Kundali Bhagya 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 5th September 2022 Dadi mentions how Arjun seems really happy, Anjali gets a little tensed seeing him laughing with the guests, Rakhi goes to Arjun pulling him aside after mentioning how she needs to talk about something important with him, Prithvi notices arjun leaving with Rakhi and even Sherlin seeing them both thinks this is why Prithvi is not able to meet Arjun since he is busy with Rakhi.

Kritika notices Prithvi looking towards the family side of the Mansion, he rushes to find Arjun but doesnot know that Kritika is also following him, he wonders where did Arjun leave as he might have worn the watch of Mr India. Prithvi slowly removes the beard which is hurting him, he starts scratching his face not knowing that Kritika is standing behind, she manages to notice him and so rushes after him but he doesnot stop.

Rakhi takes Arjun to the room so he asks why did she bring him here as he is not a child, Rakhi explains that she wants to make sure this moment is held like the same, she explains whenever he comes to their house, he always does something that makes her remember Karan, she says that she feels his soul is like Karan,

Arjun says that she really misses her son when Rakhi replies she doesnot miss him because they miss those who have left, but karan still resides in her heart. Rakhi explains she has never talked about her feelings with anyone but when karan was alive, he would always argue and demand the breakfast from her before going to the practice. She doesnot have anyone to tease her now,

she explains Arjun should not think that she doesnot love Rishab but how they say that parents love the younger a lot more. She feels as half of her life has ended with Karan’s death, she requests him to not talk about this with Rishab but even if he does then Rishab would with a smile accept she loved him a lot. Arjun explains how after talking with her he feels as if he should stay with them,

Rakhi questions then why is he not staying even when she wants the same, Arjun replies this cannot happen but he is glad she loves karan so much since whenever she showers her love, he feels it was what Karan deserved. Rakhi explains she wants to click one photo with him so that she can capture this moment with him, and whenever she feels like reliving it then would look at it.

Rakhi starts searching for the phone but is not able to find it, Sameer entering the door asks Rakhi what is she searching for, she informs she has lost her phone and not able to find it.

Arjun standing recalls how Mahesh informed him that his mother would forget after placing the phone under the pillow, he exclaims the phone would be under the pillow, Rakhi is stunned hearing this but then Sameer brings out the phone. Rakhi is stunned so going to Arjun questions how does he know she forgets the phone after placing it under the pillow, Arjun replies that even his mother forgets it after placing it under the pillow, he quickly takes photos with her before leaving, Sameer follows Arjun when Rakhi sitting on the bed thinks about Karan.

Arjun reaches the hall when he notices the painting hung on the wall, he thinks it was in the study room. Arjun hears Preeta talking with Dadi on the call, she is advising her to wait outside and call her so she would come, he seeing her starts smiling when Sameer also comes questioning if he can also smile since she has always seen him in an angry mood, Preeta explains everyone would feel odd seeing him smile as they have always seen him making a weird face,

Arjun questions how does she know he was smiling when she herself was talking on the phone, Preeta replies she was still able to see him while talking with Dadi. Preeta doesnot know his full name, she mentions that she knows what everyone is doing in this house. Arjun gets irritated explaining they have made a big issue of his smile,

Sameer replies this is not the case and he only meant that Arjun looks nice. Rishab coming to talk with Preeta slips but she manages to catch him, Rishab asks if she is fine, Preeta says that she wants to know if he did not hurt himself, Rishab requests Preeta to go on the PTM alone since he is not comfortable with the teachers,

Preeta is not ready to agree with him, Arjun questions why is she forcing him when he doesnot want to go, Preeta turns questioning why is he interfering as she is talking with Rishab jee, Arjun apologizes so leaves to drink some water, Sameer exclaims why does he leave all of a sudden so he should go to bring him for the contract signing.

Rishab explains how he doesnot know what to talk with the teachers in the PTM, Preeta agrees to go alone when Rishab leaves assuring if she is fine, Preeta gets furious thinking she would surely teach arjun a lesson if he interferes between her and Rishab jee.

Arjun reaches where Rishab and Mahesh are sitting, Sameer asks where did Abhishek go to so Mahesh informs that they have all the necessary papers so can start the signing, Arjun exclaims Rishab did it really fast, Mahesh praises Rishab mentioning he is his son, Arjun replies he knows Rishab is like this,

hearing this Rishab questions what does he mean by it, as he explained Arjun sometimes sound very weird because the way he said it is not nice, Arjun mentions he has a very bad habit of thinking and doing tasks differently, he mentions he is very eager to sign the contract. Sameer asks him to check the drawer from where Arjun says he found the ball so starts playing with it.

Rishab recalls how Karan was also playing in the office when he was discussing a project with Mahesh so instructed Karan to grow up since who plays in the office, Karan replies they both are enough to be mature as he really likes being childish, Sameer then came explaining there is a good news as Karan got a brand endorsement and they are paying a big amount, karan hearing it is for a social cause decides to do it without any money, he then demanded the gold pen from Mahesh Luthra since it is his lucky charm.

Arjun asks for the pen but seeing it says he doesnot want a normal pen but the golden one, turning to Mahesh he says that he would have it, Arjun taking it signs the contract,

he explains they all would be thinking he is really odd with th ways he does business but they should know that the sign with this golden pen would mean a golden future, they all are tensed when he leaves after shaking their hand to leave and take his blessing from Ganpati.
Sameer explains Arjun has a lot of resemblance with karan, as he was also playing with the ball and then demanded the golden pen, he sometimes feels he is talking with karan. Rishab gets suspicious.

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