Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 19th May 2021 Roli says leave me Rishi. Don’t you use perfume? Shubhra says give me a hug? Roli says that’s old-fashioned. The trend is that we kiss on cheeks. Shubhra says oh God. It’s so hot. I will ask papa to get an AC here. Chandrani says congrats on winning the contest. Roli says turn on the fan. It’s so hot here. She says dadi give me my perfume. Chandrani says it’s late. Roli says turn on the fan I will melt. Roli says you aren’t ice cream. Roli says please turn it on. He says okay okay. Shubhra says nail paint? Chandrani says she taught her. Shubhra is shocked.

Shubhra says to Roli mama told you not to put on nail paint. Roli says why don’t you put it? Cool aunty puts it. Her nails look so good. You always keep stopping me from things. See my hair. She says no to anything. See my hair is so soft. She took me to the salon. She gifted papa a big car. And papa’s birthday was so good. So many gifts and flowers. She’s so cool. Shubhra says when did Ravan aunty become cool aunty? Looks like my team Sita’s hanuman has joined the team, Ravan? Roli says you all got her wrong. She isn’t Ravan. She’s very loving and caring. She’s a superwoman. There were goons at our place. He put a knife on my neck and he was about to kidnap me. Shubhra hugs her and says are you okay? Roli says she came in between as a Wonderwoman and saved me. She got stabbed but didn’t even cry. She’s super cool mama. She isn’t ravan aunty. We won’t call her ravan aunty anymore. We will call her cool aunty. Shubhra is shocked.

Chandrani says see Shubhra like she controlled my son, she is trying to control your daughter. Expensive gifts, food, makeup, toys. Roli is a kid. She fell for it. You have be careful and get this prick of Samaira out of her heart. That is why I came to you. I need you. We have to make her realize who’s right for her. She’s your shadow. No one can take her from you. Get Samaira’s shadow off Roli. Shubhra says I will keep her away from the evil eyes and evil people.

Scene 2
Madhura says you did right. She’s a black magician. Chandrani says she’s a witch. Aaju baa says because of dadi’s carelessness poor grandaughter is spoiled. Madhura says why do you have to be bitter always? He says Shubhra wanted to bring both kids here. But you kept Roli there to win your son’s heart. He didn’t change and we lost Roli as well. Chandrani says you’re right. He says your promises failed. You couldn’t take care of Roli. You don’t have any control over your son. You have no control over him a woman controls his. Madhura says enough. He says why? You said you will bring your son back. Chandrani says I made a mistake. He says your all justifications will be to save your son. He leaves. Madhura says I am sorry. He’s bitter but he has a pure heart. For Shubhra’s win he has planned a family holiday. Roli is coming, you should also come. We will talk to Roli. It might fix things. I want to see Shubhra happy. Chandrani says I will come and fix everything I can.

Scene 3
Shubhra says Roli, see what I made your favorite. Roli says aalu k parathay? Shubhra says yes your favorite. She says eww it’s so oily. Do you want me to get fat? Where are is my juice and fruits? It isn’t healthy. Shubhra says you’re talking like you never ate parathas. Roli says I don’t like parathas. It has fats. I am growing up. I don’t wanna get fat. Roli says I like sizzlers, pizza, pasta. Do you know how to make pasta? Shubhra says you eat pasta sometimes. Home food is the healthiest. Roli says no Sam aunty makes healthy food. 3 4 types of juices, fruits there’s so much variety. Can you cook like her? If I knew you’re going to make parathas I would order pizza online. Rishi stands up. Shubhra asks him to sit. Shubhra says we can make pizza at home. You know mama’s pizza. Roli says the pizza Sam aunty orders has lots of cheese. Shubhra says eat this, for now, then we will order whatever you both like tomorrow. Roli says I won’t stay here tomorrow. I will call Samaira aunty and get the driver. I am really bored here. I have so many games there. I want to call Samaira aunty right now.

Roli picks the phone. Shubhra says you have become so audacious. Roli says give me the phone. Shubhra says no. Roli says I want to talk to her right now. Roli says she listens to everything I say. Shubhra drags her and says sit here and eat. Roli throws the plate and says I won’t eat. I will ask Samaira aunty. She will get me a new phone. Who are you to stop me? Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra says is that how you talk to elders? Roli says I have also grown up. I don’t eat on these cartoon plates. Samaira aunty has such good plates. I don’t wanna stay here. I wanna go home.

Chandrani comes in. Roli hugs her and says dadi I want to go home. Shubhra says is this not your home? Roli says this isn’t my home. Where papa lives is my house. Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra says this is your home and you won’t go to Mumbai now. You will stay here. Chandrani says mama is right. You will stay here, only I will go to Mumbai. Roli says you lied to me dadi? She hits her. Shubhra grasps her and says how dare you? You will hit dadi now? Shubhra locks her in the room and says enough. Roli says open the door mama. I don’t wanna live here.

Chandrani says sorry. Shubhra says why are you saying sorry? She says I kept Roli with me. I thought something and this happened. Shubhra says it’s not your mistake. You tried, but Samaira is way too clever. You brought my daughter back home at the right time. Thank you. Chandrani says only a mother can show the right path to a child. I am also a mother. You handle your daughter, I will handle my son. Samaira is a witch. She has trapped them both. I promise you, the way I saved Roli and brought her home. I will bring Kuldeep as well. Both of us mothers will work on one mission.

Shubhra hugs Roli and dances around her. She tickles her. Shubhra gets her balloons. The song meri duniya tu hi re plays. Roli is upset. Someone throws a teddy and Roli. She hugs it. Shubhra and Rishi look at her. Roli leaves. Rishi hugs Shubhra.

Scene 4
Samaira says Phirki hurry up. Is pasta ready? Is Roli’s ice cream here? Phirki says you care for Roli more than her mother. Kuldeep says relax. She’s coming from her mother’s place. Samaira says Shubhra must have given her boring things like poha paratha. Call Biji and ask where they are?

Kuldeep calls Chandrani. Kuldeep says when are you coming back? Chandrani says I am not coming back. Roli and I are going to Ronawla for a holiday. He says when was that plan made? Chandrani says you’re not part of Shubhra’s happiness. She won the contest as a designer, so she arranged a party there. Kuldeep is shocked.

Precap – 

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Roli says take out your piggy bank we will run to papa. Papa loves us a lot. He never says no to anything. He will be so happy to see us. Rishi gets angry and throws the toys. Rishi says papa doesn’t love me, only aai does. And she loves me a lot. Samaira says do anything, bring Roli here. Roli didn’t even want to go. Biji forcefully took her from here. Shubhra must have forced them to stay.


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