Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya Written update

Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2019 Episode Start With Rishab walks out and meet Shrishti, he explains that he was crossing so came to meet her, he explains that they all think that he has a grudge against Prithvi but Shrishti explains that she has no issue but just feels that Sarla is not understanding and feels hurt so she was worried, She requests him to make sure that he gets punished, Rishab explains that he is feeling overly joyed to hear that she knows the truth, he says that they all make mistakes and always scold the younger ones just like he does with Karan. Shrishti makes him feel comfortable so he hugs her, Karina seeing this from behind gets worried wondering what they both want from her children.

Preeta is with Karan, she thinks that she has a special place for him in her heart and never thought that she would miss him when he was away for just a short period of time. Karan asks why she is smiling but then explains that he knows the reason and it is Prithvi, she says that she is not thinking of him.

Preeta and Karan are fighting, he gets angry starting to drive fast, she asks why he has to always argue with her, he says that he does not have to talk with her =, he gets in to an accident, Karan starts to look at her injury, she explains that the injury which she has gotten is far less than the one which he has given asking why he has done this, they again start to drive Preeta asks him to stop the car at the police station, she starts to walk when he runs after her asking what has happened, she says that Prithvi has been arrested for attempting to murder Mahesh.

Samer comes to both of them asking what happened, Samer says that Prithvi has been arrested for the attempted murder of Mahesh as he was awake for a little time and told Rishab,Karan asks her if she has come to save him, she answers that she came to save him he answers that she will not be able to as he will kill Prithvi.Everyone is waiting when Karan comes in frustration hugging Rakhi, Sarla asks Preeta why she came as she was told to stay at the Mandap, She asks her to wait.

Karan holds Prithvi by the neck choking him saying that he was the one who was behind the accident of his father, Rishab and Preeta both are pleading with the constable to let them in, the other one comes saying that they are both fighting and it will get worse, Rishab and Preeta head ion and try their level best to break them free, Preeta gets hurt after which both of them run to help her, Rishab seeing the chance takes him away Prithvi assures Preeta that he is innocent.

Everyone is trying to calm Karan down saying that the police are doing all that they can to punish Prithvi, all of them start to fight amongst themselves, Prithvi’s mother comes saying that she was not able to bring the Chachi as she refused to be involved in any police case, the lady inspector enters warning Karan to stop what he was doing as he is the star of the crowd and they will get worried, she asks if Chachi is coming but when she hears that the there is no evidence she pleads with them all that they should think as it might prove that she is innocent, Preeta thinks that she was in her room that day after Mahesh left but called Prithvi to ask for his number so knows that he was in his house.

Preeta presents the proof that Prithvi is innocent, Karan abruptly says that she is trying to protect him, Preeta explains that she is doing this because he is innocent and it is also wrong for the police for arrest anyone innocent. She explains that Mahesh came to meet her in her house and it was before the time of the accident, saying that it was wrong for Prithvi to lie that he was out of town but he might have said it is fear so she has to give the benefit of the doubt.

Preeta asks Sarla if she remembers that she came to ask her that they have to send the sweets to his house, Karina jumps in saying that they both are about to be his relatives so will support him, Preeta explains that her mother is not a liar. Preeta explains that they should call his designer as he was with the designer even at the time of the accident.


Kundali Bhagya 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeta explains that he is about to be her husband sop she cannot let him get into any trouble, Karan asks her what he is to her and is Prithvi means more to her, she explains that he means more to her as she is about to marry him.


  1. This show is so absolutely stupid it’s not even funny. Why would Preeta or any girl go ahead with a marriage to a man that has just been accused of murder without thoroughly investigating things? Is she that desperate to get married? You have to go with your gut sometimes. Does this feel right? You were just hugging another guy, whom you realized you have feelings for and missed, but still you will marry this guy who at the very least has a question mark about him? What an utterly stupid portrayal of a woman who is smart enough to become a doctor.


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