. Sherlin is stunned seeing the men standing at the door, the greet her and then tie her hands. Prithvi is stunned seeing them so tries to run but he is caught.

Arjun comes on the dinner table asking why is Anjali serving the dinner, she replies the workers have left early today so she is doing it, he also offers to help her but she refuses assuring she can do it. Arjun asks where is Dadi and Snedha, she informs Dadi would come while Snedha has left for her practice.

Arjun questions why did she not ask him, Anjali explains they would ask anything from him when he stops thinking about Preeta, Arjun replies it is not the case but Anjali doesnot believe it at all,

she says whenever he sees Preeta then gets lost in her thoughts however Arjun replies he only went to the Luthra house to visit his family and would surely not go there anymore, Dadi comes asking what are they talking about, Arjun and Anjali both try to deny it was anything important but Dadi doesnot believe them,

she says how she has understood Arjun now, he is just a one women person and whoever he gives his heart to the first time would remain his love forever, even when he would talk with other girls or even flirt with them but his heart only belongs to that one women whose ring he is wearing in his hand, Dadi holding his hand points at the engagement ring, Anjali gets worried while Arjun asks Dadi to start the dinner.

Shambu demands Prithvi to return his one million right now, when Prithvi tries to explain he doesnot have that much cash right now so needs a little time, Shambu questions how much time does he need, Prithvi explains till Ganesh Chaturthi, he questions how long does it take, Sherlin mentions eleven days.

Prithvi explains he has invested his money in a business which would give a profit when Shambu questions if he thinks that Shambu is an idiot since he changed a lot of house since last Diwali and even tried to run,

Prithvi questions why would he run but then tries to flee, Shambu catches him and starts beating Prithvi, Sherlin requests him to not beat Prithvi, he requests Shambu to stop mentioning half of the deal has ended while the other half remains, Prithvi is worried.

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