Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th June 2021 Harsh says love doesn’t break hearts, people do. Love doesn’t have an expiry date, don’t blame people’s mistakes on love. If one flower falls it doesn’t break the plant. Love yourself. Accept your strengths and be proud of yourself. No one can handle a situation like this so gracefully like you are. You should be proud of yourself. Time heals all the wounds. Shubhra says thank you. Harsh says we can do the journey to our rooms together.

Kuldeep comes and says I want to talk. Shubhra says please.. You will do another drama, Samaira will see and do another drama. I am done with all this. Kuldeep holds her saree and says stop, please. Harsh removes it from Kuldeep’s hand and says when a woman says no accept it as no. Shubhra leaves. Kuldeep says why are you being the third person between us? He says I am not the third person, the one you brought it.

Scene 2
Narain says now tell me who is more drama? Kuldeep or Samaira? Or Chandrani. She gave her bangles to Samaira. Madhura says I will speak to her. Narain says we don’t need to. Shubhra will get rid of this wedding, it should be over. She needs to get over this burden and move forward. Samaira says today is the mahurat of Shubhra moving forward. They are shocked. Samaira says you said such a good thing. Sorry for listening in but you were saying such great things. Your daughter’s marriage is over. Some truths are bitter but medicine is weird. Shubhra’s wedding is over. Narain says what new are you here to tell us? Madhura says she broke our daughter’s marriage. Why would we listen to her. She leaves. Samaira holds her hand and says you are Shubhra’s aai right? Only a mother can understand me because she can never see her daughter upset. Your daughter is wise and well-mannered.

Narain says what new drama is this? Samaira says I don’t pretend to be anything. Narain says hurry up. She says your daughter knows Kuldeep is mine. Her marriage is over then why doesn’t she let it go? Why does she want to keep Kuldeep’s touch in the name of kids? Narain says we didn’t stop Kuldeep. His mom did. Samaira says there’s one way Kuldeep will never come back to your life. He says what? She says aai will have to cooperate. Only she can do that. Shubhra will never say to you. There’s only one solution to end Shubhra’s misery. Narain says that’s to get rid of Kuldeep’s name. Samaira says exactly, you speak too well. But your daughter is stuck in old age that together for lives. Women give divorce in a few seconds these days. Narain says what do you want to say? Samaira takes out divorce papers and gives them to Madhura. She says get Shubhra’s signature on it. Samaira says you want Shubhra to get rid of Kuldeep asap and I want to make him mine asap. This divorce paper will solve all our problems. What say? She leaves the papers there.

Scene 3
Samaira goes swimming. Phirki falls in the pool. Samaira says what are you doing? She says I have breaking news. Kuldeep is living in Shubhra’s room these days. Samaira slaps her. Phirki says you can slap me but that’s the truth. Roli told me and his luggage is there as well. Samaira says come with me.

Samaira comes to the room and says pick all of Kuldeep’s stuff and pack. Roli says Samaira aunty give me a hug. She says pack all his things and I will pick princess Roli myself. She picks Roli. Samaira says don’t leave anything. Samaira says his napkin is also his. Get his laptop as well. Rishi comes there. He says what are you doing? Samaira says to get everything Kuldeep owns. Even if it’s empty. Rishi says what are you doing? Why are you throwing aai’s clothes on the floor. If anything happens to aai’s things I will break your gift. What are you people doing? Samaira gives her clothes. Rishi says Roli where are you going? Samaira leaves with Roli and Phirki. Rishi is shocked.

Rishi comes crying to Shubhra. He tells her Samaira came to the room and took all the stuff. She threw your things on the floor and took papa’s things. She took Roli as well. Shubhra says go to your room, I will handle it.

Scene 4
Samaira is playing with Roli in her room. Shubhra comes there. She turns off the music. Shubhra picks Roli. Samaira says how dare you.. She wants to stay with me. You can’t force. Shubhra shoves her hand ad says when this hand got to Kuldeep I didn’t say anything but if it gets to my kids I will break it. Your relationship is with Kuldeep, stay there. Don’t you dare to touch my kids. Roli says I don’t wanna go, mama. Kuldeep comes in. Samaira says she has gone crazy. Roli wants to stay with me but she’s forcefully taking her. Roli says mama I don’t wanna go. Samaira says why are you silent? Stop her. Kuldeep says I can stop you not her. She’s Roli’s mother and no one can take her place. Don’t try to do the mistake of taking the right of being my kids’ mother from Shubhra. Only she knows what’s right and wrong for my kids. Kuldeep says come here Roli. Roli says but I don’t want to go. Kuldeep says you will have to. He takes Roli to Shubhra’s room himself. Samaira is shocked and angry.

Samaira breaks things in anger. Phirki says we can’t do this here, they will kick us out. Please calm down. Take out your anger on the pillow. Kuldeep is getting close to Shubhra, I don’t think he will marry you again. He is taking Shubhra’s side. You are too innocent. It deserves punishment. Samaira says bad habits drown you. Kuldeep will lose everything if he goes away from me. We have to see if Shubhra is playing the game with Shubhra or Kuldeep is playing with me.

Scene 5
Roli is upset. Shubhra tries to cheer her up. Kuldeep says let’s play games. He says Shubhra bring the laptop. Roli says no. Kuldeep says I will sing then. Let me sing a lullaby. She says your lullaby would make my sleep go away. Kuldeep says then whose lullaby will make you sleep? Shubhra sings a lullaby. Kuldeep picks Roli. Roli falls asleep. He makes her sleep in Shubhra’s bed. Kuldeep kisses Roli and leaves. He comes in front of Shubhra.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Samaira says to Harsh welcome to Kuldeep’s ex family. If I do it’s a sin and you do it, i’s moving forward? At least sign the divorce paper. Harsh says I don’t wanna spoil my family breakfast because of an outsider. Narain says to Madhura Harsh said it to silence Samaira but what if that becomes true? Kuldeep overhears it.


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