Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd May 2021 Roli makes Samaira eat. Samaira says this is so tasty from your hands. Chandrani leaves. Chandrani says so much change in Roli in just one day. I have to do something today only.

Shubhra calls Sanjana and asks what is Rishi doing? Sanjana says he’s watching cartoons on mute. He isn’t talking at all. He was asking about you. Shubhra says I am coming. Sanjana says did you get the material? Shubhra says he said no. Sanjana says my old neighbor is an investor. He might help you. You should go and talk to him. Shubhra says thank you Sanjana.

Scene 2
Roli asks Chandrani are you mad at me? Are we going somewhere? Chandrani says not us.. You. Roli says but why? Chandrani says I am katti (mad). Don’t talk to me. Roli hides. Chandrani says where are you? Roli says if you’re mad why are you looking for me? What happened? Chandrani says you had to be enemies with Samaira not be friends with her. You were hugging her. She’s your cool mama now? Roli says everyone failed in front of my acting. No one got to know. Chandrani says what? It was all acting? Promise me you will never call her mama cool. Roli says we have to act. Chandrani says you scared me. I didn’t even eat. Roli brings her chocolate and says let me get you a sandwich. Chandrani says thank God.

Scene 3
Shubhra meets the investor. He says I help women who start their business. He touches her hand and says I want to hold their hand and make them successful. Shubhra says really nice you. Here are the designs.. He says here is one lac. Shubhra says but you didn’t see my designs. He says I can see diamonds in one eye. We will see the designs but first, you have to accept this. He holds her hand and gives it to her. HE says I won’t take it back. Shubhra feels awkward. He comes on her side. He says your friend Sanjana told me about you. Your husband is stupid. He left a woman like you alone. I know you have needs and it’s my passion to fulfill the needs of women like you. I like to see women as you glow. He touches the money on her arm and says this is for you.. What can I do for you? Shubhra says I called you uncle. He says you can call me Narag. You take care of me and I will take care of you.. He comes close to Shubhra. Shubhra kicks him and slaps him. She says I don’t need a man like you to take care of me. I will answer you right now. She calls all his employees and says pick your disgusting employee. They ask what did you do? Shubhra says I protected myself. He says don’t trust her. She looks something else and she is something else. Shubhra says yeah I am not an idiot. You thought I am alone and weak and you can do anything you want? Uncle. I repeat uncle. My friend recommended your name and that’s why I came here. No one can buy a woman. You cannot buy my conscience with your money you disgusting man. She leaves. Everyone claps for her.

Scene 4
Samaira gets ready. Samaira says Kuldeep can’t stay away from me tonight. I won’t make the mistake of becoming Shubhra. If I become Roli’s mother, Kuldeep will find his woman elsewhere. I won’t be Shubhra.

Shubhra comes home. Sanjana says did it work out? What did uncle say? Shubhra says yes. Sanjana says did it work? Shubhra says no more tension. Sanjana says I am so happy for you. She hugs her and says I knew everything would be okay. I should go home. Sanjana says to Rishi change and sleep. I will tell you a story. He says I don’t want milk. Shubhra says you will have to.

Kuldeep comes into the room. He hugs Samaira. Samaira says I am thinking about you.. About both of us. He says thank you Samaira. She says why? He says for winning Roli’s heart. First mine, then Biji, and now my daughter. You have won all our hearts. You have become the queen of our hearts. He says don’t spoil Roli. Don’t let her ruin office and all. He says you have spoiled me as well. Samaira comes close to Kuldeep and kisses him. Samaira says not even air can come between us.

Shubhra is upset. She warms milk for Rishi. Shubhra says for Rishi I said it worked out. What kind of people are these. I don’t know what to do. Rishi has seen the dream of me being successful.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra hugs Rishi and says I will never give up. There are many problems but your aai will face them all. Samaira says to Kuldeep Roli peed on the bed. Kuldeep finds out she was lying.


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