Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Amrit and Randhir finding Veer fallen down on the ground. She asks Veer to open eyes. Randhir says don’t worry, he doesn’t have any wounds on his body, he would have just fainted. She says we will take him home, I wanted to tell you that Veer got to know about us, he wrote the letters to catch us red-handed, maybe he knows that I love you. He says we didn’t do anything wrong, you told Veer that you had a fiance whom you loved. Veer hears them and opens eyes. He acts. Servant comes. Randhir and servant lift Veer and take him. Veer smiles.

Uday asks Vashma not to stand at the window, Randhir took risk to keep them at his house. He says until we get saved from danger, we will stay here, we will go away later. Mohan asks is Randhir at his quarter. Servant says its locked. Mohan says get the keys and open it, I don’t have time. Servant opens the quarter. Mohan thinks to find out the haveli deal, Randhir would have the papers. Uday and Vashma hide. Mohan checks the cupboard. He sees Nalini’s pic there. He angrily throws it. Vashma gets scared. Mohan hears her voice and goes to see. Servant comes and says come fast, Veer is unwell. Mohan goes. Uday hugs Vashma.

Nalini asks how did this happen, is Veer fine, how did he fall and faint, tell me. Randhir says calm down, its effect of alcohol, don’t worry. Vijender says Randhir is saying that Veer is fine, don’t worry. Nalini cries. They take Randhir to the room. Amrit says don’t worry, I will go and see him. Nalini scolds her. She says if he gets hurt, then I will hold you responsible. Amrit goes to Veer. Vijender says come Randhir, we shall leave.

Randhir says I can stay back to help. Amrit says don’t worry, its my responsibility to take care of Veer, I will keep my responsibility well. Randhir and Vijender leave. Amrit shuts the door. She covers Veer. Veer gets up and wraps Amrit in the blanket. She asks what’s this misbehavior, leave me. He plays music and drinks. He says you wanted to kill me and run away. She says I will not run away anywhere. He says with your fiance Randhir to complete the marriage, I heard everything, I felt suffocated like this when I thought you will leave me and run away. She feels suffocated. He laughs.

She takes the knife and cuts the sheet. She points knife at Veer and says I m not running away from the situation, its true that I have hidden this to not hurt you, I love him a lot, I promised you, I will not run away, Randhir is my love and you are my responsibility. He says you fool someone else, Randhir is staying here, you are going to meet him, you think I should trust you, how shall I believe that you can’t cheat me for his sake, no girl can be so great. She says I show myself as I m, its upto you to believe me or not. He says there is one way to make me believe that you won’t leave me for Randhir, you have to become my wife for one night and have a relation with me. Amrit angrily slaps him. He laughs. He says I knew this will be your answer, because you can’t leave him for my sake, you have to do this, you are my property, I will stamp my name on you, I will write my name on your body. He hurts her with the knife. She says you are too drunk, I know you aren’t bad hearted, when your anger calms down, it will be too late, I will not leave you and go, until you want. She shouts. Randhir breaks open the door and gets in. He shouts Veer.

He catches Veer and asks how dare you touch Amrit. He pushes Veer and says apologize to her. Veer slaps him. Randhir slaps him and says you are thinking of her goodness as her weakness, she is leaving her love to keep her promise,will you treat her badly. Veer says I can do anything, she is my wife, she is my property. Randhir says my Amrit isn’t anyone’s property, I know the truth of your marriage, you didn’t marry her, be thankful that she is supporting you, but I m not Amrit, if you hurt her from now, then I swear on my love, then I will not leave you, I will tell your marriage truth to everyone in this haveli. Veer asks what will you tell. Nalini comes and asks what truth will you tell everyone. She asks what’s happening here. Amrit makes a story. Nalini asks Veer is everything fine. Veer says yes, its true. Nalini asks Randhir to go and take rest. Randhir says the door lock is damaged, don’t try to shut the door, else I will have to come again to help. He leaves with Nalini. Amrit says you stay tension free from my side, none will know our fake marriage truth, take rest. Amrit goes out and cries seeing her wound. Randhir is also lost. Veer sees Amrit crying. He gets aid for her. He cries and goes to the room. He hurts his hand in anger. He sits back and cries. Amrit sleeps on the swing in the lawn.

Randhir comes to wake her up in the morning. He asks are you fine. She says you had reminded me of the old times, else I forgot that someone cares for me. Randhir says I m lucky to be around you, no one can treat you badly, I promise, but you should have not supported Veer in front of Nalini. She says I will do as I m. He shows the tickets for Bombay. She says no, I can’t run away, I can’t cheat Veer, he does anything in anger, but he isn’t bad hearted, he just got cheated in life, I can’t cheat him. He says its not for us, its for Uday and Vashma. Amrit smiles seeing them. Vashma says Uday got me freed from there, we are going away to save our lives from the goons. Amrit and Vashma say we will miss each other a lot. They hug. Uday smiles. He sees Bhanu and Saroj coming. He says Randhir, Bhanu is coming, it will be a problem if he sees us. Randhir asks him to take the tickets. He hugs Uday. Uday and Vashma leave. Amrit says I m happy to see them together, their love shouldn’t catch bad sight. Randhir asks what about our love. She says I will go and get ready. He asks didn’t he apologize to you. She says rich people don’t say sorry, not everyone is Randhir. She smiles. He says he will get punished.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer unites Randhir and Amrit. He says give me some time till elections, then I will tell the truth to Nalini. He breaks the mirror and says I can’t let Amrit go, she is just mine.


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