Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 9th July 2021 Narain says to why are they here? Chandrani says she’s here with a big plan. Don’t fall for it. Narain says all because of your son. Shubhra says baba please don’t lash out at Biji. Shubhra says I am going out to breathe. The kids look at her. Rishi says Sam aunty will upset aai. Roli says she’s become ravan again. Ask her to leave. Rishi says aaju ba has asked us to stay here. Narain says to Chandrani ask your son what’s the matter. Madhura says Shubhra won’t have to talk to Samaira either.

Shubhra sits in the patio. Harsh is there, he leaves. Shubhra says we don’t need to avoid each other. He says are you worried because Kuldeep is here? She says no. Harsh says seeing him worried and scared is worrying you? Shubhra says I didn’t even look at him properly. Didn’t feel like it and don’t have any right. Harsh says then why are you worried? Shubhra says Samaira wants to talk to me in person. What does she want now. He says Samaira is a disease that needs treatment. Talk to her and ask her to leave. Shubhra says what if I don’t feel like it? He says then don’t think about it. Shubhra says I don’t want to talk to her.

Chandrani says end all this. Samaira says Kuldeep talk to Biji please. Chandrani says don’t talk to me. I have no relation with you. Kuldeep says Biji, she says I am only Shubhra’s Biji and why is this witch here to annoy her again. I have to know what she wants to talk to Shubhra about. Samaira says I won’t leave before talking to her. I have one burden of break a relationship now don’t want another sin on me. If I don’t tell her it will have a deeper wound on her than separating from Kuldeep. Kuldeep and I can only tell her. It’s her right to know first. She can tell you all later but I can’t. Chandrani says if my daughter drops a tear I will show you what witch I am. She leaves.

Scene 2
Roli locks herself in the washroom. Shubhra says Roli, open the door. Roli says ravan aunty is there. What if she takes me? Rishi says aai protects us. Shubhra says I got you back last time too. Roli comes out and hugs her. Rishis ays please mama ask her and papa to leave. Roli says yes please ask mama to ask her to go away from here. Can’t he come back to all of us? Shubhra says don’t be scared. You both have a super power called mama. Stay here and smils.

Scene 3
Shubhra comes to Samaira and Kuldeep’s room. Shubhra says I came alone. Say it. Samaira says come inside. Water? You could call me. Shubhra says I felt like walking. Samaira says we both will tell you together. I have always been wrong. It feels so hard to do right now. I am going to tell you a truth but don’t see it through yesterday’s darkness. I don’t want to hurt you and your kids. Shubhra says come to point or I am leaving. Samaira says Shubhra I am pregnant. Shubhra stops. She is shocked. She puts Kuldeep’s hand on her belly and says we are going to be parents. Shubhra says why are you telling me? Should I do your arti or baby shower? Samaira says I wanted to tell you first because you are still his wife. As much as Rishi and Roli are Kuldeep’s my child would be. I have been a mother before but it was forced. I feel different this time. It’s a symbol of our love. I feel so protective about this baby already I feel like I am not Samaira but Shubhra. Like you can do anything for your kids, I can do anything for mine. Shubhra says so? How am I related to all of this? Samaira says if I didn’t tell you it would be a sin. Shubhra giggles. Samaira says I knew you’d laugh but I am a new person now. I am going to be a mother. I don’t want to do any more sins. Just want permission from you.

Shubhra says of what? You’re pregnant with your choice why do you need my permission? Did you take permission before wrecking my marriage and home? Did you take permission from me before ruining Rishi and Roli’s life? Did you get pregnant with my permission? Why this drama now? Samaira says the darkness of my mistakes is heavy. I now know how a mother feels protective about her kids. I am scared something wrong might happen to my kids. Shubhra says you think what can I do? Samaira says I know you won’t ruin my child’s life. His life and future and dependent on your one decision. If you still want to start a new life with Kuldeep I can move away with my kids and live with his memroy. I only want my child to legally have Kuldeep’s name. People won’t call him illegitimate. Only you can get him his father’s rightful name. Shubhra claps and says superb, fantastic. I will give you an award for your acting. Where do you come up with these ideas? Do you plan all day? You both want me to sign divorce papers? I already did. I can do that again. Kuldeep tore them. Why all this drama?

