Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th September 2021 Kuldeep hugs Shubhra and tells her to tie him with her love, take me to your life where it’s just our family. Shubhra smiles and hugs him. Kuldeep finds a box and asks what is this? Shubhra says it has some gifts from the kids and a biggest gift from me, they are those papers. Kuldeep says you are James Bond, now Sam will be out of our lives. We will be together now and not like before. Shubhra smiles and says I have to leave, keep these papers hidden. Kuldeep holds her hand and asks her to stay. Shubhra says I wish I could but we have to fight this war. Kuldeep says you are right, I will keep these papers safe.

Kuldeep opens the box to find cards from Rishi and Roli. He finds papers that Sam used against him. He is excited seeing everything. He says I wish I could talk to Beeji and kids. Let me try getting the phone from Sam. He comes to Sam’s room. Phirki says you can’t sleep with her tonight, she is very tired. Kuldeep sighs and leaves from there. Kuldeep recalls how Sam said she could poison his family. Kuldeep says I need to talk to Shubhra. Kuldeep comes to Sam’s room and tries to unlock Sam’s phone. Sam is sleeping. Kuldeep sees her phone not working. Kuldeep says she talked about giving them poison.

Rishi and Roli are eating food that Sam made. Chandrani is drinking alcohol. Suddenly Chandrani falls down and faints. Rishi and Roli run to her. Shubhra comes home and rushes to her. Shubhra calls a doctor and asks Chandrani to wake up. Shubhra says I am taking her to the hospital, take care of yourself. The ambulance takes Chandrani from there. Shubhra prays to God and leaves the house.

Scene 2
Shubhra is in the hospital. The doctor says she had a heart attack, we are trying our best. Shubhra thinks I need to inform Kuldeep but how?

Harsh gets Shubhra’s call. She tells him about Chandrani. He says don’t worry, I am bringing Kuldeep there.

Rishi and Roli pray for Chandrani.

Kuldeep and Harsh come to the hospital. Shubhra hugs him. Kuldeep says I know she has been poisoned. The doctor comes there and says she had a heart attack. Kuldeep says no, she must be poisoned. Harsh asks him to calm down, he is a good doctor. Kuldeep says I know what Sam did with me, she must have done the same with her.. Shubhra glares at him and says you are still hiding things from me? What did Sam do with you? Kuldeep looks away. He tells her about Sam giving him poison. Shubhra is stunned and says she loves you so how can she poison you? We did so much with her, she was planning to take revenge. She might have mixed poison in the food today. I didn’t eat food that’s why I am safe. Kuldeep is angry and says I won’t spare Sam now. Harsh asks him to calm down. Shubhra says we have to go home, the kids can’t eat that food.

Shubhra, Kuldeep and Harsh come home. They see Rishi and Roli sleeping on the floor and think they are poisoned also. They rush to the kids. Rishi wakes up and says we slept here only. Roli asks when will Dadi come back? Kuldeep says soon. Shubhra takes the food and says I want to know if Sam poisoned this food or not? Harsh looks on.

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