Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25th October 2021 Shubhra asys I can kill you in a moment if I have to get justice. I am living for my family and I can die for them as well. For their justice I can go to jail as well. Your countdown has started.

Madhura says if he died his natural death I would have been okay. I can’t live with this hate. Please punish the one who took him from me. Tell him I miss him a lot. I want to see him getting justice.

Roli says this column will have mama’s good things and the other column will have Samaira’s bad points. I will say all that when I fight with Vedika. Rishi says Samaira is Vedika’s mom. Don’t do this. It will hurt her. Aai always talks about good things. Roli says I want to be a good girl like mama. Rishi says then don’t do this.

Scene 2
Phirki dances and says I am so tired. I have to do big things and get rich and marry. Samair comes there. Phirki is scared. She says you don’t need to ask God. I am your protection and I will get you all of those. Phirki says I will do as you say. Samaira asys pack my bag. We are going to Mumbai.

Scene 3
Samaira comes to an office. The guard says where are you going? She says are you blind? Can’t you see who am I? Samaira gives him money. He says go and shop with it. Mr. Rajyadaksh hears it. The watchman says I am respecting you but let me do my job. Rajyadaksh says you are acting like a third class goon. Samaira says I came here to meet you. He says do you have appointment. Samaira says what? I never needed an appointment to meet you. He says you do. Give her my schedule and an appointment. The receptionist says you have to wait till 4. Samaira waits there.

Samaira goes in at 4. Rajyadaksh says you have 5 minutes. Samaira says I will take 2 minutes. I am winding up India’s business. I have to close the contract and collect my last payment. He says if you read the contract it says the payment is made in 60 days which is 15th november and you have to give a notice of 30 days. Otherwise the payment will be reduced to half. Samaira says how can you do this? I will take you the court. He says sure, then you will get payment after two years. If you want to close this deal call Kuldeep. I will discuss it with him. Samaira says I am the owner of the company. Rajyadaksh says read the contract again. It has signature of both of you. Now you may leave. You’ve wasted 7 minutes of my life.

Scene 4
Kuldeep says to shubhra you ask me to keep my cool and you did this? Shubhra says why did you tell Vedika she’s going to Dubai? You broke her heart. You acted like a kid. Kuldeep says she wants us to fight. So she can sneak to Dubai. Shubhra says we have to plan something. We won’t do anything like this. Kuldeep says yes. Shubhra says I know someone who can control her. Kuldeep says who? Shubhra says there’s someone.

Scene 5
Harsh comes to meet Samaira. He says why did you call me? she says to ask about the weather. He says it’s november but May like hot here. Samaira says is this a joke? He says you didn’t laugh. Samaira says let’s get to the point. Your SHubhra put a knife on me. She tells him everything. Samaira sees Shubhra’s photo in his wallet. She tries to tear it. HArsh takes it back and says stay away from Shubhra. You won’t do any harm to her or.. Samaira says what will you do? burn the world? Kill me? I will take your Shubhra away from you.

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