Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th October 2021 Anand says sometimes she comes with gifts and sometimes she texts I can’t come. She will always be that way. Shubhra says I understand. at least she’s trying. He says you are also a mom and such a good mom and you’re being happy on her small things? She says I want Vedika to get a mother’s love. Rishi and Vedika video call Roli.

She says mama you took Rishi to meet Vedika. I will be mad. Shubhra says should I bring Vedika? She says yayy. Shubhra says can I take her home? She will stay with us for a day. He says she can stay with you as long as she wants. Vedika hugs her.

Scene 2
Kuldeep sees Samaira with Harsh. She says you’re interesting. He says sometimes what you see isn’t real. Kuldeep says you here? With Sam? Samaira says just friends having wive. Are you jealous? Oh you both love Shubhra? Will you do sword fight for Shubhra? HArsh says I am ready for any fight. Kuldeep says she’s my wife not a trophy. Samaira says see his anger. Sometimes he throttles people in anger.

Let me show you a video. Harsh says this is defence mechanism. His son Rishi has the same problem. He got anger from his father. People shout and attack when they can’t do anything. Rishi is in stress. I don’t about Kuldeep’s. Kuleep says get out of my house. Samaira says this is my house and who are you ask my friend to leave. HArsh says don’t cross your limit. I only know you because of Shubhra. Go and pack for Dubai.

Scene 3
Shubhra says to Kuldeep we are meeting like we used to meet in college. Hidden.. She says why are you worried? Kuldeep tells her everything. Shubhra says what? Kuldeep says can’t trust anyone these days. How did Harsh fall in her trap? Like I did. Shubhra says stop thinking about the past. Kuldeep says I promise you everything will be fine. Trust me. Shubhra hugs him and says I trust you. Kuldeep asks how are kids? He says every day without them feels like I am losing life. SHubhra says we will all be together. She shows Vedika is home. Shubhra says she is happy when she comes to our place so Anand sent her with me. shubhra says three kid couldn’t get their childhood because of me.

Rishi and Roli couldn’t get me and Vedika couldn’t get her mother. Look at vedika’s eyes. Shubhra says Samaira must have some emotion for her daughter. Kuldeep says she’s a witch. Shubhra says a mother can’t disown her child. It’s to wake up the mother in her. We don’t have another option. You’ve to talk to Samaira about Vedika. She avoids that discussion. That means it hurts her. You’ve to find out if there’s still a place for Vedika and Anand in her heart. Kuldeep says okay.

Scene 4
Kuldeep comes home and says one drink for me too. He says want to spend this evening with you. Now I have realized you are the master of this game. She says very good.. He says your plan of going to Dubai how long was is going? she says asking intelligent questions? He says I need learn to be emtionless and heartless and manipulative like you. She says was that appreciation or taunt? But it’s true. But not the complete truth. I am not heartless for you. I am possessive about you. You will come wherever I go. we are tied for life. Are you thinking of a new escape? He says no I have to live with you.

Can I ask you something? what did you see in me what wasn’t in Anand? Do you need them when I am with you. Can you break your relation with Anand and your daughter Vedika? Samaira says why so many questions? Suddenly worrying about Anand? He says you speak about Vedika but never Anand. We are leaving everything behind. So I can ask what was in me and not Anand? He is riasing your daughter and you’re having fun here.

Samaira leaves and says I don’t wanna answer you. Kuldeep holds her and says you have to answer. Why me? Why not Anand? She says you can’t force me to answer. I am not scared of men nor do I bow down to them? Kuldeep says I see only one difference between us. He was single when he met you. I was married. You like ruining homes. You only like married men to make other women cry. This love you show is craze.

Samaira says fair analysis. You are good student. You have your wife alone because her husband is here with me. It’s fun for me. Let me tell you the difference between you and Anand. Let me tell you closely. You see dreams of flying but then get scares seeing the heights. You are my partner in all the crimes I have done. I did all those crimes to get you. This craze will save me. Your remote is in my hands. Come here.. You will have to come back. I love you. Kuldeep says I hate you and leaves.

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