Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th July 2021 Kuldeep deletes the message. Kuldeep says Shubhra you want to get married on the same day we are marrying? What is this competition? Shubhra says I only wanted to thank Samaira to help me get over it. Aai baba are so happy. They never liked you. They are happy to see me with Harsh. Only 9 days are left. our anniversary day would be the same again. I wish you both could come and see my wedding in Pune. You must never have seen such a pretty bride before. All thanks to Harsh. Samaira says impressive. You are faster than me. You moved on so quickly. She claps. Shubhra says your and Kuldeep’s wedding gave me the idea. Why should I be stuck? I also want to move on. Won’t you congratulate Kuldeep? Kuldeep says congrats to both of you. Harsh says thank you. He hugs Kuldeep Harsh says to Kuldeep I told you Shubhra would take care of it. They leave.

Samaira says we will also get married in Pune. Right in front of Shubhra’s mandap. She came here to demean us. I will ruin her wedding by having a grand set up in front of hers.

Scene 2
Shubhra and harsh are at the cafe. She takes headache medicine. Harsh says people order muffin with coffee and you’re taking meds. She says it won’t be easy. Harsh says it isn’t too late. You can back down. Shubhra says I won’t back down. Harsh smiles. Shubhra says your friendship has given me the strength to do all this. I failed in marriage but wont’ fail as a friend. Harsh says I will write a book on you. Shubhra says I will inform aai baba we have reached.

Scene 2
Shubhra comes back. Narain and Madhura make Shubhra eat sweets. Narain says I knew you would get married to Harsh. Madhura does his arti. She hugs her. Shubhra hugs the kids and says just to keep your dad and mom both there for you I am doing all this for you.

Chandrani asks Shubhra what are you doing? She says calculations. Calculations for taking away my husband and love. She recalls seeing them together. Shubhra says every bad thing that she did. For hurt my kids. Taking their dad away from her. For flushing my ring. For insulting me in front of my kids. The time she took from me. For making my kids lie. For taking off my mangalsutra. She took what was never hers. She will never understand. I have to take revenge of everything she did to my kids. For attacking my self respect. she recalls that party. Shubhra says for every tear my son dropped. She recalls how Rishi hit himself. Shubhra says for scaring you. For making my family unhappy. For coming between me and Rishi. For torturing Kuldeep so much that he tried to kill himself. she has to pay for all the sins she did. Chandrani says careful. Shubhra says Ravan made the mistake to thinking Sita is weaking. Your sita will defeat this Ravan.

Scene 3
Kuldeep says I need to talk to Shubhra. I am happy for her. Harsh will keep her happy. But how did she decide to marry so quickly. I need to talk to her. Samaira is in shock. Kuldeep says she’s not in her right mind. she will plan something big now. Kuldeep says baby what are you thinking? Don’t stress over the wedding. Eat this, don’t worry. Samaira says I am not hungry. Kuldeep says Shubhra wants to ruin our wedding. They could get married before us but no. Samaira says I know Shubhra. She can’t decide something so big so quickly. I don’t think she’s gonna get married. Kuldeep says maybe. Samaira asks where are you going? He says Pune to find out this drama. She says I will go with you. We have to book the grand venue in Pune. Invite everyone.

Scene 4
Narain says I went to book the venue and made the list and now you are not marrying? Madhura says I wish you actually marry Harsh. He really loves you. Imagine how tought it must be for him. Narain says you ruined 12 years for that idiot. Why are you helping him? And why is Harsh helping you? Shubhra says Harsh saw him hanging with a fan. He’s so scared that he tried to kill himself. They are shocked. Madhura says what? Shubhra says never tell Rishi and Roli. Madhura says now I know why are you helping him.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra says to Harsh I need to know if this drama would be disturbing for you? Samaira says the venue I like, same day someone else is marrying there. Kuldeep says it’s common in Pune. She says it can’t be common that your ex-wife is marrying on the same day at the same place. Kids say to Shubhra they don’t want to come back home. Kuldeep and Samaira come to Pune.


  1. shubhra you are marry to dr harsh that is great for you shubhra you give invention for samaira to invite your marriage in pune and you samaira if you talk like this otherwise shubhra she will gets upest because of you samaira you just think like that understand that what i am saying for you keep it your mind okay.
    dr harsh he send kuldeep massage for mobile please go to room now itself don’t waste the time okay.
    rishi do some exercise be fittings than you can grow up and also roli please do some extra be fittings than you grow up.


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