Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Preeta hits Arjun on the foot causing him to scream, they all get tensed questioning what has happened when Preeta replies he should not dance if he is not able to, Arjun replies that she stumped his feet, Shristhi coming to defend Preeta explains she can never be wrong and is a really good dancer but Sameer also says Arjun is a very nice dancer,

Preeta and Arjun both are still arguing when Rakhi coming says that she is still present here and so if they both keep arguing then how would they find out who is at fault, Rishab and Arjun say what is the need for this competition, Shristhi and Kritika start teasing them saying they got scared but then Rakhi exclaims they are about to start the competition.

Preeta and Arjun along with everyone else take the stage for the dance competition between boys and girls, both the sides are performing their best and even Arjun starts teasing Preeta but she doesnot pay any importance to him and keeps dancing, they then also calls the rest of the family to join them,

Sherlin and Prithvi feel restless so also join but then he takes her back, Prithvi suddenly comes to dance with Kritika seeing which Sherlin gets really furious so follows Prithvi, she pulling him to the room questions what happened as he just five minutes ago expressed his feelings for her,

Sherlin in anger pulls the fake beard and moustache, Prithvi asks what is she doing, she replies she saw him dancing with Kritika, Prithvi hearing this requests her to not believe it as he is just acting, Prithvi asks if she saw how Arjun was dancing with the Luthra’s and they also love him a lot but he is just acting so he must find out the truth,

he asks Sherlin to go back since if she stays here then it would cause a lot of problem for him as she is always thinking that he feels something for Kritika but this is not the case, he would say it for the last time that he only loves her,

he tries to send her away but she informs how she likes to stay with him, he is stunned hearing someone coming so asks Sherlin to hide, she manages to hide behind the bed but Prithvi is standing in front of the dressing when Kritika calls him from behind.

Prithvi seeing Kritika is stunned and acts as if he really missed her and that she has not changed in all these years, she replies this means she was right as he is the one roaming in their house, she believes even the person who was saying this is the future is also with him.

She threatens toc all the entire Luthra family to him as he destroyed their happiness so must pay for his sins, she turns to leave when Prithvi exclaims he still loves her, she turns back to him when he exclaims, he has always thought about her every day in these past years, but was not able to forget her,

Sherlin is not able to bear it so coming hits the head of Kritika against the wardrobe, she falls unconscious on the bed when Prithvi taunts her wishing sweet dreams.

Sherlin apologies for her behavior exclaiming how she knows he was just saying it to convince her but she cannot even hear him express his love to anyone else, Prithvi replies he only loves her but she should now leave and he will finish his work so they can become rich, Sherlin assures she would be outside the Luthra Mansion.

Arjun is smiling with the guests when he turns to look at Mahesh Luthra smiling with the women in the party, he thinks of telling mom as she would then scold Mahesh, Arjun is searching for Rakhi when he hears Kavya instigating Rakhi maa so she goes to scold Mahesh.

Preeta comes to Kavya questioning what is she doing and even he asks Preeta what is she doing, Kavya explains he should let Mahesh Dad get scold by Rakhi as it is a lot of fun. Arjun thinks that she is just like him as he also feels a lot joy in making his father get scolded by his mother.

Mahesh holding his ears apologizes to Rakhi, explaining she must not believe everything as he can never think of deceiving her. Preeta also comes with kavya apologizing on her behalf, when Mahesh says there is no need for her to apologize as Kavya is just a child and is a little naughty but even then Rakhi should not believe everything she says,

Arjun also blames Mahesh for flirting with their guests in the party, Mahesh questions why are they both acting like Karan. They get stunned hearing this so Rakhi exclaims there would not be anything else now and it has ended, kavya replies she was just starting to have fun when Rakhi leaves, Mahesh also follows to search for her. Preeta is called by the guests when kavya leaves to hide asking Arjun to find him.

Mahesh assures Rakhi should not think about it anymore since he said it in the heat of the moment and there is no need for her to believe it, Rakhi however says that she is sure Arjun is Karan.

Arjun walking in the hall is thinking about what Mahesh said, and how the behavior of Kavya is just like him when he suddenly bumps into Kavya, she says if he found her before she could hide then the game has already ended. Arjun is however saying he did not see her when she says he is really sweet, Kavya turns to leave but he after kneeling hugs Kavya, recalling about the moments he spent with her. Arjun rushes off when Anjali sees him so tries to stop but he doesnot listen, she even drops her phone.

Arjun rushes into the room, exclaiming he was not able to find the proof of Kavya the last time so must think about it again, he exclaims he must think like karan but then thinks that Karan was actually stupid which is why he died but now he must think like Arjun who does everything after planning,

he starts searching but suddenly hears someone coming so rushes to hide, Preeta enters the room when Arjun thinks she would have come here to refresh her makeup, he however sees that is trying to tie the ribbon of her clothes but is not able to do it, she even calls Shristhi to come and help her but she is stuck somewhere else so is not able to come.

Arjun is constantly seeing her try her best and recalls the moment in his past life when he would help her, Preeta exclaims why is it such an impossible task, Arjun tries to tie the ribbon which stuns Preeta, she warns him but then he pulls her closer to him before trying the ribbon, Preeta however looks at him in anger before slapping Arjun, he suddenly realizes he is still behind the bed, Arjun is shocked.

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