Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th May 2021 Episode starts with Randhir seeing Nalini and asking Amrit are you fine. Amrit says you saved me. Randhir says bahurani is fine. Veer pushes him and asks how dare you touch my wife. Randhir says if I didn’t touch her, she would have fallen. Veer says whatever happened to her, you aren’t here for personal matters. Nalini scolds Amrit for drinking alcohol. Amrit says I didn’t drink any alcohol. Randhir says she can’t drink on her own, someone tricked her to drink. Veer says you know a lot about her. Randhir says I m saying this as much as I know her, she can’t drink on her own. Nalini asks Veer is this true. Veer shouts how dare he know about my wife, I can do anything with my wife. Randhir stops Veer from crossing limits.

Veer and Randhir push each other. Nalini calls Veer an animal. She apologizes to Randhir and says Veer doesn’t know to stay in limits, come I will do the aid. Veer gets angry. He takes Amrit with him. He thinks Amrit is hiding something from me, this time, I will bring your truth out. He checks her handwriting and writes a letter for Randhir. Nalini does the aid. Randhir says I will do it myself. She says sorry, I forgot you aren’t my son, Veer never saw my wounds and showed his wounds, he always ran away from me. Randhir stops her and asks her to do the aid. He says I should apologize to you, I didn’t intend to hurt your heart. She does the aid. She says you would be with me to celebrate happiness. He says yes, I will be there. She blesses him. He goes to see Amrit. He steps inside the window. He sees Veer and goes out. Veer thinks your truth will come out.

Uday gives rings to Lala and says just one night with Noor Mahal. Lala says she is stubborn, she can’t step ahead of dance. Uday says just keep the rings, send Noor to the room, I will handle her my way, I m getting mad after beauty, I will get ten like her by selling these rings. Lala says fine, I will send her to the room, I won’t let anyone come to stop, you can show your manhood to her. He calls Vashma and says Uday wants to talk to you, go to the room with him. Uday signs Vashma. She shouts. Lala says he promised, he will just talk. He shows the knife and throws her inside the room. Uday takes her inside. Vashma shouts leave me, let me go. Lala says lets see, how this man breaks her rigidity. Uday and Vashma do a drama. Lala says this had to happen one day. He asks Titli to learn from Noor, she lost today and he got this precious ring. Titli asks who gave this to you. He says Uday has come here. She says Uday used to come and teach us. Lala asks how did Uday get such costly rings. Uday says we have to leave from here soon, come Vashma.

Amrit wakes up. Veer asks her to sit. He apologizes and says I was joking and had made you drink, have this medicine. She refuses. He does sit ups. He asks her to get ready and come. She gets a letter. She says its Randhir’s handwriting. She reads, meet me at the garage, I will meet. Randhir reads the letter. He says its Amrit’s handwriting, why did she call me to meet. Veer says its Randhir’s handwriting, I had difficulty in copying it, take this book to Nalini’s room. He says they will not hide their identity from me, when will I catch them red-handed. Uday asks Vashma to come fast, if Lala knows the truth, then he will get the goons. Vashma says no, I don’t know if your family will accept me or not. Uday says you don’t be mad, you are my Vashma, you will go home as Vashma, we don’t have to say this to anyone, don’t worry, come.

The man says this ring is fake. Lala asks him to open the door. They break the door. They see Uday and Vashma gone. Lala asks him to find Uday and Vashma, kill them. He asks Titli where does Uday live.

Nalini donates clothes to the poor. Vijender says Randhir, your idea is good to donate gifts and clothes to the poor on the Baisakhi day. Amrit comes. Randhir sees her. Veer comes. Bindu says we shall sing and dance on the festive. She asks Mohan to play dhol. Veer says I will play dhol. Nalini asks Randhir do you know playing dhol, I have accepted you as family member, be a part of our happiness. Randhir says as you say. He plays the dhol. Veer plays the song Awara hoon and dances. Nalini gets upset. Randhir plays dhol. Veer increases the volume. Randhir stops the dhol. Nalini asks Veer to stop the song, dhol should be played on Baisakhi. Vijender tries to stop Veer. Veer hugs him. He thinks the truth will come out soon. He leaves. Amrit sees Randhir and goes. Randhir also goes.

Vashma asks Uday to think again. Uday says we will handle it, come. They come home and see Lala threatening Bhanu. Saroj says I told Uday not to go there and teach. Bhanu says nothing will happen to Uday, I will see him. Veer comes to the garage and hides under a car. He sees someone coming. Veer gets angry and says welcome to my world, you got caught. He gets shocked seeing Bindu and Mohan. Mohan and Bindu get the notes and come there. Bindu asks what will Veer think, why did you call me here. Mohan says I didn’t call you. They leave. Randhir waits for Amrit. Amrit gets the note. She says its like my handwriting, but I didn’t write it, it means something is wrong. She sees Randhir going to the garage.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer shouts Amrit. He laughs. Randhir and Amrit ask where are you. Veer says I m leaving this world. Amrit shouts Veer….


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