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Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2021 Karan is standing in the porch by the car, Preeta comes to him, he explains that she finally came otherwise he thought he would get old, Preeta is however lost in her own world, when Karan asks what is so important that she is not hearing to what he is saying, Karan even asks why did she go to meet Sherlin and left him, Preeta however is not able to explain it, Karan mentions she should not worry because if she wants to keep it a secret then it is fine by him,

Preeta explains he has gotten very smart, Karan in anger exclaim he was always smart as when he was born, Mahesh holding him asked who is he, the nurse replied he is smart, Preeta smiles, she kisses him on the cheek, Preeta tries to leave but he stops her, she says that they will not talk about whatever happened right now, karan agrees saying they will only do what she desires, he explains that today is the little Diwali so he got this gift, he is wondering what gift would he get tomorrow as it is the big Diwali, Preeta starts to get nervous, Karan asks her to not waste her energy when Preeta replies that her energy is never wasted like this, they both drive off in the car.

In the morning, Preeta on the call asks why have they not come till now as it is really late, Preeta advises Ganesh to go and check if the breakfast has been prepared, Karina comes asking Preeta when will the caterers start cooking the breakfast, Preeta replies they should have started till now, as they even have to make the lunch and dinner, Rakhi stops Karan who is going to the practice, Karan replies Rishab asked him to,

Rishab walking down the stairs exclaims that he asked him to start his practice and but not right now, Rakhi exclaims he heard it wrong, Rishab says that he always hears it wrong, Karan asks if he should go when Rakhi warns him to not leave, she then explains they were not able to go for shopping so he should go to bring the sweets and scent for the Diwali, Karan however says he cannot do this because he is the Karan Luthra,

Rishab replies that she must not worry as they will do it together, Pihu comes greeting Rishab, he also hugs her saying that he really missed her, he was only released because of the efforts of her mother and even brought another doll for her. Karina asks Rakhi if they should go and have breakfast in her room, Rakhi agrees.

Ganesh is taking the thali which will be used to make Rangoli, Preeta stops him mentioning that Rangoli is made by the daughter of the family, she sees Sherlin entering the door, and recalls how she warned her to come back only if she can actually forget her past and move on, she smiles wishing Sherlin a happy Diwali, Karina also wishes her, Sherlin hands Rakhi the sweets which Sanjana sent as a gift of Diwali, Rishab stands seeing her, they both greet each other, Sherlin apologizes for not being present at the court since her mother was ill, Rishab assures there is nothing to be worried about, she leaves.

Sherlin reaches the room, she takes out her clothes. Sherlin receives a call and after it ends she starts panicking, she then dials a contact mentioning how she really needs to meet him as it is urgent, her baby is locked in the jail while she is in the Luthra mansion, she cannot tolerate it and he must do anything he can to free him, she explains he is a lawyer and knows how to free anyone from the jail,

she turning exclaims even killers get the bail, she is shocked to see Rishab standing in the door, he questions her asking if she was trying to free Prithvi, Sherlin however replies she ws just telling the lawyer to make sure that Prithvi doesnot come out because even the killers manage to get bail while he was just charged with cheating and attempt to murder, Sherlin thinks she knows he is being suspicious of her,

Rishab also thinks he knows she is doing something wrong but he will not reveal his suspicion until he knows all the facts, Sherlin asks Rishab what happened, he replies that he forgot and leaves, Sherlin thinks he was caught once by mistake and it will never happen again but today is Diwali and she will surely meet Prithvi even if it is for just a small time.

