Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2021 Preeta says she knew when she would reveal the truth, they will surely deny it so this is why she has taken a proof, she explains to Rishab jee that she made a recording of them both and hid the mobile because she knew if they will get it then will surely erase the proof, she leaves to get it, Sherlin is standing when Rishab once again questions Sherlin to reveal the truth asking if she has an affair with Prithvi,

he warns her saying she knows that if he makes a relation he fulfils them but if she is not able to fulfil her commitments then should not do it, he once again questions when Sherlin refuses, Rishab also goes to Prithvi saying he will also come to him.

Karan at the event exclaims he is now managing the same event where he would once come as a guest, a waiter comes asking if he wants something to drink but Karan demands a beer saying that he is angry, Rishab is shocked to see the mobile, which has five missed calls of Karan, he calls Karan,

Preeta goes into the room saying she was right to make the video of their proof because now Rishab jee would believe her, Karan exclaims he cannot handle the management of such events, Rishab tries to convince him but Karan is adamant, he realizes that something is worrying Rishab so asks if something is wrong, Rishab ends the call saying he has to take some decisions.

Sherlin asks Prithvi why did he not listen to her when she warned him regarding Preeta, she comes down with the video and starts searching the mobile for it but she is not able to find it, Sherlin asks what is she searching for when there is no video, Preeta exclaims she herself made a video and even reveals their was a video of them both, she turning to Prithvi and Sherlin exclaim that what the truth is cannot be shunned,

Prithvi asks Preeta why is she blaming them, Sherlin comes to Preeta demanding her to show the proof if she made the video, Sherlin says that she should not come out with the dreams which she saw in the night, Preeta replies should she reveal what she saw then explains they both came down to their knees in the night begging her to not reveal the truth because it would ruin them all, she vows that she had made a video of them all, Sherlin demands Preeta to reveal the photo if she made it, Preeta replies she doesnot have the video because either Sherlin or Prithvi would have deleted it as they always erase the proof.

Prithvi claps exclaiming they can make a movie of what is happening and it would be a block buster, he questions what problem does Preeta have them with them both because she first blamed them and then said she has a proof but it went up in flames, he explains she is ending the relations amongst four people, he requests her to not do this, Preeta explains the proof can be destroyed but not the truth, she turning to Rishab jee asks him to believe her since she made the video, Sherlin demands her to talk with her,

Sherlin explains that she knew Preeta did not like her since the start but this doesnot mean she should ruin her marriage, Prithvi also tries to blame Preeta saying it is enough when Rishab shouts exclaiming now it is enough, he asks them all to leave as he has no intention of learning about the truth, Preeta tries to talk with him however he asks her to be quiet, she leaves the hall, Rishab doesnot even listen to Sherlin.

Preeta goes to her room thinking how her video proof got deleted when she made it, Prithvi enters the room when she asks what is he doing here because she doesnot even want to see his face, Prithvi mentions how he forgot his charger then asks if she knows what happened with her mobile, he explains that when she was hiding her mobile in the wardrobe, he stayed back and then saw where she hid the mobile, after she left to meet Rishab he ruined everything with just a button.

Preeta replies the game has not ended as it would end when the truth comes out and she will be the one to end it, Prithvi asks why is she tyring to come in between the relation of him and Sherlin, she however asks him to leave but he says that she should let everything go on as it is otherwise if he comes to make things work like he feels then it would ruin everything, she warns him to not talk and leave, Prithvi asks her to not make him feel irritated otherwise he would get mad, Preeta vows to not rest until she reveals his true face, he asks what was she able to do when Preeta assures she will do it so asks him to leave.

Prithvi enters his room when Sherlin comes out from the curtain and hugs prithvi explaining how she thought they would be caught and felt everything will end, prithvi asks if she thought he would let them get caught when they have gone through so much to get to this position so she must not be worried because they both have come here to win so he will do whatever he can to win, Prithvi explains that they both must not be seen together for the next few weeks,

he explains how they should never cross paths in this house, he advises her to win the heart of Rishab to the extent that he believes she only loves her, she must also make him hate Preeta and make him feel that Preeta is trying to create a wall between them both, Sherlin assures it is nothing difficult for her as she will just make him believe this, Prithvi warns her to not make him fall into her trap so much that he has to fight with Rishab, Sherlin informs him that he can be assured as she just belongs to him, Sherlin exclaims she will now go to Rishab in her room. Prithvi thanks god for saving them once again.

Sherlin enters the room where Rishab is sitting in anger, she thanks him for trusting her mentioning how he said that he was away from her for two years and even before that would stay away from her but she feels he is like Bhagwan, she clarifies mentioning she feels he is like Bhagwan, she sitting down exclaims she doesnot have anyone else other than him, she is madly in love with him, she decided it after the first time she saw him, she has such a great destiny that she got married to him, she thinks they should forget everything and start a family with him,

she asks why is he quiet and if he doesnot trust her, she questions if Preeta has created a wall between them both, he asks her to relax as there is nothing to worry about, he mentions how he trusts her hearing which Sherlin is relieved so asks if this means he believes her, he assures her of this, she starts walking in the room. Rishab thinks if Sherlin knows the difference between her and Preeta is that she has to ask for trust when Preeta never asked for it even then he believes her because she always speaks the truth, he cannot do anything with proof so now would always keep an eye on her from now on.


Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishab is in the room, he sees an earring in the pocket of Prithvi, Rishab asks Sherlin that if she knows where he found the ear ring then she would not have anything to say, She explains he would have found it in the kitchen when Rishab replies he found it in the pocket of Prithvi, Rishab explains this is the end of their lives together and ends the relationship. Preeta in tears apologizes to Rishab jee explaining how this would be really hurting for him, Rishab while crying says it is sometimes better for the heart to break.


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