Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th April 2021 Episode starts with Vashma asking Amrit to test her fate, don’t sacrifice the love, go and meet Randhir. She asks will you go and meet him. Veer comes. Vashma puts the veil back. He asks Amrit, are you not getting late for pagphere. He asks how did you come here, you had tried to put the veil, but I have seen you, you have give me this valuable gift, you can come anytime to take her welfare, next time, put the veil sooner, else my lie will be exposed. Vashma leaves. Servant says Nalini is calling you. Veer asks Amrit to refuse to Nalini.

Randhir says if Amrit gets ready to meet me, then give this burqa to her. Uday says fine, but I don’t think she will take the big risk. Amrit goes to Nalini. Nalini asks her to return the necklace, she didn’t earn it, she has fooled Veer and snatched that. Amrit says I had kept it as your deposit. Nalini says then get me back to me, I want to believe that you have no greed for that necklace. Amrit says sure. Veer asks Amrit to come, did she refuse to return the necklace. Amrit says no, I don’t want jewelley, Nalini wants me to return the precious gift, I have no objection. He laughs. She takes the necklace. He stops her and says I have given you this necklace, you don’t have to return it, understood. She says I don’t want anything that I m regarded greedy, no jewel is imp than my self esteem, I can’t insult my parents’ value, you go and tell Nalini that you don’t want to return this. He says fine, I will do as you say, I will refuse to Nalini. He goes to Nalini. He says I have a bad news, Amrit likes the necklace, she refused to return the necklace. Amrit looks on shocked. Veer says I told her to tell you, but she refused to this, you know I m a wife’s puppet, she asked me to tell you. Nalini says I know that girl is greedy, I knew it, she won’t return the necklace. He orders cold juice for Nalini. He goes.

Amrit gets angry and stops him. He says don’t worry, I explained her everything, come, we will have tea. He laughs and says its fun, she was so angry, I knew she will do this. She asks what was the need to do all this. He says you didn’t the necklace, I didn’t like it, I had given it to you, no one has right to snatch it, I also have an esteem, you have no right to disobey me, go and pagphere. She goes. He finds the torn letter. Nalini says I will adorn you well, your family will see a beautiful royal bahu for the first time. Nalini and Bindu make Amrit ready. Nalini wishes her all the best. She suffocates Amrit with the heavy jewellery. Amrit feels hurt. He reads the letter. He thinks you always talk of values, what’s all this. He comes to Amrit and says you are decked up, like you are going to meet your lover. She asks are you not ready. He asks what will I do there, I have some work. He gets troubled by a fly and throws the knife. He says I killed the bee who was trying to come between us, leave it, go now. She goes. He says if you are going to meet your lover, then it will be your last meet. Amrit thinks of Vashma’s words. Uday says you are keeping pagphere rasam well, you sold your sister, you don’t respect her. Bhanu and Uday argue. Amrit comes and says I got married for the family’s happiness, you all are fighting. They ask her to come, is everything fine, does everyone talk well. Amrit says I won’t come in until you both hug. She makes them hug. Amrit says Veer won’t come.

Guard gets the gifts. Saroj asks did Veer send this. Guard says yes. Saroj gets happy. She does Amrit’s aarti and smiles seeing her jewellery. Uday asks Amrit why is she faking the smile. Amrit says no, I m really happu, they love me and give me respect, its fine, love will happen. Saroj goes to get food. Uday asks her to tell him if she wants to change her mind, he will always support her and fight the world. Amrit says I have no troubles, I m missing Bua. He asks what about Randhir, he is waiting for you at the temple, he came to meet me, you also want to meet him, right, go, I m not finding Vashma, you got a chance to meet Randhir, take this burqa. She says but it will be cheating with Veer. Uday says Veer is no one for you, Randhir was your love and fiance, I think you should talk to him once. She asks if Veer gets to know this. Veer keeps an eye on the house and says I will know your entire truth, who is your lover, what are your true intentions.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrit meets Randhir at the temple. He says partition snatched everything from me, except you, are you happy with him. Veer looks on.


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