Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20st May 2021 Kuldeep asks Biji when are you coming back? She says I am not coming. Roli and I are going to Ranawla resort. Kuldeep says when was that plan made? Chandrani says you aren’t part of Shubhra’s happiness. She won the contest, so she arranged a party. Kuldeep says okay. Chandrani says can’t she win? She got a big order. So her parents kept a party for the family. But you aren’t family, you take care of Samaira. Is she making you dance on her fingertips? Kuldeep says when are you coming back?

Chandrani says not coming for 10 days. I get tired of her conspiracies. Kuldeep says why didn’t you tell? We were preparing things for Roli here. At least her mother should have asked me, I am her father. Chandrani says she has some rights on Roli as a mother. She has decided one more thing, I will come to Mumbai alone and Roli will stay here with her mom. Kuldeep says what? She can’t decide everything. Am I nothing to Roli? I sent Roli with you there. You broke my trust. Are you my mom or Roli’s? Samaira hears it. Samaira says Chadha give me the phone. Do anything. I want Roli here. Biji, please.. Chandrani says no one cares what you want. It’s her mother’s decision. She can decide what’s better for her. You will also know when you grow up which you will never. Chandrani hangs up.

Scene 2
Shubhra makes pasta for Roli. She recalls how Roli misbehaved. Shubhra says Rishi take this to Roli. She’s mad at me. Rishi brings the pasta to Roli. He says open and see. He says see Italian food. Let’s eat. Roli gets happy. Shubhra says thank God. Rishi and Roli eat the pizza and pasta. Roli says mama isn’t letting me go from here. Samaira aunty has such good things. Rishi says don’t you wanna stay here with us? Roli says do you remember we ran once to go to aaji and aaju ba’s place? Rishi says yes. She says let’s run again. We will go to papa’s place. Rishi says I don’t wanna go to papa. Roli says we will have so much fun there. I have so many toys. We will have so much fun. Papa will be so happy to see us both. Papa loves us both a lot. He doesn’t say no to anything. Rishi breaks his toy in anger. He says papa doesn’t love me. Only aai does and she loves me a lot. Rishi realizes he got angry. Rishi says sorry. He picks the toys.

Scene 3
Samaira says I want Roli here. Please do anything. I know who is Biji doing all this for. I can’t live without her. Shubhra must have asked her to do all this. Roli didn’t even want to go. Biji forced her. I shouldn’t have let her go. Samaira cries. Kuldeep says calm down. Samaira says let’s go bring her. Kuldeep says I will go alone to bring Roli. Samaira says I will also go. He says you won’t go. You don’t know Shubhra’s dad. He’s a very angry man. He will say anything we can’t tolerate. I want to bring Roli back not create another problem. Kuldeep leaves.

Samaira says I got that old woman’s plan. First Roli and the pull Kuldeep there. Then Shubhra won’t let him come back. Phirki no no he loves you a lot. Why would he stay there? Samaira says no I can’t trust anyone. Not even Kuldeep. He didn’t even get mat at Shubhra. He still has a place for Shubhra in his heart.

Scene 4
Rishi says sorry aai I broke this. Shubhra realizes. She says it’s okay. Did Roli get upset? He says yes. Shubhra says I am making Chinese for both of you. Rishi says why didn’t Harsh come? Shubhra says you want to say anything? You can share with aai. You will share it with your friend only? Rishi nods. Rishi says Roli will also become his friend. Shubhra says in heart Rishi needs Harsh’s support. Rishi says why didn’t he come today? Shubhra says he must be busy. Rishi says where does he work? Shubhra says I don’t know. Rishi says but you’re friends. Shubhra says we met after years. Ask him. I will invite him tomorrow. I have to complete designs. He says your assistant is always ready. Rishi says let me ask Roli as well. She likes it. Two assistants will do it quickly. Shubhra says yes.

She sings kids a lullaby, they are asleep. Shubhra hugs and kisses them. She says my life is empty without you both. You’re my eyes. Roli’s bracelet gets stuck in Shubhra’s sleeve. Shubhra says I will always show you the right path. I will make you the same old Roli and take Samaira’s shadow off you.

Scene 5
The next morning, Shubhra works on her designs. Rishi says this necklace is so pretty. Roli comes. Rishi says Roli come here. He says see aai made this. Roli smiles. Shubhra says Rishi, will she wear it? Roli nodes. Shubhra makes her wear the necklace. Roli says it’s very pretty mama. Shubhra says it’s a gift for you. Mama will make another one. Roli says thank you, mama. Can you make another one? Rishi says will you sell it? Roli says no one for cool aunty. She gets me the same nail paint as hers. So I will give her the same necklace. Rishi says why will aai make it for Ravan aunty? Shubhra stops Rishi. She says yes, anything for Roli. Roli says thank you, mama. I will call Sam aunty. Rishi hugs Shubhra.

Shubhra keeps working all night. The song yeh hosla plays.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aaju ba says to Kuldeep why did you come here? Kuldeep says I came here to take my daughter. Shubhra says you have a lot of money Kuldeep. Buy the whole world but my kids aren’t for sale. Kuldeep shouts Shubhra and is about to slap her. Shubhra shoves his hand and says I can use hands too.


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