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Kundali Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Preeta takes out the medicine to apply on his hand, Arjun is just staring at her while she is busy cleaning his wounds, she looks to him so he immediately turns but then once again starts staring at her as she is bandaging him.

He recalls how he would tease her as she was sitting on the bed, they both would enjoy each other’s company. He starts getting emotional but she ties the bandage on his hand. She once again looks at him questioning what happened but he lowers his gaze,

she says that he doesnot have the habit of apologizing but she has understood he also doesnot want to appreciate, Arjun exclaims he saved her life yesterday while the life of her husband the day before, he feels she is very weak in clearing her notes. Preeta questions what is he saying since she just helped him today,

he says that she should not be so proud because she is a doctor and helping the people in need is her duty, he leaves saying she has not done any favor. Preeta in frustration prays to Bhagwan that this night should pass without any problem since Rakhi maa has invited Arjun so she doesnot want to be the reason for any problem.

Mahesh is with some of his friends, he seeing Rakhi questions where did she go as all of the friends are asking about her, she apologizes mentioning how she had some work in the kitchen. Mahesh inquires about the reason since they have hired a lot of chefs to prepare the menu today.

Rakhi with a smile agrees mentioning even then how can they prepare the laddo like her, Mahesh questions then why did she come without them as he would have eaten them along with his friends. Rakhi replies he can have them later but he forces her to come with him insisting he wants to eat them right now.

Rakhi sees Arjun walking, he tries to hide his injury but Rakhi manages to notice it so questions what happened, asking if it is really a big injury as she saw him when he entered the party but Arjun assures it is nothing.

Mahesh and Rakhi ask about the reason that caused the injury, Arjun explains he got jealous but Rakhi doesnot understand anything, he says that he did not see the glass was in front of the candle so it was hot, he dropped it on the floor and so while picking it up caused the cut. Mahesh exclaims that he should come to the doctor since he is injured,

Arjun assures there is no need to go for the doctor but Mahesh says he should see how tensed Rakhi is. Arjun smiles when Rakhi says there is no need to joke but he says Arjun still laughed which means he is fine. Arjun replies he is on the side of mom. Rakhi is stunned hearing this when he says that all the mothers are same and they take tensions. Rakhi asks him to come as she is going to prepare the milk for him.

Raja along with Vishnu and Bunty enter the house of Arjun, they exclaim that it is really late so all these rich people would be asleep. Anjali is getting ready in her room; she walks out of her room walking towards the door.

Vishnu with a smile says they are three and she is alone so it would be a better choice to kidnap her rather then Arjun. Anjali walks over to the door when Dadi and Snedha enter, Dadi inquires why is she still here. Anjali informs she got late because of her dress but is just leaving. Raja and Vishnu while leaving cause the chair to move. Dadi instructs the driver to check it but Snedha explains it might be nothing but just a cat.

Rishab is with Sameer who is assuring he doesnot have any sort of affair, Shristhi is just being suspicious and he knows that Sameer can never do anything of the sort. Rishab replies he did not say anything but just wants Sameer to remember what kind of a family they belong to as they never cause any problem to the women of their family.

Sameer seeing Preeta asks where was she all this time. Rishab gets shocked asking what is the way of talking to his Bhabhi. Preeta apologizes for being late informing Rishab that Arjun got hurt in the room so she had to apply the medicine on his hand. Rishab replies that their relation is based on trust so she must remain calm.

Anjali is walking out of her house while Raja and Vishnu keep following her but they are not able to catch her, Anjali dries off in the car so Raja also instructs Bunty to bring the car.

Arjun while walking in the kitchen exclaims that the party has just started but she is going to send him away after feeding him. Rakhi with a smile says it is not the case as she has also made a special thing, she brings out the laddo.

Arjun recalls how he would always argue with her over them. She asks if he doesnot like them but Arjun exclaims he likes to eat them the most. Rakhi handing him a laddo asks that he should eat it. Rakhi replies she is sure he would like it as they were also the favorite of her son Karan.

Mahesh entering the kitchen is also glad to see the laddo, he requests Arjun for one but Rakhi replies that she made these special for him however Mahesh insists on taking one, he then starts taking out but after a while Arjun pulls the jar away exclaiming,

they were made just for him. Mahesh insists on taking them, Shristhi asks what are they all doing here since the dance is about to begin. Rakhi forces Mahesh to leave. Arjun wonders where can he hide the jar, he hides it in the microwave so Papa would not eat them.

Anjali reaches the party when the staff ask about the invitation, she is allowed to enter. Vishnu explains this means they cannot enter; Raja says they should also call their gang members since this is a party.

Arjun is walking when Kavya asks him to remain still. He is standing in front of her when he notices the necklace, Arjun recalls when he gave this to Preeta but she said that he doesnot love her anymore since he is not aware of her neck size, he said they would give it to their daughter after she is born,

Preeta questioned why does he always desire a baby girl so karan exclaimed he wishes to have a daughter who is beautiful like Preeta but has the same attitude as him. Kavya asks him to wake up as she is still talking to him. Kavya hears Dadi calling her name so says he can move before running away. Dadi asks Arjun how is he feeling,

he replies that he doesnot feel fine hearing which Dadi gets tensed but he assures he is fine. Arjun questions about the necklace that kavya is wearing. Dadi replies that her father bought it for her, Arjun gets furious thinking Rishab married Preeta and gave his own daughter the necklace that he gifted to Preeta.

Dadi thinks how she cannot tell him that Rishab gave the daughter of Karan, his own name. Arjun exclaims that Dadi is looking really hot, she starts weeping seeing which he gets shocked so asks what happened. She replies that Karan used to talk with her like this and she started remembering him, Arjun gets emotional.

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