Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th October 2021 Harsh talks to Rishi and gives him a puzzle to solve. Shubhra tells Harsh that Rishi is changing, he fights with Ayi all the time. How to make him listen to me? Harsh stares at her. She asks what happened? He says nothing, Rishi is becoming negative and he is growing up.

Your relationship with your husband is putting a strain on him, you both are so stuck with problems that you are not a good parent for him. Rishi comes there and says I solved the puzzle. Shubhra is not giving me time so I will go to her office from now on and learn from her. Shubhra smiles. Rishi says I will take my online class from there only.

Shubhra smiles and goes with him. Harsh looks on. He takes out of his phone and looks at Shubhra’s photos. He says I don’t have a desire to get you but I don’t want to lose you also. Shubhra comes back so he hides his phone. She asks if he is fine? he nods. Shubhra asks if he is hiding something? He says nothing, he asks about Kuldeep.

Shubhra tells him about Sam’s case against Kuldeep. Harsh says Kuldeep was being an idiot, why doesn’t he think before acting? Shubhra says he is doing all this for his family. Harsh says Sam is a fire and she won’t stop till she burns everything down. Thanks to your husband, she has power against you all now. Shubhra says Kuldeep and I love each other so we will be together soon. She can’t separate us. Harsh is hurt hearing that. He sadly laughs and says I don’t see a happy ending to your love story.

Scene 2
Sam ends the call and tells Kuldeep I am so happy, we will be together now. She shows him tickets for abroad and says we will start a new life. Kuldeep says you can go alone. Sam says I have started the process of selling my business here so we can move abroad. Kuldeep says I can buy your business.

Sam says you don’t have guts to, you can’t use your ex-wife’s money from her father so you will always be my employee. Pack your bags so we can go to Dubai. Kuldeep says I am not your puppet, I can drop you off if you want. Sam says you can come with me or you can go to jail with your beeji and ex-wife. The choice is yours.

Shubhra tells Madhura that today was though, baba’s rival came to meet me. Madhura says I don’t like Rishi fighting with me, I see his father in him, Shubhra asks her to end this fight. She calls Rishi there and asks him to end the fight. Rishi hugs Madhura and says I know you feel alone and scared. You know I saw Ayi strong today so you can be too. Madhur smiles and says you are still my baby. Rishi hugs them.

Kuldeep and Shubhra are in the car. Shubhra says Rishi is growing up, he is making progress. Our kids are becoming mature. She sees Kuldeep lost in thoughts and asks what happened? He shows her tickets and says she is planning to settle abroad. Shubhra says I am sure she has done a big fraud, she wants to run away before the police can catch her. Kuldeep says no, her plan is to take me away. She has threatened to send me to jail. This is all my fault. He hits his head. Shubhra stops him and says we don’t have much time. Kuldeep says I don’t want to be away from you anymore. Shubhra says I trust Harsh, he will help us.

Sam comes to Harsh’s office. He says my counseling time has ended. Sam says how can you read people? Harsh says I am sure you are not here for help today? Sam says you are right, you have studied my case, you think I am unstable enough to do something crazy. Harsh looks on.

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