Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 3rd September 2021 Chandrani calls Shubhra and Sam. She says today will be mother in law day. I will give you both orders and you both will follow it. Sam says what if I don’t follow your orders? Chandrani says then I will be a worst MIL, I will show your video to the police and you will be in the jail then. Sam says what do I have to do? Rishi and Roli bring brooms. They throw trash around the house. Chandrani says you both have to race in cleaning the room. Whoever wins this round will get rest of the day off. Sam starts cleaning but Roli starts a fan on her side. Rishi and Roli help Shubhra and she wins the round. Sam says this is cheating. I will win the next round.

Harsh shows Sam working in Shubhra’s house. Kuldeep laughs looking at the videos. He says my naughty Shubhra is back. Harsh says Sam’s bad days have started.

Chandrani tells Shubhra and Sam that they have to cut onions. Whoever cuts first will win. Chandrani gives the already cut onions to Shubhra but Sam wins the round. Chandrani says the last round will be about massaging my feet. Sam says I don’t trust you being fair. She asks her to promise on her husband’s name that she will be fair. Chandrani says I promise on his name that I will be fair. Sam says let’s see and goes. Shubhra says let’s see till where Sam will go to keep her secret hidden.

Kuldep and Harsh are playing video games. Harsh says you have to change seats so I can win against you. Kuldeep gives him the seat and says you won’t win at any cost. Harsh takes off his shoes and Kuldeep finds a chip beneath it. He says Sam must have put a chip in your shoes. She can do this to track me down. Harsh asks him to down and says it’s not a GPS tracker, it’s a gaming console chip. Why are you so scared of Sam? Kuldeep tells him how Sam was framing him of a business fraud. How she poisoned him and wanted to keep him scared.

Sam and Shubhra are massaging Chandrani’s feet. Shubhra smiles seeing Sam working hard to win the contest. Chandrani says Sam won the competition. Sam says great, now I will go and rest for the day. Chandrani says you won’t get an off today, you will get an off from next week. Sam says that’s cheating. Shubhra says Chandrani should have told her the rules. She tells Sam that I can give you a day off but you have to give me your audit reports. I can also give you a week off if you give me your business records. You can have permanent off if you give me all your bank account records. Then you will be free for life. Sam says you didn’t give me these conditions before. I am not crazy to give you any detail regarding my company. You can make me work all you want. Shubhra says then get back to work. Clean the toilets. Sam glares at her and leaves. Chandrani says good work. Shubhra says she won’t breakdown easily. It’s impossible for her to clean the toilets but she is doing it because she is hiding something big. We have to be like her to find out the truth.

Kuldeep tells Harsh that after all that she did, I was totally broken and I have panic attacks just by hearing her name. Can you give me therapy? Harsh says Sam needs therapy, she lives in her own bubble, you are her imaginary prince that’s why she can harm you or your family. Kuldeep says then she can hurt my family?

Sam tells Shubhra that she has cleaned the toilets. I am not tired. Shubhra says I can give you more work. Sam says the order me. Shubhra says you taunted me for being a bad mother so I thought to learn from you. She asks her to count till 3 and open the door. The doorbell rings and Sam finds Anand standing there with their daughter. Sam looks on. Anand tells Shubhra that he is here to drop his daughter Vaidika. He tells Shubhra to not give her cold food, she has an allergy. He leaves Vaidika there. Rishi and Roli take her from there. Sam touches her hand and is stunned. Shubhra says you gave me a lecture on being a bad mother so now prove to me how good of a mother you are. Your daughter is here. Sam says don’t you dare.. Shubhra says calm your anger down and teach me what a good mother is. Sam leaves from there. Shubhra tells Chandrani says it will be my victory if Sam gives her motherly love to Vaidika. I just want Sam to come on the right path. I don’t need any revenge. Chandrani hugs her. Shubhra tells her that she will be out tomorrow so she has to keep Sam busy.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sam tells Chandrani that I will take revenge for what you have done with me. Sam tells Kuldeep that I will poison your family too. Kuldeep grabs her and strangles her in anger.


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