Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2021 Kritika is playing with Pihu while Prithvi walks down the stairs, Sherlin is setting the table, Rakhi and Preeta come with the plates when he suddenly stops Rakhi, she gets tensed asking what did he mean, Prithvi exclaims why is she doing such work when he is present as even he is the son of this family,

Rakhi exclaims it is not possible since he is the son in law, Prithvi asking Kritika exclaims that these days even they are the members of the family, Kritika agrees so asks Rakhi to let him work, he taking the plate walks around Sherlin, she gets uncomfortable with him, he even gives her a flying kiss, she signals him to stop.

Mahesh comes to Pihu saying she can have dinner with him, but she says she will have it with Karan, but then explains will have it with him tomorrow, she asks if he has befriended her once again, Mahesh starts tickling her, Rishab walks down with Karan, Karina questions where are they both going, Karan in a sad voice replies Business meeting,

Rishab questions why is he so sad as he must be happy about going to a business meeting, Karan signals how can one be a happy for a business meeting, Sameer comes panicking, questioning why are they both still here since they would have already arrived, Rishab exclaims why is he panicking so much, he is sure that they would not have even arrived.

Mahesh asks who are those people who have arrived, Sameer replies they are the business investors from London and they usually come on time, Rishab also explains how they are their really old partners of their company, Karan also informs Mahesh how there is something wrong with their financials and someone is stealing money from them, Rishab asks why is he troubling Mahesh when he told Karan he would take care of it, Mahesh asks Rishab if he is telling the truth,

Karan questions if Mahesh thinks he is lying to her, Sameer also assures Mahesh they are searching for the person who has deceived them so would surely find him, Rishab replies they are just trying without getting any viable results, Preeta explains there is a way with which they would be able to find the culprit, she advises Rishab to look at for any new person whom they have hired at the time of the fraud as usually they are the ones who have done the fraud, Karina scolds her saying that she must not thinks of the business as psychotherapy, Rishab however agrees with Preeta explaining she is right and they must take into consideration the small aspects, he assures of looking into this matter tomorrow morning.

Karan asks Preeta to wait for him, as they might get late from the business meeting, Rishab however informs the meeting will end soon, Karan gets a smile on his face, Karan explains how Preeta got intelligent after staying with him, but Sameer explains she was already smart from the beginning, she just got tensed for some time because of which she was not able to think clearly but they can never challenge her intelligence,

Rishab explains Karan is not able to digest if he praises anyone in front of him, Karan mentions it is because he is the best, Mahesh asks him to go and attend the meeting, Sameer also leave saying he will come back.Preeta along with the entire family go to the dinner table, Prithvi in a state of tension sits down, Preeta sees how Prithvi is looking at Sherlin and they are both really tensed, she gets worried.

In the night Preeta asks Pihu to sit up as she must drink the milk before sleeping, Pihu however refuses to drink, she lies down when Preeta thinks about what she saw at the dinner table, Pihu explains she wants to her friend Kuku wants to sleep with the doll, so she will also have to sleep with her in the toy room, Preeta replies if she goes to sleep at the toy room then she will also sleep with her in the toy room, Pihu asks why would she sleep with her when Preeta replies it is because just like Kiku is her favourite so she wants to be with her, just like that she is her favourite, Preeta however says she must drink milk before going to the toy room, Pihu agrees to drink it so they both leave.

Rishab and Karan are with the investors when they explain how they should have a celebration before for the work which they are doing, Rishab says why not but then mentions that he doesnot drink, the investors explains that it is not necessary that they start every celebration with drinking, he explains how they can even have a dinner and eat sweets, Rishab is really glad with the idea, he calls the waiter ordering him to take his guests at the reserved table, assuring he would join them,

Rishab is about to leave when karan also says he will go with him, Rishab says he is going to call Sherlin, karan also explains he is going to call Preeta but Rishab says he should go to the other side, Karan asks if he is trying to get rid of him but Rishab assures there is nothing like that.

