Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 guests ask Rishab where is Preeta as she cannot be found in the party, Rishab explains that it is not the case, he seeing the waiters rushes to them asking why did they use the front door when he asked them to use the back door, Raja replies how could they have come since they were never aware of it,

Rishab replies he is surprised they donot know it since he explained it to all the teams. Rishab replies they should not use the main door as it might cause problems to the guests, they apologize when he says there is no need for their apology. They exclaim they should leave but Rishab says he is going to inform them about the way.

Rishab goes to Sameer asking if he knows where is Preeta, Sameer asks if he missing her. Shristhi coming mentions not everyone is unromantic like her, Rishab with a smile exclaims now Sameer is going to face it all. Shristhi mentions that Preeta never has any doubt on Rishab jee, Sameer replies so he can himself marry Shristhi,

they both scold Sameer when Shristhi assures of going to find Preeta di for him. Rishab asks Sameer to be polite with her since he is not aware of the relationship which he has. Sameer wonders what is happening to him as he thought his life would be calm after marrying her but it just got ruined.

Preeta questions what is the way he is talking with her, Arjun asks if she cannot understand it as he was asking her to step aside since his laddo are in the microwave oven, he exclaims that she thinks very high of herself.

Preeta warns him to not be so flirtish with her since she doesnot like it at all, she exclaims that if he ever thinks of misbehaving with her then she would go and complain about him, Shristhi coming to the kitchen asks what is going on. Arjun goes to her explaining her hair are not looking good when he corrects them,

Shristhi thanks him and then he even mentions she has more manners then Preeta. He taking the laddo asks them to do whatever they desire but just make sure his laddo are not stolen. He turning asks Preeta to learn some manners from Shristhi.

Preeta coming asks Shristhi why is she not angry that he touched her hair so Shristhi questions what problem does she have with Arjun as she never felt he did anything wrong. Preeta rushes away in anger.

Kritika enters the room where she going in front of the mirror takes out the ear rings, exclaiming her ears are hurting a lot so she slowly takes them off thinking of wearing them after a while as she might get a little break.

Kritika leaves when the window opens and Prithvi enters the room with a smile, he exclaims the air in the Luthra house is different, he seeing the photo of Kritika smiling exclaims she would be really happy if he is around her. He thinks of how their relation was as she used to call him her husband but then they were separated.

He thinks of wearing a disguise but just then Kritika enters the room, he barely manages to hide behind the wardrobe. Kritika gets tensed thinking how did the ear ring fall on the floor. She however refutes the suspicion leaving, Prithvi coming out is relieved and once again starts preparing the disguise.

Rishab asks Vishnu if he can take the drink so goes to Arjun explaining this is his offering to him, Rishab hugs him seeing which Raja is tensed and thinks what is going on. Arjun questions what is his problem since he sometimes shows attitude and then hugs him, Rishab asks what is the problem as he just hugged him.

Arjun calls Rakhi explaining she has invited him to the party and her son is misbehaving. Rakhi starts scolding Rishab explaining this is not the way to talk with the guests, Arjun leaves when Rakhi asks if he has learned his lesson since he is elder then Arjun.

Sameer comes to Rishab who gets stunned, Rishab explains that he was scolded by Rakhi because of Arjun, Sameer seeing them all smiling explains that why is Arjun so happy. Arjun explains that he really likes to spend some time with them, Mahesh explains this is how the party of the Luthra’s is.

Arjun explains that Rakhi aunti is really simple but he got married to her so he feels bad, Mahesh wonders why did he say it since he must control his emotions but how can he do it when his mother is really nice. Rakhi is glad to meet Arjun so explains that she scolded Rishab a lot and he would not tease him again, Arjun replies Rishab really irritates him, Rakhi explains that kavya is just like him as she really loves Rishab but also gets him scolded a lot.

Preeta is walking when Rishab explains that everyone made such big efforts for them all so he has also planned something for them, he asks for a moment and they all call everyone to the dance floor where they start enjoying a lot. Preeta dances with Rishab and he even holds Kavya.

Preeta accidentally meets Arjun but she gets stunned he however is smiling and then dances, she recalls how she was with Karan and he would dance with her. Arjun doesnot let go of her and she is constantly thinking about Karan while being with Arjun. Preeta after a while leaves the dance rushing to her room, Shristhi notices them so gets worried.

Raja along with everyone enter the kitchen, Raja doesnot understand what is going on because Arjun called him to hire someone who can hurt Rishab but he then saved his life and even took him to the hospital, it feels as if they both are brothers. Vishnu recalls how Arjun threatened him if anything wrong happens to his brother, Raja exclaims that a brother is giving the contract against his own brother.

Preeta running in the corridor wonders what is going on with her, she feels really tensed every time Arjun is around her and so she feels as if she might have witnessed it before in her life.

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