Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th September 2021 Shubhra comes to Sam’s house. Phirki is sleeping after getting drunk. Shubhra looks around Sam’s room and finds some papers hid behind the cupboard. Shubhra calls Harsh and says I have the papers which Sam used against Kuldeep. Kuldeep has to look at these papers so we can decide what to do next. Kuldeep hears all that with Harsh. Harsh says I can get the papers from you and give it to Kuldeep. Shubhra says it’s our fight and I want to share this happiness with Kuldeep. Please let me meet him. Kuldeep pleads Harsh to let him go, he is fine. Harsh says okay. Kuldeep leaves. Harsh tells Shubhra that Kuldeep is coming to your house.

Rishi and Roli throw some food on the floor mistakenly. Chandrani asks Sam to clean it it fast. Sam is disgusted but starts picking up the food. The doorbell rings so Chandrani asks her to clean her hands and open the door. Sam opens the door to find Kuldeep standing there. She is stunned and hugs him. She says where did you go? Your ex-wife made me her servant. You should have been worried about me. Your family made me work like a servant. Kuldeep ignores her and goes to hug his kids. Chandrani does his aarti and asks Sam to bring water for him. Kuldeep goes to Sam and asks if she has come here for training from Shubhra? Did you pass Shubhra’s test? You must have gotten good tests for a married life. Sam says you are back so Shubhra can’t blackmail me anymore, let’s go back home. I don’t know how people live in such a small house. She goes to pack her bags. Kuldeep mingles with his family. Sam comes to Chandrani and says I won’t forget what you did with me, I will take revenge for all this. Chandrani says I enjoyed this game, I will come to your house to get a massage. Sam says I am the queen of my house. Chandrani says no, the only queen in Kuldeep’s house is me. Sam starts leaving the house with Kuldeep. Shubhra is reaching home and thinks I shouldn’t have called Kuldeep to my house, I forgot Sam is there. Kuldeep is leaving the house with Sam and thinks we forgot in excitement that Sam would be here. We should have met somewhere else. Rishi asks Kuldeep to not leave. He says I will be back soon. Kuldeep is leaving with Sam. Shubhra enters her building but Kuldeep has left already. Chandrani tells Shubhra that Kuldeep just left. Shubhra thinks I have to give these papers to Kuldeep. I can’t message him as Sam has his phone. How will I go to Sam’s house. She puts the papers in a box and leaves.

Scene 2
Phirki is wearing Sam’s clothes. Sam comes to her house and shouts at her. Phirki runs away. Sam asks Kuldeep where were you? How did you leave when you couldn’t walk? Kuldeep says I went to detox. How did you become Phirki of Shubhra’s house? Sam asks him to stop saying rubbish. Kuldeep dances with her and says I am detoxing. Sam says you forgot that I poisoned you? Now I will poison your ex-wife, your kids and your mother.. Kuldeep grab her and strangles her. Sam coughs for breathe. Kuldeep pushes her away and says this was just a trailer. Shubhra is my wife, I love her, my kids are my life, my mother is my God. Don’t even think about touching my family as then I will go crazy and a crazy person can do anything. I will even kill you and happily go to a jail. Just get used to this new Chadda. You will start a new game but this time a new Kuldeep Chadda will face you. Just don’t even eye my family, remember? Sam nods in fear. Kuldeep leaves.

Shubhra comes to Kuldeep’s house and goes inside. She says so much peace here? She asks Phirki where is Sam? She says she is sleeping. Shubhra asks where is Kuldeep? Kuldeep comes there and says Shubhra? Shubhra smiles at him. They both smile at each other. Tera ban jaonga plays. Phirki is there so Kuldeep asks her to go to her room. Phirki is scared and runs away. Kuldeep smiles at Shubhra. She touches him and he hugs her tightly.

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