Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Kaveri saying I can’t wait longer, I want the share of my happiness. Vijender says I was trying to make Naman the heir, but don’t know how Randhir came in between. Nalini explains Randhir to not go against Kaveri. Kaveri says we have to defeat Randhir, Mohan’s son is young now, but he will also claim his right, Randhir would have some weakness. Vijender says Amrit. She smiles. He says Randhir and Amrit love each other since a long time. He shows her the wedding invite. He says they were going to marry. She says I will use this matter at the right time, I will torture Amrit and Randhir, they won’t get married, their family won’t go ahead, we have to make Randhir fall in Nalini’s eyes, but how, we have to do something that she catches Randhir red-handed. Naman says I can do something, Vashma… He says Randhir kept this girl on work. He tells everything. She smiles and says amazing, you proved that you are capable to sit on the throne.

Amrit sings the paath. Nalini and Randhir hear her. Nalini smiles. Randhir sits on the floor. Amrit prays all night. She goes to her room in the morning. Amrit and Randhir collide. He asks are you fine, did you stay awake all night. Amrit goes. He thinks you are ready to sacrifice everything for mum’s sake, but I can’t tolerate seeing this. Bindu asks Amrit to help her. Kaveri says she would be sleeping. Amrit comes and greets them. Kaveri thinks she looks very happy. She asks did you complete the paath or sleep. Amrit tells the shloks which she memorized. Everyone gets surprised. Randhir smiles. Amrit thanks Kaveri. She says I had read this paath because of you, I used to read it along with my dad, I got the courage, I m ready for any test. Nalini and Bindu smile. Amrit asks Kaveri to have breakfast. Kaveri signs Naman. Randhir says I m glad to see Ranjhan alive in you, Amrit and Ranjhan have to unite, the rituals are made by such orthodox people, you will change Nalini’s thinking, it will happen by the power of your pen. He gifts her a pen.

Uday and Vashma come. Uday says I got selected in Indian hockey team. Randhir congratulates him. Uday asks Nalini to sign on his official papers. She agrees. Vijender signs Kaveri. Kaveri stops Vashma and asks her name. She says this girl looks like you, you are from a brothel. Nalini asks what are you saying, Vashma is a simple girl, she works for us. She sees the pic and says I called this dancer in Veer’s marriage. Kaveri asks do you have a twin. Amrit says its true, Vashma is Noor, she used to work on the brothel, its also true that she stayed there as an artist, she didn’t reach there by her will.

Nalini says you had hidden a big thing from me. Randhir says I also made a mistake, I knew Vashma’s truth. Vijender asks why did you lie to us. Kaveri insults Vashma. Uday shouts on her and defends Vashma. He says its better that no one talks about her, she is not just my love, but also my pride. She takes Randhir with him. Kaveri says strange, we have any respect or not, will anyone come here and say anything. Amrit says Uday is my brother. Nalini goes. Kaveri asks is these his values. Randhir and Amrit go after Nalini. Kaveri smiles. Amrit says listen to us once. Kaveri comes. Amrit says we just want to talk to Nalini. She shuts the door. Vijender says if Amrit calms Nalini’s anger by her tears, then our game will spoil. She says I will get those people out. Naman talks to some men.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The men beat up Uday. Randhir comes there. Amrit says let me go there. Kaveri says if you go, it will be Nalini’s insult. Amrit goes out. Kaveri poisons Nalini’s mind.


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