Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st May 2021  Episode starts with Nalini asking Amrit to sit in the swing, its a custom, Veer will keep gold equal to her weight, that gold will be melted and an idol will be made of that for puja. Amrit sits in the swing. Veer keeps the gold. Saroj praises Nalini. She sees Randhir and asks Bhanu what is he doing here. Bhanu says talk slowly, he works here, nobody knows about him. She says he came here to break her marriage, he will ruin us. Randhir says you ordered these flowers. Veer asks did I. Randhir says yes, you said you will give this to Amrit and apologize, go and apologize. Veer says I didn’t make any mistake, I won’t apologize. Nalini asks apology for what, tell me. Randhir asks what did you do, will you tell or shall I say. Nalini asks Veer to say. Veer says I had hurt Amrit and scared her to not let her run away with Randhir. Amrit says I won’t run away, you have no right to stop me, you aren’t my husband, I m not married to you. Randhir smiles. Everyone gets shocked.

Randhir says its true, Veer threatened Amrit’s family, but he didn’t get married to her, he tricked you all. Everyone laughs on Veer and makes fun of him. Vijender says I didn’t expect this from you, Veer, you should have told me. Nalini says even a stained girl left you and ran away. Amrit sings haal kaisa hai…. Randhir and Amrit dance in front of him. Veer shouts stop the nonsense. His dream ends. Amrit asks what happened Veer, no need to apologize. Saroj says fights happen where there is love, Amrit feed the sweets to Veer. Amrit feeds sweets to Veer. Randhir looks at her.

Veer says sorry and goes. Vijender says we have to go for election campaign. Nalini and Vijender leave. Veer comes to his room. He sees his inner self asking him to let Randhir get Amrit. Veer says no way, mum will get a chance to scold me. His alter self says she will be proud of you, you will also feel happy to unite two lovers, let Amrit go, free her. Veer breaks the mirror and says I can’t let Amrit go, she is just mine. Amrit and Randhir have a talk. She asks him to take the food for Vashma and Uday, its time for their train. She says I will go and see Veer, he looked worried. She gives him a kerchief to clean the sweets from his lips. Veer sees them from far. She says I know you would be feeling bad, but I m the bahu of this house, their respect is connected with me. Randhir nods and goes. She thinks I m helpless, I can’t be of you until Veer frees me. She goes. Veer looks on. Randhir gets the food to the room.

He asks Uday and Vashma to have food quickly. He says everyone went out, we shall go, Saroj is also here, we should be careful. Veer comes there and points gun at Randhir. Servant goes to Amrit and says Veer has gone with the gun to Randhir’s quarter. Randhir says Lala is after Uday and Vashma, let them go. Veer scolds them. Randhir stops Uday. Amrit comes and stops Veer. Veer asks the servant not to tell this to anyone. He says don’t worry, I have no enmity with love and lovers, Randhir you were making a mistake to send them away, they will be safe here, they can stay here for some days, I will talk to Nalini, have food. Uday thanks him. Veer says I don’t do anything without a motive, you want to know what I want, come with me. Veer takes them out to the lunch setup. He says its time for lovers to be together. He plays a song. He asks Amrit to come. He unites her with Randhir. Amrit and Randhir get surprised. Veer says I have done this for you both, forgive me, whatever I did for Uday and Vashma, think its my repentance, I did many sins in my life, give me time till elections, once Nalini wins the elections, I will tell her that Amrit and I are not together, you are free from me and your promise. He goes. Randhir asks how can he lose and give up like this. Amrit says yes, he never accepts defeat, that’s why he started this lie.

Veer comes back to the room and says everyone is a cheat, they all leave me alone. He gets angry and looks at his reflection in the mirror. He says I won’t let Amrit go with Randhir, I can’t lose, I m not married to Amrit, I know she will run away with Randhir one day, I have to trap her to stop her here, Anaita doesn’t love me, Amrit doesn’t love me, how will I live like this, I can’t tolerate this, I will separate Amrit and Randhir. Saroj says I forgot my purse, I will just come. Bhanu asks her not to do any drama. Veer looks on and hears them talking. Bhanu goes. Saroj greets Veer. He says if you are finding Amrit, then she has gone there with Randhir, they have good friendship, do they know each other. She goes. Randhir says be careful of Veer, I promise he can never harm you. Saroj comes and says they have gone mad, I will bring Amrit to senses. She asks Amrit to come home and talk. Amrit asks what is it, tell me. Saroj drags her along. Veer smiles and thinks this is the start, I will make you away from Randhir.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer dances with Randhir. He says I m with you, don’t worry for Nalini. Lala catches Amrit. Randhir comes there and gets angry. Veer thinks my plan will separate them.


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