Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Arjun is standing with the guests in the party, Preeta walks over to the other side while also enjoying the party, he turns looking at her as she is smiling, Arjun also has a smile on his face but turns away when she starts walking so she doesnot notice him,

Preeta however manages to see him staring at her but turns not giving it any important, as she turns he once again starts looking at her recalling all the moments spent with her,

Preeta doesnot feel nice as he is staring at her, she notices Kavya rushing down the stairs but sees her hit the grill so both Arjun and Preeta rush to save her, he manages to catch her. Preeta questions kavya where did she hurt herself but kavya assures she is fine, Arjun calls her a liar so she whispers her that she would tell him later, Arjun takes her to the room.

Preeta reaching the room also questions why did kavya not tell her where she got hurt, Arjun explains that she should have brought the thing which Kavya wanted, Preeta doesnot know about it so he sends her to bring water. Arjun explains that she is his friend so should have at least told him what happened to her, kavya doesnot understand when she befriended him,

he asks her to show where did she hurt herself, Kavya explains she scratched her knees. Preeta seeing these rushes inside questioning Kavya why did she not tell her when she asked if she got hurt, Arjun questions Preeta why is she scolding Kavya who is just a little girl so there is no need to be harsh, Preeta starts Arjun with him saying he is interfering in her matters,

Arjun complains to kavya about her mother, she replies that Preeta should not scold him since he is a big boy, Preeta stands explaining they would have to apply medicine on her injury. Kavya takes the medicine from Preeta mentioning Arjun would apply it since she would otherwise scold her, Preeta is standing looking at him applying the medicine when she starts smiling thinking about how well Kavya has connected with him, and even holding his hand.

Prithvi rushes into the room before closing the door, he recalls that Kritika has seen him in the party and feels that she should have left by now, he is stunned by Kritika knocking on the door demanding him to open the door.

Kritika is sure that Prithvi himself came into this room after running from him, the person opens the door and he is the friend of Prithvi, Kritika questions where is the other person who came into this room but he replies that he is the only one who came here, he thinks how he came to stop prithvi from opening the door since Kritika saw him, she once again asks him if there is anyone else in the room,

the friend explains his name starts from P, Kritika doesnot understand so the person explains they sometimes remember those who are in their heart, she also loves her husband a lot and is remembering him so this proves that she still wishes to be with him which is why she thought he entered this room,

Kritika removes the tears from her eyes. Kritika then asks what is he doing here, replies that Rakhi sent him to purify this room as he is the one who is always purifies the places. They are not always wearing the clothes of a pandit, she leaves when prithvi slowly coming out checks if there is anyone else before closing the door,

he starts praising his friend for having such a clever mind, the friend suggests they should leave but Prithvi insists on hiding in the same room, he replies that someone might come here but he has seen a place in the hall where they can hide.

Karina sees Bi jee and Janki walking through the gates, she goes to them praising they have finally arrived but are always late, she requests they should have come early for the pooja, Bi jee explains they had already send the Parshad for the pooja when Karina mentions what if any of the guests leave without it, Janki replies she can see all the guests here. Karina questions how does she know the guests they have called since what would they have said to them,

Bi jee requests her to stop fighting since she should call all the workers including Ganesh as there a lot of boxes in the tempo. Janki questions why does Karina always keep fighting, Bi jee says she should not try to argue with her but she can help her befriend Karina, Janki after walking a while exclaims, she doesnot want to befriend her, Bi jee walks inside with her.

Arjun explains he has bandaged her, Preeta replies that she can do it a lot better than her when Arjun exclaims there is no need to have a competition in this case, Kavya hurts as she tries to get up when Arjun immediately holds her hand mentioning she should keep holding his hand as it would make her feel better, kavya after a while replies that she is feeling a lot better,

Arjun suggests she should hold his other hand as it would make her feel even better, Rishab also standing at the door is really smiling thinking about how well Arjun is with Kavya, she after a while exclaims that she is all better. Rishab entering the room questions why does he feel that Arjun has a daughter or children, he gets tensed when Rishab explains that he said it since Arjun is a lot good with children. Arjun asks Rishab to guess it himself.

Kritika is walking when she sees Sherlin walking towards her, prithvi and his friend are crawling when they see her going towards Sherlin, he requests his friend to help them, and so pushes him towards Kritika while rushing to hide with Sherlin. The friend falls down as Kritika pushes him, she asks how did he fall when he reveals that he slipped.

He once again tries to confuse her saying that they start to have illusions of the people they love and hate, Kritika doesnot want to believe his truth when he replies she saw Sherlin even when she is not here, Kritika suggests she might be hiding hearing this both Prithvi and Sherlin are tensed.

Kavya explains she is hungry so Preeta turns to leave assuring of bringing something for her but Kavya demands to have which she loves best and not anything, Preeta leaves assuring of only bringing it when Rishab kneels asking what does she want to eat. Arjun thinks Rishab asked who is his love and only Preeta is love and family but he is not able to tell anyone about it, Arjun gets furious.


Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rakhi says to her husband, my mother’s instinct tells me that Arjun is Karan. Sherlin is in shock after hearing this. Kavya asks Rishab what is kundali. Arjun, sitting nearby, says, Kundali is our faith which we can’t change.


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