Kritika is sitting on the bed, she is really tensed because of the severe headache that she is suffering, Prithvi comes out of the washroom thinking that her brother is really suspicious of him, soon enough he would be sure that Prithvi is the one behind each and everything so if that ever happens, he must make sure that Kritika defends him, he goes to sit with her and cracks a lame joke, she however explains she is suffering a severe headache which is unbearable,

Prithvi replies how he has a plan which will end her pain, he gives her a tablet assuring it will cure everything and then informs her how he would massage her head, he is massaging it, Preeta from the corner of the door thinks she was worrying without any reason as Prithvi is really happy with Kritika, she was just mistaken because of the past which he had with Sherlin.

Rishab is trying to call Sherlin, she comes out of the bathroom but doesnot attend his call, she applies the favourite fragrance of Prithvi, Karan comes to Rishab and scares him from behind, Rishab questions why did he scare him, karan explains there was not any network, Rishab replies he wanted to inform Sherlin that he will get late so she can sleep without worrying about him, Karan starts irritating him and then even dials the contact of Preeta, he doesnot let Rishab leave.

Sherlin in her room calls Prithvi asking where he is, the door opens and Prithvi entering mentions he arrived just when she called him, he starts romancing with her questioning why did her husband return because ever since he came back, they both have not been able to meet each other, prithvi explains how he is really missing her, she feels it is really romantic, they both start to enjoy.

Karan calls Preeta, she asks what happened, Karan asks her to be a little polite, she replies she is already really polite, Karan explains Rishab is acting like a caring husband, he gets tensed asking Karan what is he saying, Karan puts the call on speaker, Rishab informs Preeta how he just wanted to inform Sherlin that they might get late so she can sleep, Preeta explains he is really nice,

Rishab thanks her saying she is the only one who understands him, Karan mentions how he wanted to inform her saying that Rishab loves Sherlin, he taking the call asks Preeta to go and inform Sherlin that he might get late so she can sleep without worrying for him, Karan once again asks Preeta to go and inform her that he will get late, she ends the call.

Rishab asks if he just wanted to pull his leg and had no real work, Karan replies he called to just have fun then leaves asking Rishab to come and have diner.

Preeta explains how Rishab really cares for Sherlin but she will never mend her ways, she decides to inform Sherlin. Prithvi gets tensed when Sherlin asks what happened, he replies that he has been having a really strange feeling since morning, Sherlin is also really worried because Rishab has found out someone is stealing from him,

Prithvi asks if she knows what this means, she explains it means they would get to their destination really soon, Sherlin assures she trusts him, he explains after they reach their destination the Luthra’s would pay for all the times they have humiliated them both, she kisses him when he lies down on the sofa, explaining it is tickling, she says he must get used to such kisses, he pulls her closer so they both go to the corner.

Preeta is walking in the hall, Prithvi asks if she wants him to smile, he asks her to give him such kisses as he would always smile, she starts kissing him asking how would she kiss him if he keeps smiling, Preeta is stunned to hear them both, Sherlin refuses to stop saying she would keep kissing him, Preeta suddenly opens the door when both Prithvi and Sherlin are together, she questions what sort of people are them, Prithvi mentions she is thinking wrong of him,

Preeta replies what they were doing is wrong as she heard them both from outside, she asks Sherlin why she did this even when she promised her that she will end all her relations from Prithvi but now she is only wondering how can they stoop so low, she questions how are they able to do this even after being married, she questions Prithvi asking what was he doing with Kritika as he was just caring for her, she is suspicious if he has given her a sleeping pill so she can sleep and he can start this heinous act, Prithvi tries to deny it all.


Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeta asks them both to come and answer all the family, Prithvi asks her to atleast listen to her, but Preeta replies that their pot of wrong doings has filled, Rakhi questions them about what has happened explaining she is getting restless, Preeta tries to mentions the truth taking the name of Sherlin, she however signals Preeta to not reveal the truth.


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