Preeta asks Pihu if she would come to make Rangoli with her mother, however Pihu exclaims that she is playing with Kiku, Preeta asks Ganesh to put the colours beside her, Shristhi also comes to greet Preeta in excitement, Preeta asks how did she come here as she just talked with maa who said Shristhi has gone for shopping, Shristhi replies she has just come back after doing the Diwali shopping and so decided to meet Preeta first, however Preeta replies that she knows Shristhi doesnot like to be alone in the house, Shristhi replies that Preeta is right as she gets tried after being scolded all day,

as here she gets to meet Preeta, she calls Pihu however she replies she is playing with Kiku, Shristhi taking out a chocolate calls her, she whispers to Preeta that now Pihu will come running, Pihu taking the chocolate mentions why did she not bring one for her, Shristhi takes out even a bigger one for her, Pihu runs away, Shristhi yells at her asking her to call her as aunt, Pihu stopping calls her the tall aunt before finally running away.

Shristhi asks Preeta if she is making Rangoli, Preeta explains they would make the same Rangoli as they used to make with their father, Shristhi and Preeta manage to make a beautiful Rangoli,

they ask Pihu to come as they are going to take a selfie, but Sonakshi stands on the Rangoli exclaiming she really missed Pihu however Pihu replies she did not miss her as she ruined the Rangoli made by her mother, Sonakshi replies she was looking at Pihu so did not see it, Shristhi in anger questions how can anyone not see such a big rangoli, Pihu asks Shristhi to not be worried as she will help them correct the Rangoli, she leaves to bring Kiku.

Shristhi looks at Sonakshi with disgust, Sonakshi asks why is Shristhi looking at her this way, Sonakshi thinks Preeta could make any Rangoli which she desires but very soon all of this would be same but she would be in the place of Preeta, Sonakshi apologizes however Preeta explains everything is fine as she wanted to make the Rangoli with Pihu, Shristhi signals Preeta that Karan is calling, Preeta leaves saying that she will come back after which they will make the Rangoli, Sonakshi mentions she can make the Rangoli with Pihu however Pihu says she will make it with Kiku, Sonakshi agrees, Shristhi leaves after seeing Sonakshi with disgust.

Preeta enters the room wondering where Karan is as he called her saying it was urgent but now is himself not present, Karan tries to sneak from behind but is caught, Preeta questions if he was tying to scare her but he refuses, she asks why did he call her, he explains she is his wife and he wanted to talk with her, Preeta replies she has a lot of important work, Karan insists that she stay as he has brought a present for her, he brings the box mentioning it is a suit which he desires that she wear in the party, Preeta asks why does she keep bringing such gifts as she already has so many dresses which she has not even worn, but Karan mentions she is his wife so should wear it,

he asks her for the return gift, she replies she did not know he was bringing one for her as then she might have also0 gone to the market, he however kisses her on the cheek mentioning it is his right as a husband, Pihu coming from behind exclaims that she needs to draw, Karan replies there is nothing more important then the drawing of Pihu, they all leave the room, Sonakshi secretly enters, she takes out the dress which karan brought for Preeta.

Rakhi with Karina advises the workers to decorate the house just as Preeta advised them to, Shristhi entering the house wishes both Karina and Rakhi happy Diwali but Karina is not glad to see her, Rishab also walks down with Sameer, Rakhi stopping him asks where is he going, he replies that he wanted to buy some gifts for the employees both at the office and their house,

Rakhi says that Sameer can do it himself, Rishab agrees however Sameer requests him to come as it will be fun but Shristhi asks what does he mean by fun since it is not amusement, Sameer asks why does she keep interfering between the relationship of brothers. Rishab questions Sameer why he is fighting with Shristhi since she is a girl, Sameer replies that she is really angry otherwise he doesnot have any habit of fighting, Shristhi says to Rishab jee that not all men are caring like him.

Karina gets mad while both Shristhi and Sameer are fighting, Rishab asks Shristhi to go and keep an eye on Sameer, he even advises him to not buy an crackers, Sameer questions what would they do now, Rishab agrees so asks him to buy some just for the sake of Diwali.

Sonakshi entering the room of Karan and Preeta, secretly manages to change the dress which Karan brought for Preeta with one of her own, she smiles after managing to take the dress.

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