Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st August 2021 Harsh tells Kuldeep that he talked to Shubhra today. Kuldeep asks what did she say? Does she know that I am living with you? She must be worried. Harsh smiles and says I will tell you everything, right now just eat your food. Kuldeep nods and goes back to eating fast. Harsh says stop it, I told her that you are safe. Kuldeep says she must have asked many questions. Harsh says she is your wife so she has a right but she is my friend so I just told her to trust me and know that you are safe. Kuldeep says she was pacified? Harsh says yes. Kuldeep says can I talk to Shubra once? Harsh says I can’t do that but I can give her message. She is concerned about you, everyone is worried and praying for you in your family, everyone is missing you and they love you.. by everyone I mean Rishi, Roli and.. Shubhra.. she loves you a lot. Kuldeep is stunned hearing that and asks if Shubhra said that? Harsh nods. Kuldeep says she herself confessed? Harsh says yes and smiles. Kuldeep says I also love Shubhra. Harsh sadly thinks I also love Shubhra.

Shubhra is busy with her work. Chandrani says I thought I would ask Sam to make coffee for you but it would be so bitter. She asks Shubhra to go to sleep. Shubhra says I have to complete these assignments. Chandrani says you take care of everyone. Shubhra says you will take care of me. I have a good sleep knowing that I earn for this house. They hear Roli farting. Shubhra goes to her and it’s a toy that has a farting noise. Shubhra says what is all this? They play with the toy. Shubhra laughs and enjoys with them. She asks them to go to sleep.

Sam comes to the washroom and calls her manager. She asks him to transfer her company’s investment, nobody should know that I got it transferred. She asks her to change Kuldeep’s email password and share it with me. She ends the call and says I will take revenge from Kuldeep for this insult.

Kuldeep is playing the piano. Harsh brings medicine for him and says you play nicely. Kuldeep says you can give me medicines for my pain but is there a treatment for guilt? I treated you badly, I hurt Shubhra but she still loves me. You are also helping me. Harsh says I am doing all this for my friend Shubhra, nobody is like her, it’s not a big deal for a friend like Shubhra. I have met many patients but after knowing Shubhra, I felt that I was looking at life in a new light. When I met Shubhra with Rishi, she was in a bad condition and could have gone to depression but she handled herself. She handled her kids and started a career, she became independent. It’s not a normal story as Shubhra is special. She is ambitious but she is also so simple. She has a way for reading people, she is always ready to help others. She never loses help. I can’t even count her talents.. he realizes he was praising Shubhra and stops himself. He tells Kuldeep that you are lucky that Shubhra loves you. Kuldeep says I feel good and bad knowing that you know Shubhra so well and I never cared to know her on a deep level. The friendship should remain alive in love also. Harsh says deep relationships don’t need to be bragged about. You just be happy that she loves you. Kuldeep smiles. Harsh sadly leaves from there.

In the morning, Sam is working in the kitchen. Chandrani comes to her and sees her crying while cutting onions. Chandrani asks her to go and take a rest. Sam lies on the sofa. Rishi sits beside her and smirks at Roli. He plays the fart machine. Sam makes a face at him. Chandrani makes her video. Rishi plays the toy again. Sam thinks it’s Rishi farting. She is disgusted. Roli sits in front of Sam and plays the toy. Sam glares at her.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra tells Chandrani that everyone is liking my designs. She shows her 85 thousand cheque. Sam says my office’s cleaning is 3 times more expensive than this. Shubhra says but today’s reality is that only you are the one for my house cleaning, what is the filth you are hiding? You are ready to clean my house just to hide your money fraud?


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