Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2021 Preeta inquires Prithvi how he knows accident took place through truck. He was with Kritika doing shopping. Prithvi was speechless, then says Kritika told him that Sherlin had an accident, and may be Rakhi had told her; Kritika will be here in a while. Preeta questions why he left Kritika in the market, what was the hurry. Prithvi tries to get away as his phone bell rings. The nurse comes out of OT. Rishab requests her to try their best, the nurse goes to arrange blood for Sherlin.

Mahira was thinking about the accident, still at the venue. Prithvi calls her. She lies that she is at her mother’s place since last night. Prithvi shouts at her to keep the call down, and was determined to teach a lesson.

Dadi, Karina, Mahesh and Rakhi come to hospital. Prithvi leads them to Sherlin’s room. Rakhi felt dizzy hearing about her worsening condition. Rishab speaks to Karan that Sherlin is expecting a child, and their mother is happy to hear about the news. They were all tensed. The doctor passes by and informs that family that her condition is not stable, they must pray to God for her. Rakhi asks about a temple in hospital. Preeta takes Rakhi there. Karina and Dadi also leave for temple to pray. Rishab watches through the window of door, a tear skips his eye silently. Sherlin was bathed in blood and breathed heavily through oxygen support.

Rakhi and others pray to God in the temple corner. Rakhi felt strangely. Dadi and Karina tell her to think well, nothing will go wrong. Karina consoles that this is the atmosphere of hospital while leads one to false thoughts, Sherlin and her baby will be fine. Preeta goes to save the flame in temple which had almost gone out.

The doctors try to stabilize Sherlin’s deteriorating heartbeat. Sherlin was unconscious.

The ladies leave the temple praying for Sherlin and her baby’s protection. Preeta turns again and finds the flame had gone out instantly. She reads a silent prayer and follows the ladies to Sherlin’s OT.

The doctor comes out and informs the family that Sherlin is completely fine, but they could not save the baby. The news come as a blow to family members. Rishab was broken. Preeta consoles Rakhi, while Dadi and Karina hug each other.

At night, Rakhi comes to the baby room. She cries holding the toys and cushions decorated in the room. Preeta passes by and comes in to hug Rakhi. Karina came to the door and finds Rakhi and Preeta cry in the room. Rakhi cried that she had arranged a lot for Sherlin’s child, and got this room decorated for the baby. Rakhi was broken.

Sherlin sat in her room in deep distress. Her mother comes in, kiss her forehead and consoles her daughter. She was not here when the accident took place and arrived by the first flight. Sherlin was lost. Her mother says she understands her agony, they have multiple dreams to fulfil. Soon, Sherlin will expect again. Sherlin utters Prithvi. Sanjana was shocked to hear her call Prithvi’s name. Prithvi comes to the room and hugs Sherlin. Both cry hard. Sanjana close the door of the room and was in deep shock. Prithvi inquires how Sherlin is, and how she feels. Sanjana warns them against this illicit act. They were ignorant of Sanjana’s words. Sanjana tells Prithvi to leave her daughter’s life and go away. Prithvi shouts at her to stop talking right now, he might say something which she will not like. Sanjana parts Prithvi from Sherlin but Sherlin forces her mother outside instead. Prithvi calms the hysteric Sherlin and requests her not to stress herself and take rest. He gives her water. Prithvi tells Sherlin to believe it was good. The baby would have cried and must have been a burden on her; she is now free of all the future occupation. Sherlin and Sanjana was shocked to hear his thoughts.


Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prithvi shows Mahira’s photo to the hitman. The hitman says it was her only who tried to kill Sherlin. Preeta tells Karan that Rakhi gave them both a new life. Now she wants to give her something and make her happy. Karan asks what she means. She says she wants to become a mother.


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