Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 4th January 2022 Preeta vows that she will reunite her family but will not do the same for her, she doesnot even to want him to think that she cares for her family, she will just show that she hates her family so he can let her do what she desires, she prays to MataRani that she be given the strength to take care of the family,

Ganesh stands saying he is glad she has come back to save the family as Prithvi has hurt the family, Preeta in shock asks if he has heard everything that she said, he accepts it, she makes him promise that he would not say anything and will keep it to himself, he asks if she needs water, Preeta says that he should just call her as Mam in front of the entire family.

In the morning Prithvi walks down the stairs when everyone is standing, he sits down on the chair, Preeta coming questions why everyone is not present at the breakfast table, as it is seven thirty still not everyone is present, Rakhi explains karan got late a little, Vicky also explains Sherlin and Natasha mam also wake up late, Preeta mentions the system has hurt but questions why are they not having the breakfast,

Preeta explains that some employees do not even wait for the owner while they are all standing, Rakhi explains they eat after Prithvi finishes, Preeta explains there is not any rule here, she is the queen and her rules will be followed, she once again questions why is not everyone present, Prithvi explains he doesnot like a crowd near him, if they are not awake he doesnot give a damn,

Preeta orders Vicky to go and call everyone who is asleep, she pulls the plate from Prithvi, he gets angry asking if she doesnot have any manners because he was eating, Sameer says to karina that he feels nice because someone has come to stand in front of Prithvi,

Karina mentions this is not a meeting but the setting of rules as because till now they would have to listen to Prithvi and now will be forced to listen to Preeta, she feels their house has become a drama center, Kritika advises her to be calm otherwise they might get in a problem.

Sherlin questions Vicky why did Preeta call them, he replies that only she can tell the real reason, Karan wakes up in the room he wonders how did he get here, Karan remembers that he met Preeta and even exclaimed his love for her, he starts to question what he said to her, but then thinks it was the truth since he loves and missed her, he decides to go and get ready before meeting Preeta.

Prithvi explains he is not free like her so needs to leave since he has to handle the business, Preeta mentions that the elders said that if the breakfast and other rituals are done in the morning it is better, Prithvi tries to raise his concern when she says he should permanently leave the house if he has any problem,

Preeta explains that she has made some rules which they all need to follow, the rule number one is that no one would even dare to break her rules, she explains the second rule is that they all would wake up and reach the breakfast table at eight after which they all would sit down together and eat,

the lunch would be at the same time but they can have it any place they desire, while the dinner would also be at the same time, she explains she has gotten really late and is lenient since today is the first day but she would be strict from tomorrow.

Karan is getting ready when Sameer comes, he in excitement replies that he is glad Preeta came back, the entire family comes asking him to at last listen the real reason she came back because it is not at all like he seems, Rakhi exclaims that the smile of karan has returned, he replies that it is because of Preeta.

Karina mentions that if he found the real reason then his smile would not be the same, Dadi exclaims she doesnot know what magic has Preeta done on her son that he gave her all the property, Karan says it is good as then Prithvi might leave the house, Kritika also requests Karan to hear the entire truth,

Dadi says she has not come here for anyone of them, but Mahesh named all the property on her name, even then she did not come for him. Karina mentions she has just come to rule. Dadi says she has herself said she came to rule, Kritika explain that she is treating them like a servant, Karina explains she doesnot know who went to the basement and Prithvi came out yelling, she said they must not argue here and go outside, Kritika adds she has made a timetable and even ordered them all to follow them,

Karina exclaims she is more irritating then Prithvi. Karan decides to go and talk with her, Karina explains he under the influence of alcohol said he loves her, she has now become sure that he is going to stand with her, karan leaves saying he would go to say he doesnot love her anymore. Dadi stops Rakhi saying if Karan doesnot go to tell Preeta her limits then it might make the matters worse.

Prithvi walking in the hall is really frustrated, Sherlin comes to him, he says she must not say anything as he is really frustrated, she explains even she is furious, prithvi mentions they have to stop Preeta in any case, otherwise she might once again ruin everything, Sherlin exclaims she has already treated them like a servant as when he was the one ruling, she used to act like a servant but now Preeta hates the entire Luthra family, they both are shocked to see Karina standing here.

Karina coming mentions prithvi was right to say that Preeta hates the entire Luthra family, Sherlin apologizes to Karina who says she can understand this when the enemy comes stronger this really hates them, she says to Sherlin that if she had to choose then would select Prithvi over Preeta.

Preeta walks in the garden when she picks a flower, Karan walks angrily towards her but he slips, she catches him when he exclaims she did not had to give him the flower as an apology, Preeta replies she picked the flower to put it back in the vase, she doesnot look him in the eye, when he demands her to stand in front of him, she thinks he would find out the truth about his emotions for her, she starts looking him the eyes,

he raises his hand to her face, with tears in his eyes, he stops before placing it, she tries to touch it but he pulls it back, they both get in an awkward moment, she exclaims he can do one thing and it is to shake hands, she says why would h do that but Karan walking to her, hugs Preeta, she embraces the hugs because of the love which they both have for eachother.

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