Samaira says you think this is a drama. Come with me. Samaira shows her reports to Shubhra. Shubhra says you can buy these fake reports with your money. Samaira says give me a minute. She goes to do a pregnancy test. Kuldeep comes to Shubhra. She says stay away and silent. They stand in opposite corners. Samaira says I can lie but not this test. She shows her the test kit. Shubhra says congratulations. Congrats Kuldeep. Samaira says your decision can change my child’s life and future. What have you decided? You can take your time. We are here till you decide. Shubhra says what will I decide? You got pregnant, the one who did it with you, it’s your child. What do you want from? Samaira says Kuldeep please tell her what I want. Please. Kuldeep says divorce. Samaira says louder.. Kuldeep says divorce. Shubhra says just that? She says to bring the papers. Don’t waste time. Samaira says Kuldeep papers are in the other room. Please bring them. Samaira says to Shubhra please sit.

Kuldeep comes with the divorce papers. Samaira says thank you. Samaira says pen too. She says Kuldeep signed. Kuldeep gives the pen. Shubhra looks at Kuldeep and signs the papers. Kuldeep is teary. Shubhra signs all the papers. Shubhra says don’t tear the papers and do the same drama. I know how kids feel when the father isn’t a hero but a cameo in their lives. I can’t take the right to have a father from a child. It’s my decision. I shall go now. It was a pleasure meeting you both. Now for my kids’ happiness, you both should go from here asap. She leaves. Samaira hugs Kuldeep. He stands in shock.

Scene 4
Everyone is worried outside. Shubhra comes out. Narain says what did she say? Chandrani says are you okay? Madhura says what did she say? Shubhra says I am fine so is Samaira and Kuldeep. She wanted me to sign divorce papers. Narain says why didn’t you? Madhura says you should have signed and thrown it on her face. Shubhra says aai, baba I have signed them. I signed the last papers of these 12 years of suffering. There was a relationship of heart once, but the law broke it today. Chandrani says you signed before too. What was special this time that she wanted to talk to you alone. What new demand? Shubhra says this time it was a compulsion for her. Chandrani says what?

Shubhra says she’s pregnant and Kuldeep will be a father again. They are shocked. Narain says wow behen ji you will be dadi again. Congrats. she says Kuldeep isn’t my son and I can never be dadi to Samaira’s child. My grandkids are only Rishi and Roli. This must be her new game again. Shubhra says no I was doubting too but she did a pregnancy test and proved that she is pregnant. Narain says that a useless man will have another child. Madhura says we don’t care. As long as Shubhra is free. Chandrani says you are so brave. Samaira has hurt your kids so much and you did this for her child. They can never value your love. Kuldeep and Samaira are like leeches who live off other people’s blood. Narain says it’s all past now. Now walk on a new path and never look back at the dark past. I am proud of you. They all hug her.

Scene 5
Samaira takes the papers from Kuldeep and says can’t risk it. What if you tear them again. Kuldeep is teary. He takes medicines. Samaira says what happened baby? Can’t handle Shubhra’s pain. Want to go to her? Is it hurting your head? Kuldeep sits down. She says silence? You’re so worried for her that you forgot your child’s to-be mother is in a room with you. You should be thinking about me not her. I am your present and she’s your past. Kuldeep says I came here for you. Why do you say rubbish things all the time? You shouldn’t think about such negative things at this time. Let me get you a juice, you didn’t eat anything. He gives her a juice. She says this juice? Really? You take one sip first. Why asks why? Samaira says maybe you mixed something and planning to kill me and my child? he says are you crazy? You’re suspecting me. If you don’t trust me why do you want to marry me? She says you want to get rid of me right? So you can go back to Shubhra. I know you men. I get it all now. He says your brain doesn’t work. He takes a sip and says happy now? Samaira hugs him and says I was joking. Make me drink. He makes her drink the juice.

Scene 6
Shubhra looks in the mirror and recalls her wedding. The song Naina plays. She recalls her moments with Kuldeep. She takes off the mangalsutra and recalls when she saw Kuldeep with Samaira for the first time. Shubhra is teary. She recalls when Kuldeep made her wear it again. She sees her conscience. It asks how do you feel? Shubhra says light. I wore it for 12 years. Conscience I couldn’t even imagine myself without it. Would you be able to live without it? It became a habit. Shubhra says habits should change when they become toxic. Conscience says but it a promise for 7 lives. She says it was a bond for me only. It’s time to return it and forget the Shubhra who used to wear it.


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubhra says to Kuldeep I came here to give you something.. Your and my name has parted forever. She gives him mangalsutra. He kisses it. Samaira sees it. Harsh asks Shubhra you look different. Shubhra says I signed the divorce papers. Kuldeep says to Samaira, how can I end my relationship with my kids?


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