Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd July 2021 Shubhra and Harsh are on the way. Harsh says you will sit silently? Many stories start in journeys. She says story? Harsh says your offer, this journey. I will remember it for life. She says yes. Harsh says let’s play a rapid-fire. Favorite color? She says sky blue. Harsh says mine is navy blue but you didn’t ask. Let me a question and answer both. He says your favorite drinks are chai and cold coffee. You like to dance and my passion is music. Shubhra says let’s listen to music then? He plays the radio. It says a lover has dedicated this song to his beloved. The song tujh me rab dikhta hai plays. Shubhra recalls her moments with Kuldeep. He surprised her by dedicating the same song to her on the radio. Shubhra hugged him. He held her hand. Shubhra looks out and gets teary.

They reach the place. Shubhra asks them if the workshop is there. He says there’s no jewelry shop here. Harsh says you should call them. She calls but their number is off. Shubhra says who could that be? HE says don’t worry. COuld be a misunderstanding. Shubhra says let’s go back. It took 4 hours. He says we would head back faster. I found a shortcut. They start going back.

The car breaks down. Harsh asks around for the mechanic. Shubhra says there’s no network here. She is worried. They come towards the road. Harsh tries to stop people. Shubhra says what are you doing? He says can’t sit in the car all night. It will be fixed tomorrow? Shubhra says so? He says we have to go to the hotel. There’s a hotel nearby. A car stops. Shubhra says we don’t want to go anywhere. Harsh says what will we do here all night? Shubhra says I can’t stay here for a minute. There is a cars service 24/7. He says but there are no signals. Shubhra is worried. He says I am loving this trip. Shubhra says I have it.

Scene 2
Madhura says Shubhra must be really worried. Chandrani says what did you do? He says it must be romantic. Madhura says let’s call her? They take Narain’s phone. He says she’s not a kid and neither alone. Chandrani says but we need to know where she is. Madhura says and how she is. Narain says sit in the trunk next time. Get live telecast.

Shubhra says I got the signal. She tries to call and order a mechanic. He says you have to wait. The mechanic will be there tomorrow. Subhra says I will post on social media that your 24/7 service isn’t available and you left a woman alone in the jungle. If anything happens, you would be blamed. He says let me send a mechanic there. She looks back. Harsh isn’t there. Shubhra finds him at the lake. Shubhra says I was looking for you and you’re here. He says hear what silence is saying. Shubhra says I want to go back. He says enjoy where you are. See this lake, like calm and peaceful Shubhra. Shubhra says for now I am only worried and it looks worried to me as well. He says if I was a poet I would write a poem for this like. She says I would write it for the mechanic. He says he won’t come. Shubhra says I played a game that he would. He says you proved you’re not from the can’t happen club. Let’s go to eat dhaba. She says you can go and eat. I will sit here and wait for the mechanic. He says how can I leave you alone here? She says I am not scared of being alone. Don’t be protective. You can go. Harsh says okay wait for him. He won’t come. Shubhra says do you want to bet? He says really? If they come before me, change my name. She says if you lose I will call you Mr. Sarhu. He says if you love I will call you Mrs. Sarhu.

Scene 3
Roli says where is my swimsuit. Let me call mama. Chandrani takes her phone. Roli says what did you do? Madhura says she’s there for work. Chandrani says we will find it. They take the kids to the pool.

Harsh orders the food. The waiter says so much food for? He says one and only. It’s first love, I won’t know what she likes. The owner says desserts from us for your one and only. Shubhra gets signals and calls Narain. Chandrani says all good? Shubhra says someone did a bad joke with me. There is no jewelry shop here. I don’t know who did it. I am so angry. I will make that person bald. Chandrani says yeah he must be a fraud. Chandrani says what’s the plan now? She says the car broke down. I am waiting at the lake. Chandrani says once you come back we will find that fraud and bet him. Shubhra says I hope he gets an upset stomach. Her network loses. Chandrani says what if Shubhra finds out it was you? Narain says I will tell her you both were all part of the fraud. Chandrani says we are a team and we won’t tell anyone.

Scene 3
Some men come. Shubhra says are you a car mechanic from the service center? They say we will do your service too. They walk around her. Shubhr says stay away from me. What do you want? They say you. Shubhra runs. Harsh comes there. Harsh says what do you want? He says the one behind you. Harsh says food? He says biryani. Harsh acts like he’s cursed and monjilica. He has a ghost on her. The men get scared and run away. Shubhra laughs. Shubhra says I thought you would fight. He says I am a doctor I know how to use my mind not my hands. Shubhra clans dirt from his shirt and hair.

Mechanics come to fix the car. Harsh looks at Shubhra and says it looks like a movie. Shubhra asks what happened? Harsh says, careful bro. We are not in a hurry. Shubhra says we are. Hurry up.

Scene 4
Madhura and Chandrani try to make the kids sleep. They say you both sing so bad. They both argue. The kids say please thank you. We will sleep. The kids make them sleep. They both fall asleep. Rishi and Roli laugh. They play UNO.

Harsh and Shubhra are on their way. Shubhra says thank you Harsh. If your monjilika didn’t wake up today don’t know what would happen. Now you’re Mr. Sarhu now. you lost the bet. He says I can lose from you every day. She says won’t you thank me? If I didn’t get angry at that call center, the car won’t work. Harsh stops the car and says you might have to call them again. The car broke again. Shubhra gets worried and calls them. Harsh laughs and starts driving. Shubhra laughs too. Shubhra gets sleepy. Harsh says you can sleep in the backseat. I will drive carefully. Shubhra says you drove all day because of me. I can’t sleep. You can keep talking to me.

He says you should do the rapid-fire this time. Shubhra says you told me you’re in love. You didn’t tell me her name. Tell me everything today. Who is she? He plays the song ek ladki ko dekha. Harsh says I hope you got the answer who is she, how is she. It’s you Shubhra. I love you. Will you marry me? He looks at her, she’s asleep. Harsh gives her a jacket. He removes hair from her face.

Shubhra and Harsh come back. Shubhra says are we here? Since when? Why didn’t you wake me up. he says 5 minutes ago. I didn’t wake you up so your dream doesn’t break. She says sorry I slept and didn’t give you company. He says in heart seeing you sleep peacefully was enough for me. She says lost again? Thank you and good night. She goes to her room.

Shubhra rings the bell. Chandrani wakes up and says must be Hitler. Chandrani says you? She says yes. We arranged the mechanic and came back. Shubhra says if there’s no space here give me the keys to your room. I will sleep there. Chandrani says why didn’t you stay the night there? She says how could I. Can’t leave Rishi and Roli. Chandrani sees Harsh’s jacket in her hand and says I think the story started.

Scene 5
Samaira stops Kuldeep and says eat breakfast first. He says did you order from out again? You know I don’t like outside food for breakfast. She takes the lid off and says hot and fresh divorce papers with chilled water. Kuldeep is shocked.

Episode ends.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Narain says to Harsh, where Shubhra should be, her jacket is there. Harsh says it isn’t like that. Narain says I love Shubhra the most and when I see someone who loves her equally standing in front of me, I can see that. Madhura says you’re not just part of Shubhra’s life but ours too. And we don’t want to lose this part.


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