Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th October 2021 Anand says she said I don’t love her? Shubhra says kids don’t use brain. she’s just a little mad. Anand says so I should send her to that evil woman’s place?I I can’t do that. Shubhra says sit down. She sees Kuldeep’s messages Phirki confessed that samaira killed baba. Shubhra gets worried. Anand says all well? She says can you take care of the kids for a while? I need to go somewhere in emergency. Don’t send Vedika to Samaira.

Shubhra meets Kuldeep. Shubhra says just to get you she killed my dad.. She cries. Kuldeep says I should have died. If I died baba would have been alive. Shubhra says and what would happen to kids? Stop blaming yourself.

Be our strength not weakness. He says I am weak myself and she can hunt any of us. What face will I show to aai? I am her culprit. SHubhra says she will forgive you. kuldeep says will I forgive myself? Shubhra says don’t think that. We can make our case stronger. Baba will get justice and Samaira will be punished. We will tell the police everything.

Scene 2
Roli says to Vedika your problem will solve. Rishi says our problem solved too. Teach mama and papa what you want. Roli says make innocent face. I want this or that.. Rishi says mama and papa can never say to such face. Ask for anything. Vedika says if I make such face and say I want to meet mama would he? Roli says yes and if you make this face in front of mama she will convince papa too. Vedika says papa hates mama. Rishi says you can change their katti in batti.

Scene 3
Shubhra and Kuldeep tell the inspector everything. He says now I get it. Samaira is involved but how will we prove? There was no postmortem. No witness, no forensic. Kuldeep says interrogate her. She will confess. He says her lawyers will prove her innocent. She has a strong case. It can only work with a strong proof.

Kuldeep says Shubhra go to kids. I will kill Samaira. Shubhra says what? Stop it. He says I will end her. Kuldeep says I can punish her if law can’t. Shubhra says what’s the difference between you and her then? Don’t you think I want to kill her as well? She killed my dad. He says killing her is the solution. Shubhra cries and says kill me first. He hugs her. Shubhra says if you love me you won’t stay here. I can’t let you stay here.

They see Samaira with Harsh. Harsh leaves. Samaira says going somewhere? Go? But come home fast. And don’t even think about leaving me because you don’t have that option. Shubhra stands in front of Samaira and says stop threatening me. Samaira says you are responsible for all this. I told you to marry Harsh. Your parents also wanted that and I would be with Kuldeep but you ruined everything.

you wanted kuldeep back. He’s mine only. You came between me and Kuldeep. Shubhra says you took baba from me but I won’t let you take my husband. I will get you punished. My dad will get justice. Samaira says am I an idiot I have many big lawyers. You had only one witness and that was your dad. No one will trust a ghost’s statement. Kuldeep says if her dad can’t come I can kill you. samaira pulls a gun on him and says I can kill you in self defence. I have your violent videos. No.. If I kill you i will lose.

Better than that I can get you arrested. I can say my life is in danger beacuse of you. You will stay in jail till we have to go to Dubai. Then we will go to Dubai together. Right? She puts the gun on Shubhra. Kuldeep says Shubhra go home. Shubhra says no.. Kuldeep says please. Shubhra leaves.

Scene 4
Shubhra comes to Harsh. Harsh says sorry madam you have to come tomorrow. I have cancelled all my appointments. Shubhra says this is the same cabin I met you for the first time. I trusted you and told you everything about my life. I regret it now.

The friend who I trusted suddenly changed. When you got this degree you pledged to help people with your words and education. you took responsibility of taking care of people. you forgot everything. Harsh says I fell in love with you. I wanted to give you all the happiness. But you wanted to be with Kuldeep who cheated on you, left your kids, mistreated your parents. Your parents wanted you to marry me.

If you listened to them your dad would have been alive and happy. Shubhra says how selfish are you? Did I ask you to love me? Did I provoke you? Sorry I didn’t know. Otherwise I would have stopped you. I told you I don’t love you. And that no hurt your ego. so much that you want to take revenge from me by helping that criminal Samaira.. You’re friends with baba’s murderer. My dad who loved you like his son.

You wanted to take revenge from me, because I said no. You could take my life. Why did you befriend baba’s murderer? You’re a murderer’s advocate because a married woman said no to you. Find a better reason to be friends with Samaira. Shubhra is leaving. Harsh says wait.. You said what you wanted? Now listen to me.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra says Samaira is dangerous. Don’t take Vedika to Samaira. Vedika says don’t call my mama dangerous. She can never be dangerous to me. Anand says I can’t say no to her anymore. It’s affecting our relationship.


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