Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th May 2021 Shubhra says people change with time so choices are a small thing. I wasn’t accepting the change but not I realized if I don’t change I will be left behind. Moving on is the only option in life. I want to move on. The kids enjoy desserts. The waiter brings the bill. Kuldeep says give it to me. Aaju baa says here. He says you give treats to your own people with your own money, Mr. Kuldeep. You are living on someone else’s money. Don’t stain my family’s happiness with someone else’ money. A real man doesn’t look for relationships outside but lives for his family. I still have that strength, ask yourself if you do. Kuldeep leaves.

Scene 2
Kuldeep drinks. The waiter says it’s the last order. The bar is closing. Kuldeep says I want to drink all night. Harsh comes and sits with him. He says 4 vodkas. Kuldeep says who are you? Why would I drink with you? I don’t need anyone. Harsh says you can call me a friend. I saw you drinking shots. The reason behind strong drinks must be strong. Is your heart broken? It’s easier to share things with strangers than people close to you. Cheers. Kuldeep says cheers. He says own people are not ready to listen and strangers are listening. Harsh says there’s no problem in life that can’t be solved. Kuldeep says what if I am the problem? Harsh says cheers again. The solution to the problem is knowing the problem itself. Why are you the problem? He says I became the happiest when I became the father. I felt like a king. But when I broke my son’s heart I failed life. I became so selfish that for my own happiness I ruined my son. I forgot their happiness. Harsh checks his pulse. He says I am checking if you’re alive. I mean alive people have a present as well and you are only talking about the past. Harsh says you have the present to correct your past mistakes and change your future. Let the father in you express himself to his kids. When you see their smile you will realize life isn’t over. Kuldeep says thanks. He says I don’t need to drink anymore. One last question? If you were in my place? What would you do? Harsh says to celebrate the happiness of being a father every day. They only want our love. Don’t give the love of their share to someone else. Harsh says bill this to my room. He leaves. Kuldeep says where did he go? He was so right. Didn’t even ask his name.

Scene 3
Shubhra’s door knocks. She says it must be aai. She opens the door. It’s Kuldeep. Shubhra says why are you here drunk? He says I want to say something. Where should I go? Where are my kids? Shubhra says go sleep. You are drunk. The kids are asleep inside. Go to your room. Kuldeep walks in the corridor and falls. Shubhra says why do you drink if you can’t handle it? Where’s the key? She opens his room and takes him to his room. Kuldeep holds. Shubhra’s hand and says don’t go Shubhra. I made a mistake. She removes his shove and moves him to his bed. He says I became selfish. Because of me you and Rishi are so hurt. And you want to move on? He holds her hand and says I am sorry. I asked you a question. Who is he who taught you to move on? What’s his name? Shubhra leaves.

Scene 4
Madhura, Chandrani, and Aaju baa do jogging. He says we are here to do cardio not walk. Madhura says I am so tired. Chandrani says our values might not match but our habits do. I also take care of my health as you. Our values might match. What if your values become like mine? He leaves. Chandrani says angry spices you will melt. Madhura laughs. Madhura says he can only do boxing, not yoga. Aaju baa comes back and says what are you saying? He says stand up. He sits next to Chandrani and says I will show you how well I can do Yoga and didn’t learn from TV like you. I have done a course in my youth. Chandrani says you were even young? Let’s do a competition. They start meditating. Madhura and Chandrani laugh at him. Aaju baa takes deep breaths. Chandrani says I lost. He says you will have to accept your defeat. Even with your son. I will win. I will see whose values will match. Chandrani says you will never change. You can’t do it. She leaves.

Scene 5
The client says to Madhura just deliver the first order on time, we have many more. Madhura says to see the design 17. I am whatsapping you. Madhura comes there. she says to have breakfast. You didn’t come ther. Madhura makes her eat. Madhura says your room’s light was on late last night. Shubhra says I was working. Madhura says I was thinking how can I sleep if my daughter is up. So I should get up early and help her. So I slept, didn’t even hear your papa’s snorting. Shubhra laughs. Madhura says you handle everything so well. We are here to enjoy. Why is that Kuldeep here? He ruined your life for 12 years, then he left you. Why is he here then? Shubhra says I don’t know what does he want. He came here drunk last night and said I don’t know where to go. Madhura says why didn’t you kick him out? What does he think of himself? He took off your ring and wore that Samaira’s ring.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Harsh says Shubhra Rishi is still a kid. I am his doctor but I can only help him if I know why Rishi is like this. I want to know your past that made Rishi’s present like this.


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