Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th June 2021 Kuldeep comes in. Roli says papa is here mama. Kuldeep says you saved my life, if I say thanks it would be formal and if I don’t say anything it would be wrong. Hence, with all my heart thank you. And your condition is because of me, I am sorry. Harsh stands up. Kuldeep gives the flower to Roi. Roli says this is mama’s favorite flower. She gives it to Shubhra. Roli says papa you can get me a doll. Harsh says let me know if you need anything. He leaves.

Narain says to room service get everything in Shubhra and Roli’s room. They can’t come on breakfast lunch and dinner. Madhura comes. Narain asks how is Shubhra? She says better but Kuldeep came to say sorry and thank you. Narain says let me teach him a lesson. Madhura says that isn’t needed. Shubhra is grown up now, she won’t fall for his trap. She isn’t like what she was 12 years ago. Narain says I know that but she has a soft heart and she can do any compromise for her kids. Roli still loves him and he’s still Shubhra’s husband on paper. That’s why I am always scared.

Scene 2
Kuldeep recalls his moments with Shubhra. The song bekhayali plays. Chandrani comes there. She smiles at him.

Kuldeep comes to Roli and makes Roli eat. She says it’s so tasteless. Kuldeep says you have to get better you got injured. Roli says mama is also injured. Give her soup as well. Kuldeep sees Shubhra working. He pulls her chair and says work later. Eat this first. Roli says mama please open your mother. Shubhra does it for her. Kuldeep makes her have the soup. Roli is about to stand.. Both Kuldeep and Shubhra hold her foot together. Shubhra says the doctor asked you not to stand. Roli says I want to go out. Pick me then. Shubhra says mama will take you then. She’s about to pick her. Kuldeep says stop. Your hand is injured. I will take my princess out. He picks her and takes her outside. Kuldeep says you should rest. Roli says mama you also come, please. Shubhra says you’re so naughty.

Scene 3
Roli says let’s play antakshari. Everyone will have to dance on the songs. I will be the judge. Team A will have Rishi, mama, and papa. Team B has Aaji, Aaju ba and Dadi. Game start. Rishi start it. Rishi dedicates the song to Aaju ba. He dances with Narain on hanikarak. Everyone claps. Roli says Team B. Narain says this song for my daughter. They dance on desi girl. Rishi and Roli dance. Roli asks Kuldeep to dance. Kuldeep dances as well. Shubhra ignores him. Roli says team A, papa. Chandrani says dedicate to your FIL. Roli says papa you have 10 seconds.. They countdown. 8.. 9.. 10..

Samaira comes there with band baaja and says stop. Everyone is shocked to see her. She dances with Kuldeep. Shubhra looks the other way. Samaira says when I am here why are you looking somewhere else? When I talk to you, you should always be looking at me. Roli says Sam aunty, won’t you hug me? Samaira says I am going to hug my princess Roli. The band baaja plays. Roli dances. Samaira dances towards Roli. Shubhra asks Madhura to take the kids inside. Madhura picks her and says I have chocolates in the room. Roli says aunty my room is 101. Come to meet me. Samaira says I will come and take you. I promise. Shubhra looks at her in anger.

Samaira throws money at the band baaja. Samaira says you all must be wondering why am I here? She says to Kuldeep my sweetheart, my love, time to tell everyone. Will you tell them or me?


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra says life is giving you a second chance, enjoy yourself. Samaira says excuse me? Shubhra says the engagement and the ritual of exchaning rings is done. Take your to-be husband from here and go on honeymoon just leave me and my kids alone.


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