Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th June 2021 Harsh comes to check on the kid. He says come out. Who are you? Rishi cries inside. Harsh says I am your friend. Come out I will introduce you to my other friend. He’s cute and innocent like you. We will all play together. His name is Rishi. Harsh peeks in and says Rishi? Why are you here? Don’t hide anything from friends. Come out. Rishi comes out. Rishi comes out. Harsh says what happened? Rishi says I want to be alone. Harsh says sit here. You won’t even tell me? Rishi says papa scares me. He doesn’t love me. harsh says won’t you go to aai? Rishi says no. Papa will hit me. I made a huge mistake. Harsh asks what? Rishi tells him how he shoved Roli. Risi says she was crying, she was in pain. Papa won’t leave me now. Harsh says I will tell you one magic word and no one will be mad at you. Rishi says what word? Harsh says Sorry. Brave kids aren’t afraid to say sorry. The first step is to realize your mistake, second to accept it, and third to say sorry. Rishi says but papa doesn’t love me. Harsh says they get angry but that doesn’t mean they love you. Your papa loves you the most. Chandrani hears all of this.

Chandrani says Rishi? Everyone is looking for you. Your Hitler dada ordered ice cream for everyone. She asks him to go. Chandrani says to Harsh you are a good doctor and understand kids very well. But kids are innocent. They tie the family together. Treat them, bond with them but not so much that they go away from their family. Rishi waves at him. Harsh says good night aunty. Rishi is waiting.

Scene 2
Rishi comes to the room with Chandrani Kuldeep says where did you go? Roli was in pain and you were playing outside? Chandrani says he’s a kid. Kuldeep says at’s why I am teaching him. Kuldeep says ask before leaving. Rishi says sorry Roli. It was a mistake. He does ups and dows and says sorry. Roli says it’s okay. Would you shove me again? Rishi says never. He hugs Roli. Rishi says Harsh taught me to always accept our mistakes and say sorry. It’s a magic word. Rishi says papa you should also say sorry to people you have hurt. Aai, Harsh. Kuldeep says Harsh taught you not me. Narain says he’s only teaching him good things. Why do we forget to say sorry when we do mistakes. Shubhra hugs Rishi and says I am proud of you. Kuldeep leaves.

Scene 3
Shubhra asks Madhura to go downstairs for dinner. She makes the kids eat in the room. Bell rings, it’s Hars. He says hello new friend to Roli. He says I heard my new friend got injured so I came to meet. He asks did the doctor check? Shubhra says yes she’s better. Shubhra says you got this bruise? He says I was sleepwalking and hit the glass door. My aai stays mad at me for this. Rishi recalls what happened. Roli says did you come to meet me or mama? You know when you meet a new friend, you don’t come empty-handed. Shubhra says bad manners. Harsh put his hand back and takes out a teddy bear. He says oh where did this come from? Rishi gets happy. He gives it to Roli. He does more magic and gets her binoculars. He says what’s under this cushion? Rubric cute. He shoves the cushion and a packet of candies falls. Roli says wow so many things. He says yes because you have to stay in this bed.

Bell rings. Harsh opens the door. He says Shubhra I want to talk. Shubhra goes out. Harsh stay with the kids. Kuldeep says ask that man to leave right now. I will kick him out. Shubhra says it’s my room I will decide who stays here and who leaves. He says so should I leave? Shubhra says yeah sure go. Roli says, mama papa. They both go inside. They ask what happened? Roli says the doctor said I can stay in bed only and order you all. Kuldeep says yes order princess. She says papa, you have to stay with us in this room. Roshi is shocked. If you go, how will I come to meet you. Kuldeep says whatever you say. I won’t even leave this room. Let me get my bags. Kuldeep says to Harsh I am sorry but don’t you think you don’t have any place in this family time? Shubhra says you get bored with mama? Roli says please mama. Harsh says Shubhra I am going. He gives a gift and says this for you. Kuldeep takes it and opens it. It’s vitamins. Harsh says you take so much stress. Vitamin D deficiency is common in women. Shubhra says thank you and takes it. Harsh says okay I am going. Rishi says Harsh can I go with you? I don’t wanna stay in this room. Shubhra says he can be busy. Rishi says please I want to go with Harsh. Kuldeep says why? Rishi says Roli has asked you to stay here. How cans o many people live in one room? I want to go with Harsh. Harsh says let him come. I am alone, he can easily stay there. Shubhra says go. Rishi goes with Harsh. Kuldeep is angry.

Scene 4
Madhura, Narain, and Chandrani are doing dinner. Madhura says let’s take ice cream for the kids. She will get better. Chandrani is lost. Madhura says are you worried about Roli? She’s very strong. She will get better. Chandrani says I was thinking Rishi is also getting better so he doesn’t need a doctor. If he ever needs we can take him to an experienced doctor. Madhura says why? Isn’t Harsh good? Narain says Harsh is the best psychiatrist. You can’t find a therapist like him in Mumbai. Chandrani says but a doctor should stay doctor. Why befriend the patient? Doctors shouldn’t cross the limit right? Narain says people who stay in darkness, don’t know what day and night are. But someone who has seen light knows the worth of light in front of darkness. Chandrani says what are you trying to say? He says I knew you would act like you don’t get it. Let me explain. Darkness is your son Kuldeep and Harsh is the light. Kids are innocent and not idiots. They know who to go close to and who to go away from. Who loves them with heart. That’s why Rishi is always talking about Dr. Harsh.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kuldeep says Shubhra you let Rishi go with a stranger at night? He is a doctor, not a father. Or have you given him that place too? Shubhra says I have regrets. I made a mistake by marrying you. Falling in love with you was a regret.


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