Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th April 2021 Episode starts with Mohan scolding Nalini for her mistake to marry Vijender. He says just my wife is a royal partner in this royal family, no one cares for the family reputation. Nalini asks him to apologize to Vijender. Vijender says no need. Mohan says I m sorry to you, but I can’t apologize to outsiders. Veer and Amrit look on. Veer throws the chunri on Mohan and asks him to wear it, if he is ashamed. He asks him not to misbehave with his dad. Vijender smiles. Mohan says look who is teaching me manners, if your dad was alive and saw your avatar, then he would have died again, outsiders will get this royalty. Mohan leaves. Nalini scolds Veer and asks what does he want to prove by marrying a refugee girl. Veer says you will know that the girl is beautiful than Anaita. He asks Chachi to do the rasam. He stops her. She says you have the first right to see your bride. He asks her to keep patience. Amrit worries.

He goes to lift the ghunghat. Amrit gets tensed. Nalini says I will see bahu’s face first, I will see if a refugee girl deserves to be with us. She sees Amrit’s face. Amrit smiles. Veer says I knew you can’t praise her. Nalini says she is really very pretty. Veer says you are proved wrong, you said that no girl will marry me, I regret it. Randhir comes to meet Nalini. Guard stops him. He says new bahu’s mu dikhai rasam is happening, wait here. Veer comes there and sees him. He asks you here. Nalini asks how did you meet my son, why did you get ready for marriage so soon, I know everything. She insults Amrit. Randhir says I had to ask Nalini for help in finding someone dear. Veer says she can’t help anyone. Randhir recalls Amrit. He says she would be missing me a lot. Nalini says you would have not seen such expensive jewellery. Amrit says I learnt it from my parents that jewellery is just stones when compares to family. Veer says I will also believe love by listening to you, show me your lover’s pic.

Randhir says I lost her pic, I thought to ask Nalini to help me. Veer says I don’t know when she helps you, I can help you right away. Randhir asks will you help me. Veer says yes, you helped me at the time of my marriage, I will help you today, come. Nalini asks Bindu Chachi to see the bride’s face and complete the rasam. Veer takes Randhir with him. Bindu sees her face. Veer says welcome to my room, I will help you. He shows the portraits and says no one knows about my talent, I will make the pic, you just describe her, I will make the exact pic, shall we start. Randhir says yes. Veer asks how does she look. Randhir recalls Amrit and smiles. He says lets start with her eyes, by which I entered her heart, she has the most beautiful eyes, even if she gets quiet, she can speak a talk. Veer makes the portrait. Randhir describes her. Bindu likes Amrit and praises her beauty. Veer says eyes are sketched. Randhir smiles.

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